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Interview Questions for your Wedding Dance Studio

Your wedding period is a great time in your life to learn how to dance. At your wedding, many of your wedding guests will be getting their first impressions of the wedding couple and if they see the couple's first dance working cohesively well together, the impression left behind is that the couple looks good together.

Wedding dance lessons should be thought about well in advance of the wedding. In this way, you can set a goal with your dance instructor to insure you can dance well at your wedding into a special event that you have always dreamed about all of your life. A first dance between the two of you that will become the center of your reception and the perfect beginning to your married life.

Wedding dance lessons normally concentrate on one particular dance, learning the dance well enough so both partners can be comfortable. The dance is learned in parts so that you both can learn it easily. In just a few lessons with focus and practice, you will be prepared to enjoy your first dance with your spouse and be an enjoyable experience. It will be a hit of the wedding party and a special highlight moment for your wedding guests one in which they will always remember.

The wedding dance you choose should be music that can be played by your wedding DJ or wedding musicians. It is helpful to know what type of wedding music choices you have before starting your dance instruction. Some wedding dance music you might consider are rumba, swing, fox trot, waltz, slow dance, country and western, country line dance, tango, alternative tango, mambo, salsa, cha cha, and wedding first dance choreography. A wedding couple might also want to include dance lessons for other wedding party members such as the father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, or a choreographed bridal party dance with a grand entry, a recreation of the wedding processional.

Many wedding couples are hesitant to take dancing lessons, they think they are a couple who cannot dance. In reality, lessons show them they can really dance, they have just not learned how to dance. Wedding couples should take advantage of the time that are taking dance lessons and besides taking dance lessons for their first dance, can learn how to dance many different dances and learn to dance for many events in many years to come.

A wedding couple needs to know the right questions to insure them they get the right studio and right instructor. Some things to know, many dance studios offer very inexpensive specials to get you in the door, like 1/2 hour instructions instead of an hour. Dance instruction lessons are advertised as an hour, in reality studio lessons tend to be more like 50 to 55 minutes, translating that fact if you are getting 10 lessons you are losing 50-100 minutes of instruction. Many people when they first learn to dance, they think the whole world is watching them and they become self consciously embarassed. Usually to feel this way is very normal and after a few lessons this self conscious fear goes away as one becomes more confident in their dancing.

The rule of thumb in learning to wedding dance, five lessons are sufficient for learning the basics to your wedding dance, ten lessons should get you pretty good for your wedding. While you are at it and if it's in your budget you may learn many different dances and you and your partner will have a dance skill that you can dance many types of dance at many events in your lifetime.

You want to be sure your dance instructor is qualified, has a degree in dance and an education from an accredited institution. A great dancer does not necessarily translate into making a good instructor. A good instructor needs to know how to deal with different personalities, what to teach, when to teach, and how it should be taught. Does the dance studio have a syllabus and lesson plan for each dance?

A quality dance studio tends to provide a clean, neat, and safe environment, have a nice waiting area, full-length mirror, plenty of floor space, a lighted parking area, nice bathrooms, a nice library of music, and plenty of seating in vision of the dance area.

Interview Questions for your Wedding Dance Studio
1-See if the dance studio has a brochure, grab it, doe it have a business card, grab it, get the name, address, phone number and website information of the studio?
2-What is the name and phone number of the owner of the studio?
3-For every instructor that teaches you a dance lesson get their name and phone number and contact information such as their email address?
4-For each instructor ask how long they have been teaching dance? how long have they been teaching our wedding dance? how long have they been teaching each dance we are learning?
5-Can the dance studio teach our wedding dance with the budget we are working with?
6-Can we get the wedding lessons in by the time of the date of our wedding?
7-Can you to us a wedding dance with the music our DJs or wedding musicans play?
8-Can you teach to dance to our wedding song?
9-Can we see your teaching certificate?
10-Are you a member of a dance teacher's organization?
11-What's your certificate of completion of a dance level? (a.k.a. bronze, silver, gold)
12-Can you give us a little background about yourself?
13-What days of the week are your dance lessons?
14-What times of the day are your dance lessons available?
15-How does your dance program work?
16-How many lessons are part of each program?
17-What dances do you teach at the studio? rumba? swing? fox trot? waltz? slow dance? country and western? country line dance? tango? Argentine tango? Mambo? salsa? cha cha? other?
18-What dances does your studio specialize in?
19-What happens if we should miss a lesson?
20-About how far do you live from the studio?
21-How many couples have you taught this wedding dance in your life? this year? how many couples have you taught dance to in your life? this year?
22-Are our dance lessons private or is it public with others?
23-Can we get dance lessons with no one watching?
24-Our wedding song we would like is ' xxx ', would it be a good song for our wedding or would you think it would be too difficult?
25-Can we receive private dance instructions in our home?
26-How much dance music does your dance studio have in it's library?
27-What makes you a good dance instructor?
28-Can we get a discount if we can bring family or friends along to join?
29-Do we get undivided attention in our lessons or might their be interruptions?
30-What type of clothing and shoes do you recommend we wear for our dance lessons?
31-Do you use flotation floors? (flotation floors are designed to reduce fatigue and prevent injuries)
32-What is the final price if we sign up for wedding dance lessons? what is the price for other dances?
33-Can the studio teach bride-father dance? groom-mother dance? bridal party entrance dance?
34-Are there hidden costs we need to know about?
35-What payment program options do you have?
36-How can we pay? (credit card, debit card, certified check, personal check, cash, Paypal, other)
37-Can we take a contract with us to look over and review before signing?
38-Once we get good at dancing, can we video our dance steps?
39-Can we get 3 referrals from your studio that has taken these lessons? (contact 2)

Other Things to Consider in Choosing your Dance Studio
40-How far away is the dance studio from your home?
41-Is the times offered for the dance lesson a convenient time for me and my spouse?
42-How clean, neat, and roomy is the studio?
43-Can they teach me how to dance to first dance and other dance lessons we are interested in?
44-Does the dance studio provide a wall mirror and elevated dance floor?
45-Does the studio provide a good break area, nice sized entrance way, and nice bathrooms?
46-Is the location in a good lighted area, with good parking, and a safe area?
47-Will we get undivided attention from the instructor or will there be interruptions from others?
48-Does the studio allow privacy to our dance lessons at the beginning?

Your Dancing Progression and the Amount of Lessons Depends on these Factors
How good do you want your dancing to be?
Have you had much dancing experience you have had before?
What physical shape are you in?
Are you quick at learning new things?
How much incentive do you have to learn dance or wedding dance?
Do you want to learn just the basics or learn more?
Do you want to impress your wedding guests, with a choreographed routine?
While you are at it, do you want to learn a number of different dances so you will be comfortable with various types of dance with your partner for your life events?

At least learn the basics so you will be ready for your wedding dance, if you can work it in your budget go further and learn to dance to other forms of dance. Consider dance lessons and make it a good time and take lessons with close friends to have a last hurrah with them. Some wedding couples take dance lessons in secret and blow their wedding guests at their wedding reception with a memorable wedding dance that leaves a lasting impression with guests that they will always remember.

See you on the other side!

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