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10 Cost Savings Tips For Wedding Ceremony Sites

Over the last two decades there has been about a ten fold increase in weddings at ceremony sites that is not a church, chapel. or temple. Part of the reason for this happening is that many couples grew up in different religion affiliations or aren't very religious. Today, many venue settings have become a beautiful and memorial spot in which to have a wedding. The important thing in finding a ceremony site to get married at is that the venue comfortably fits the amount of wedding guests you are having. You don't want a ceremony site that is too small, your guests won't have a good time if there is overcrowding. If the venue is too big, the empty spaces takes away the atmosphere expected at a wedding and the wedding couple tends to overpay for use for the ceremony site. The following are some tips for cost savings at a ceremony site.

Tip 1 - Consider a Sunrise or Sunset Wedding
If you are morning people, there is nothing quite like starting a new day and new life with a sunrise wedding on the beach. Check the almanac for the time of the sunrise and expected whether for your wedding date. Very often you will get a beautiful sunrise that excites the senses, the morning light is a beautiful sight with colors in the air and the morning dew hits you with a special freshness. Beach weddings have hardly any expense and a champagne brunch is called for afterward which is a lot less expensive than an evening wedding reception. Mimosas or Bloody Marys are the choice for drinks and don't forget the Lox and Bagels are to be included in the brunch. If the budget is there, you can still have an afternoon or evening wedding reception. Sunrise weddings work best when they are small, less than 75 people. They work best when all are staying at the same place like a bed & breakfast or a small boutique hotel. Make sure the couple goes to bed early the night before the wedding. Also make sure everybody dresses comfortably. Don't have a wedding at the beach during the heat of the day, if wedding guests aren't comfortable they'll be aintsy or your wedding might be remembered by Aunt Nellie's fainting. Weddings at sunset are also fun, dive into the wedding reception right after the wedding. Have the music, beach appropriate like a Caribbean band and the push should be for all to wear beach khakis and Hawaiian shirts, and don't forget to decorate with tropical flowers and beach wedding favors.

Tip 2 - Consider Having Your Wedding at a City Hall or Municipal Complex 
In recent years, many couples are having small weddings using the city hall or municipal complex. Many towns and cities have beautiful architecture in their building designs. Most towns have a spot built specifically for wedding ceremonies, the center has a spot that's easily accessible and the facility often has folding chairs that can be used for a wedding. Often there is the Mayor, a Justice of the Peace, or a Wedding Notary that can marry you. The places are built with natural decorations so there is no need to spend much money decorating. Some complexes even have a reception area or you can get authorization to set up a wedding tent. You can also find an upscale restaurant nearby for the wedding reception.

Tip 3 - Hold Your Wedding at a Community Center 
Many local communities have a secret place that many in the community don't know about. Some of these places are absolutely beautiful and is a great spot for a wedding. The local community center is a place that the local citizens can gather and community groups can hold meetings or have functions. Some of these places with a little decorating help become a stunning place in which to hold a wedding, often they are on beautiful grounds. Often there are women's groups or church groups and they can even provide a wait staff for your wedding. Often it's members have connections with wedding vendors or can put you in touch with the chamber of commerce. They can be a big help in your wedding planning.

Tip 4 - Have Your Wedding at a Unique Outdoor Location
Outdoor weddings have seen a tremendous increase over the past decade. This big increase is mostly attributed to beautiful wedding tents that have hit the market. The wedding tent has taken the worry out of outdoor weddings. In years prior, couples did not have many weddings in the outdoors because there was always a risk of inclement weather. The wedding tents today are beautiful and create a backup plan for a wedding. Places you can have outdoor weddings include picturesque parks, lake fronts, river banks, rustic barns, farms, and open fields. Many couples make it a barbecue or picnic, they might have blue grass band, a string quartet, or even bring along a disc jockey for entertainment. A country wedding might include yard games for the wedding guests which could be volleyball, bocce ball, croquet, horseshoes, or something other. Make sure outdoor paraphernalia is included at the event such as water bottles, paper fans, misting fans, parasols, umbrellas, sunscreen, bug spray, cell phones, garbage containers, paper towels, and make sure everyone brings their sneakers.

Tip 5 - How About a College Wedding 
You might check out having a wedding at a college, university, retreat, or a learning center. Often these places have a spot on their premises that make a beautiful spot for weddings and they don't cost a lot. Many campuses have a beautiful wedding chapel for a wedding and have elegant reception locations too. The campus might even have a culinary school with a gifted chef. The reception center might be run bu a univeristy club or a sorority group. Also the campus might have locations for a beautiful photography shoot. If one of you is an alma mater you may get a significant discount and don't forget to include wedding decorations in your school colors. Check out college and universities nearby, you may be pleasantly surprised with a beautiful location that doesn't cost a lot of money.

Tip 6 - Hold Your Wedding at a Winery
Since the turn of the century, wineries are popping all across the nation and are being designed to hold weddings. Put romance in the air with wonderful smells and the taste of good red and white wine. You might check out wineries, orchards, and botanical gardens in your neighborhood for a wedding. Since the ceremony is outside, there is not much overhead. Many of these places include an indoor site with a long bar or tables to drink wine from, they even offer a great place for a cocktail hour with wine, cheese, and crackers. Often there is a party room for your reception. Even if there is not a location for a wedding reception they allow the use of a wedding tent. Significant savings is offered for wines to serve your wedding guests and wine is offered for guests wedding favors. Some couples will invite local artists to sell their wares, with a little profit left for the wedding couples honeymoon. You might have artists showing off their oil paintings, sculptures, pottery, or include magicians, or have an artist that does caricature drawing.

Tip 7 -Find a Unique Location for Your Wedding
Are you looking for a breathtaking site for your wedding. There are many places around you that you may have never thought of. In your city there might be an art gallery which has a beautiful location for a wedding ceremony and maybe an open room that is surrounded by beautiful oil paintings. You have other choices. How about a wedding at a beautiful museum, an aquarium, a zoo, a ballpark. You might even find a beautiful spot in a tower which has an empty tenant, the view might be stunning from the 34th floor. Maybe there is a roof top. A place might be available for a little rent money. You often can get a great place for a location that doesn't advertise. It doesn't hurt to ask about an empty location and find you have found a perfect and unique location for your wedding.

Tip 8 - Hold Your Wedding at a Private Estate, Mansion, or Castle
Maybe you have a wealthy relative who will lend you their private estate, mansion, or castle. If not visit a realtor who handles upscale properties. See if they have any properties that are off the radar and tell them you are looking for an estate wedding and looking for a great deal and bargain and bargain some more, use one property against another until you can find yourself a great deal. look for an estate with beautiful views, a gigantic kitchen, a large family or ballroom or dining room, maybe the mansion has a pool area which can be covered with a dance floor, a nice yard and maybe an area you can pitch a tent. Make sure there are areas for wedding musicians and disc jockeys. Be sure the estate has distinctive features such as tutor, gothic, venetian, etc. Also check out what the parking situation can be, does the venue have enough space for parking or do you needs valets and park down the street or can cars be parked around the neighborhood. Be sure to let the town know and drop flyers around the neighborhood to inform them that there is going to be a wedding on such and such a day so they are aware of what's going on with all the cars and music in the neighborhood, maybe invite them over to listen to some of the music.

Tip 9 - Double Up with Another Wedding
Sometimes, in order to have the best wedding ever it takes a little ingenuity. The place in which you want your wedding at is too big for the amount of wedding guests you have. Maybe it's that fabulous reception place that has a ceremony site or maybe it's a beach resort, or a boutique hotel, or a convention center. What you can possibly do is find another bride who is planning to have a wedding the same day as you and combine resources. Your wedding ceremony can be 1:30, and theirs at 3:00. The reception area can be partitioned, you on the left side and the other bride's on the right. You can either share in the decorations or can have the partitioned walls high enough so the difference in colored decorations aren't seen together. You can share in the nights entertainment either a dance band or a disc jockey and share in the entertainment costs.

Tip 10 - Be Sure to Ask What Resources and Decorations the Venue Has to Offer
Many ceremony sites, may not inform you that they have many supplies in storage for weddings. Some things have nominal charges and some things they may offer for free. Always ask a ceremony venue, what they have that can help you out for your wedding. They probably have chairs, they may have tables, they may have a pulpit. Ask about all they have for weddings and the things that interest you check out in person. They might have arches, arbors, gazebos, aisle runners, different styled decorative candles, candelabras, potted plants, decorative bows, decoration for doors, flowers, vases, pew bows, hanging plants, hanging garland, hanging fabrics, sculptures, paintings, flower baskets, ring bearer pillows, guest book, and clear or white Christmas lights. They might have a list of all that they have. After you check with them hunt around for what they don't have or decorations you don't like in craft stores, dollar stores, religious stores, and rental supply stores, you can find decorations that aren't expensive. Also pick up flowers from a grocery store and strip off flower petals for decorating.

So take your time and seek out all the options for finding a great ceremony site and ask many questions. Many venues want your business, it's your money that's paying for the wedding. You have many options, if you don't get a great deal seek out another ceremony site venue.

See you on the other side!

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