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10 Cost Savings Tips for Wedding Day Outfits

The number 1 item looked at and talked about at weddings is the bride and her wedding dress. For most brides since they were very young they also dreamed of looking the beautiful bride and for many when the wedding day draws near, many brides need to scrimp to save on wedding day costs. Attached are some tips on ways a bride can save on wedding clothing.

Tip 1 - Keep the Trim on your Wedding Dress Simple
Many wedding boutiques will try to glam you up with accessories but accessories aren't really needed. Avoid complex embroidery or embellishments, many are hand-sewn onto the dress, adding a lot of additional cost. Often you will see sequins, crystals, fabric flowers, and all sorts of things added to the wedding dress and adds a lot onto the finished price. If your budget is an issue, don't go for a lot of trim on your wedding dress. If there is a lot of trim that are hand sewn, it may be possible to negotiate the price down and make the dress more simple when you order and maybe you can convince your mother, grandma. or aunt to pick up some embellishments for your wedding day dress and get someone good at sewing to sew it on and when someone asks you about the dress you can homage to family members that helped you with enhancements to your wedding day dress.

Tip 2 - Find When the Wedding Boutique Has Their Super Sale
When you begin your search for your wedding dress, when you stop by any wedding boutiques, ask the sales manager of the store whether the store has any plans for any super sales, mark the dates down, give them an email dress to keep you informed of sales or events and ask them where you might find coupons or coupon codes. Also occasionally check out the store's website and check out other bridal websites. Also check wedding stores right after the wedding season which is typically in June or right after the New Year's Holiday, wedding stores often will offer discounts and sales after this time to make room to ready for the next season's inventory.

Tip 3 - Buy Your Wedding Dress Online or from a Bridal Chain Store
Before considering to buy a dress online, you need to educate yourself all about wedding dresses. Every woman has a different size and body type. A bride also needs a little understanding of styles of wedding dresses. It is a good idea to do some research first and get an understanding of what type of wedding dresses would look best on yourself. Travel to some local boutiques, get your measurements, and learn the basics, of what to look for such as neck lines, sleeve lengths, train lengths, and color dresses. Also note from magazines, websites, and catalogs of what type of wedding dresses you like, and when you are ready look at bridal online stores. Reputable online stores include , , , and .

You also might try bridal chain stores with the more common ones are David's Bridal, also there is Vinci Bridal, and Jon's Bridal. David's Bridal sells by far more wedding dresses than any other company. They buy a lot of dresses in bulk and get the dresses at a significant discount. The bridal chain though doesn't sell a lot of today's top wedding designer dresses, but they do sell beautiful popular wedding dresses. If you want to buy a famous designer dress you will have to find a wedding boutique that's been authorized to sell a designer's dresses.

Regardless whether you buy a dress online or from a bridal chain store, you should find a wedding seamstress or find someone to altar the dress while you are wearing it so to be sure it fits you perfectly.

Tip 4 - Have a Seamstress Make Your Wedding Dress
There are times that brides fall in love with a wedding dress but the dress is out of their price league, they simply can't afford it, or can they. The secret, is get some pictures of the dress you want, make sure you get permission to take pictures or get a picture of the dress from a brochure. Bring the picture to a local good seamstress and ask if she can recreate the dress and let her know your budget. Very often the seamstress can recreate the look using a lot less expensive fabric. Just be sure the seamstress shows their past work and make sure you get references from their prior clients and find out how happy other brides are with previous dresses created.

Tip 5 - Sell Your Dress After The Wedding
So many brides keep their wedding dresses after their wedding. There are millions of wedding dresses laying around never to be worn again after the wedding. The wedding dresses are often sentimental and brides maybe want to keep the dress for a future daughter or show future generations their wedding dress. The odds are, the wedding dress may never be seen again. If a bride is smart she will get many pictures of her wedding dress and be able to show anyone her wedding dress from her wedding album or scrapbook.

Right after the wedding, it's a good idea to get the wedding dress dry cleaned, take the wedding dress to a professional cleaners that handles wedding dresses. Make sure the dress is free from stains, rips, tears, or loose strings, and the dress is bagged in a wedding dress bag and if possible stored hanging up in a secure place. If a wedding dress is boxed and is folded it may very well end up with creases which may be hard to get out. Right before selling, find a comparable price and discount it a little from the stated price in order for it to sell. Make sure you show a picture of the wedding dress, many brides will try to sell their wedding dresses through an action on EBay or sell on craigslist. If not online, you can take the wedding dress to be sold at a thrift shop, which after the dress is sold, will take a commission and pay you based on a contract with them.

Tip 6 - Buy a Used Dress For Your Wedding
It's psychological, many brides want a new dress for their wedding. The thing to remember, in all likelihood, most brides will wear their wedding dress one day in their life. If the bride can't afford to buy a new wedding dress, why not buy a used wedding dress. Either the wedding dress was worn once at a wedding or was a wedding dress on a show piece rack, very often brides will be pleasantly surprised by the value one can find by purchasing a used dress on the internet or from a thrift shop. Looking online often one can found thousands of wedding dresses for sale or from auction. Before deciding, understand exactly the type of wedding dress you want so you can find a similar dress. Have an idea on dress size before ordering, remember sizes might be slightly different based on the designer. Check out the dress right after receiving one for stains or rips and try the dress on with a similar style of shoe you plan to wear for the wedding. Check on the cost of similar dresses to be sure you are getting a good deal. Be wary of scammers when ordering online, it's better to use a reputable online company when ordering a wedding dress and use a company like Paypal to pay for the dress.

Tip 7 - Sales People Upsell, Negotiate Down The Price
Many young people get taken when buying a car, a house or wedding dress. In many wedding boutiques the wedding dress is negotiable, many young people are unaware the wedding dress is negotiable. When you are  thinking about a wedding dress and the sales person adds many extras, inform the sales person that you only can afford buying a wedding dress that fits your budget. Bring up, when does the store have a sale in which I might be able to get the wedding dress at a discounted price. The number of brides that stick to their budget for their wedding dress is very few. Make sure you tell the sales assistant your top price and insist they only  show you wedding dresses not too much over your price range and if the wedding dress is over your budget, you could only consider the wedding dress offered at a discount. If you don't get the dress at a price you like, come back another day and negotiate some more and very often the sales person will end up making a deal with you.

Tip 8 - Look For a Group Discount Tuxedo Shop
One little tip before you begin looking for tuxedos. Before you go looking for tuxedos it is very helpful to have at least a picture of what the bride and bridesmaids will be wearing for the wedding. Also inform the tuxedo shop the wedding theme or color scheme of the wedding. A couple of people are at first, searching for the tuxedos for the wedding. Very often this may be the bride who chooses the style of tuxedos, but sometimes she will revert the decision to someone else other such as the groom or her father or sometimes she may choose to do it together with the groom. When searching for tuxedos you should try at least 3 different tuxedos and try to match it with the bride and bridesmaids. After a decision is made on the tuxedos, let the salesperson know how many tuxedos you expect to lease and ask how much of a discount you can get. Many times you can play one tuxedo shop against another and go with the one that can get you the best deal. Also look for coupons and coupon codes for tuxedos on wedding websites and brochures for significant discounts.

Tip 9 - Check Out a Prom Shop
If the bride's budget is really tight for a wedding dress, many prom shops have white prom gowns and often the white prom dresses look very much like a wedding dress. It would not take too much effort to make it look like a wedding dress, add some embellishments, ribbons, flowers, rhinestones, pearls, embroidery, and the dress will look very much the wedding dress. Also instead of using a bridal shop for your bridesmaids, use a prom shop or department store instead and this can save you a lot of money. Also try to shop at prom stores and department stores right after the prom season is over which is after May or another good time to buy these dresses is after the first of the year right after the Christmas/New Year's Holiday. It is safer to get bridesmaid gowns at a store but if you decide to get them online, a couple of good reputable sites are and . Make sure the bridesmaid dresses get altered by a good seamstress.

Tip 10 - Borrow a Wedding Dress from a Close Relative or Friend
You may be totally surprised, you just have to keep it a little secret and this may save you quite a lot of money. Many brides keep their wedding dresses long after the wedding, they have only been used once. If you check out your mother's, sister's, aunt's, recently married friend's wedding dress that's been put away in storage you may find a beautiful wedding dress and if they accept you can have a wedding dress that's really cheap, it may only cost for alterations and possibly dry cleaning. The person you borrowed the dress from will be very happy someone else is making use of the dress. You have to be sure you can fit into the dress, the dress can't be smaller than your size and the person you are borrowing the dress from has to be comfortable with alterations being done to the dress, this is usually no problem with the dresses owner but you have to be sure.

Make sure you consider the time of year that you wear your wedding dress and whether you have an inside or outside wedding. If the weather is hot, you don't want a sweaty wedding dress, or if the weather is cold, you might need a dress to protect you from the elements or you might need a jacket that will fit over the dress when you are switching to different venues. So buy a wedding dress according to your budget and if the budget is very tight think about using a genius solution.

See you on the other side!

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