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Interview Questions to Ask a Travel Agent for your Honeymoon

For a wedding couple, it is important to have an enjoyable honeymoon that each of you will always remember that draws the two of you even closer together. It is important to plan your honeymoon with both of your inputs and to limit problems that could result, you always want to look back to your honeymoon as a very special time in your lives.

In order to increase the odds of a perfect honeymoon, you should seek out a travel agent that is very familiar with the honeymoon destination the travel agent finds for you. To find the best travel agent, you need to ask the right questions.

Before you find a travel agent to help you find you a perfect honeymoon location, you need first to identify the type of honeymoon locations that each of you would surely enjoy. Basically there are six type of honeymoon locations. Each of you should share your thoughts to each other what type of honeymoon location is acceptable. The six types of honeymoon locations are as follows: 1) A tropical resort hotel, 2) A beach resort, 3) A land ho adventure (i.e., cabin in the woods, ski trip, an estate house, etc.), 4) A romantic city destination, 5) An American Adventure (i.e., Disney World, Las Vegas, New England, etc.) and 6) A Honeymoon Cruise. Once you have identified the type of honeymoon locations that are acceptable to the both of you, you should find travel agents that specialize in these type of honeymoon you are looking for.

It is a good idea to talk to a few different travel agents, before deciding on one to go with. You want to find an agent who you feel can find you the best deal with the budget you have. Ideally you want to find agent who is a full time service agent and be sure you find a certified agent (an agent who has been to the destination themselves and can answer any question you have about the resort and has special relationships with travel suppliers). A certified agent can tell you first hand of what activities are available at the destination, make recommendations of sights to see and good places to eat and the best way to get around.

A good agent has good communication skills, they listen to the couple with what type of atmosphere the couple would like for their honeymoon destination. They shop around for the best deal for their client, touch base to tell them what they have found, and go back and search some more for even a better deal and once they come up with the best deal the agent goes really overboard in order to prepare the wedding couple with a map full of places to go and an itinerary laid out in great detail along with all that is needed for the honeymoon including passport, visas, medical requirements and needs, marriage certificate, local customs and holidays, and other pertinent information.

There are a number of agencies out there that don't go the extra mile to plan a wedding couples honeymoon, it's a one and done deal for them, they get a couple's budget, calls a place once, makes a reservation, and then moves on to the next client. They don't spend the time looking for cost savings for the couple. If the wedding couple can be a little flexible with their travel arrangements, at certain times of the day such as early mornings, lunchtimes, and in the late hours prices to book flights are often less, also savings occur for departing and returning for certain days of the week, points for travel miles can also help and certain resorts have dates for better deals. A good agent also knows where the better rooms are located and can check if there are any cancellations to get a better room. They also can get the word out that you are a honeymoon couple to help you get preferential treatment or be left with a gift basket from the destination or resort.

Before meeting with a travel agent, the wedding couple should have an idea of the dates they would like their honeymoon to be, know what budget they have for their honeymoon, have an idea of what type of honeymoon they want and whether any other guests that would be traveling along with them.

Questions a Travel Agent Should be Asking a Wedding Couple
1-What are your names, addresses, phone numbers, and other contact numbers to reach you?
2-What is the budget you are prepared to spend on your honeymoon?
3-What type of destination or what destinations are you considering for your honeymoon?
4-What dates are you considering for your honeymoon?
5-Besides yourselves are any other people coming with you on your honeymoon? how many people?
6-How many days do you plan on being on your honeymoon?
7-Are you planning to stay in one location or do some traveling on your honeymoon?
8-What are the have and have nots you are looking for a honeymoon location? (e.g., ceremony site, no children, not too hot, etc.)
9-What amenities are you looking for in a honeymoon location? (e.g., fine dining, health spa, water sports, shopping, etc.)
10-Are your travel dates and times flexible or rigid? (i.e., flexible for greater cost savings)
11-Who is the wedding couple's emergency contact person and phone number?

Questions for a Wedding Couple to Ask a Travel Agent for their Honeymoon
12-Get a business card if available, what is the name, address, phone number and contact information of the travel agency?
13-What is the travel agent's name and phone number?
14-How many years has the travel agency been in business? travel agent been booking honeymoons?
15-How many honeymoons has the travel agent book?
16-Is the travel agent a full time and full service agent or part time?
17-What type of honeymoons does the travel agency specialize in?
18-Is the travel agent a certified travel agent? (i.e., agent has been to the location themselves)
19-Does the travel agent have special relationships with travel suppliers? (i.e., get better deals)
20-How would the travel agent handle the situation if something went wrong? (e.g., flight cancellation, hurricane at location, traffic jam on the way to the airport, etc.)
21-If we don't like the location or setup of our room, can you get us a better location or better setup?
22-Are we sure to get the best destination at the best price within our budget?
23-What is the travel agent's communication style?
24-How long might it take for the travel agent to find a honeymoon location for us?
25-We are looking for a specific type of honeymoon destination, can you tell us and describe what type of places we might consider?
26-Can you provide any discounts or tell us about any points programs we might consider?
27-What are the agent's and agency fees for booking our honeymoon?
28-Can the agent provide pictures or brochures of any honeymoon destinations we are interested in?
29-Will the travel agency confirm all the bookings are in order a week before the honeymoon?
30-What are the travel agency's cancellation, change, and other policy's we need to know about?
31-What is accepted to pay for the honeymoon? (e.g., credit cards, debit cards, certified check, cash, Paypal. etc.)

Questions for Travel Agent At Booking of Honeymoon
32-Can you tell us all about the honeymoon destination?
33-What dates and times have you scheduled for our honeymoon?
34-What is the final cost?
35-Does the cost include the travel agent's and travel agency fees?
36-Does the cost include any hidden fees? taxes? transportation? taxes?
37-What other costs may we be subject to at the honeymoon destination? how much extra money should we bring?
38-Do you have pictures or brochures of the honeymoon destination you have found for us?
39-When are payments due and how do deposits work?
40-When would our honeymoon itinerary be ready?

Questions for Travel Agent After Booking of Honeymoon
41-What is our airline and travel itinerary for our honeymoon?
42-What is our accommodation itinerary for our honeymoon?
43-What is our transportation itinerary for our honeymoon?
44-Have you been to our honeymoon destination before, yourself?
45-What amenities doe the honeymoon destination provide? (i.e., spa, pool, beach, etc.)
46-What activities are available at this honeymoon destination? (i.e., sight seeing, shopping, water sports, fine dining, etc.)
47-What is the money currency at this destination and where and how do we exchange the currency?
48-Do we need a passport or visa? how do we get a passport or visa?
49-Do we need any medical shots? physicals? any other papers?
50-Do we need our marriage license? anything other?
51-Are there any local customs do we need to be aware of? any local holidays during our honeymoon?
52-Do we need any form of insurance? how do we get insurance?
53-Is there a contact person at the honeymoon destination?
54-Is there a doctor's address and number at the honeymoon destination? is there a pharmacy near our location?
55-Is there a map of the honeymoon location showing points of interest?
56-Is there any additional discounts available? for fine dining? any discounts from other sources such as off of websites?
57-When would check-in at our honeymoon destination be available?
58-Where at the hotel would the concierge be located?
59-What do we do if we don't like our room?
60-Will our booking be double checked a week before our honeymoon?
61-When should we expect to pick up our final tickets?

Once you have your honeymoon destination booked, check to see if the destination also has a website, look for discounts for auto, spas, fine dining, and local places of interest. Remember to tell the travel agent you are flexible on date and time and to look for ways to save you money. Be sure to find a travel agent that is looking out for you and you are comfortable dealing with, this includes in finding spacious seats on your airplane flight. Also check out travel agencies bureaus to see how the travel agency and agent you are dealing have no complaints about them. When you get to your honeymoon destination, utilize the concierge and front desk for any issues that should arise. Remember, to keep cool and even if you get upset, ask or complain in a nice manner, being polite sometimes leads to a nice upgrade.

Use the questions as a guide to prepare your interview questions, add, edit, or subtract your questions as you see fit? If your travel agent does a nice job creating a perfect honeymoon, take a nice photo with the two of you, so the travel agent can display on their wall to show others your honeymoon destination. An inexpensive nice gift from your honeymoon location is a nice gesture to drop off to your travel agent.

Make your honeymoon the most special time of your life! See you on the other side!

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