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10 Cost Saving Tips for Wedding Dance Instruction

A couple's first dance at their wedding reception should be the highlight of the very special day! The first couple should liven up the event with a grand entrance, showing a well choreographed 2 to 3 minute wedding dance and end it with a dramatic finish. You will need to work with your DJ's or musicians to decide on your first song and you will need to have your photographer and videographer know what you are up to and the event will leave your wedding guests with a very special memory from your wedding.

You should choose a song with special meaning to the both of you. The dance you choose should depend on the style of dance and music you like, the budget you have, and the skill level of dance that each of you has. Basically there are 5 types of dance lessons to choose. First there are group lessons in which you learn to dance with a number of other couples that on average runs about $12 a lesson, next there are private lessons whereby you get one on one individualized instruction which generally runs between $60-$120 a lesson, then there is semi-private lessons you might have lessons with two other couples which runs about $15-$20 a lesson, then there are workshops where you have lessons with maybe 100 people usually with a good instructor this costs about $20-$40 and then there are lessons from a DVD which might cost about $20.

Dances you might look into to play at your wedding reception include the fox trot, a traditional waltz, a swing dance, the salsa, the rumba, the tango, a rhythm dance, and the cha cha. Pick a style you think you like and would be comfortable doing and focusing on learning the steps. If your budget is tight here are some cost saving tips.

Tip 1 - Buy a Video DVD or Download a Video and Learn Dance From Your Home
There are some very good videos on the market, you have many different choices. You can buy a wedding dance video from a local bookstore, or you can rent one from your local library or you can order a video online or download a video to your computer or download one to your IPhone or IPad. Some popular DVD's you might get includes Wedding Dance DVD starring Christel Trutmann and Kurt Lightman another is called Let's Dance: The complete book and DVD of Ballroom Dance Instruction for Weddings, Parties, Fitness and Fun by Cal Pozo and Piere Dulaine and also there is Dance Lessons 101: The Basics and Beyond by Shawn Trautman and Joanna Trautman.

Another author is Mary Pinizzotto who created a video called First Dance Fabulous and she is known for being a wedding dance expert. Online there are a number of websites, some recommended websites include , , , and also and look for dance under the wedding dance category. As for downloading wedding dance on your IPhone or IPad or Android find apps at ,, or look for wedding dance apps from the apple store.

Make sure you are able to gain privacy and spend at least an hour of practice with your honey at one of your homes, practice a number of times until you have a good routine down.

Tip 2 - Take 1 or 2 Dance Lessons at a Studio to Learn the Basics
Many dance studios generally offer 6 to 8 lessons to learn wedding dance, many studios charge an amount for each lesson. The most important lessons are the first two lessons when you learn the basics, if your budget is tight you might consider to at least know the basics and after you have mastered the basics you can practice the rest from your home and get dance information from other sources either tapes, downloads, or instructions from friends.

Tip 3 - Consider Group Lessons
If you have a group of friends and they all like to dance, you might want to try to get the whole group together and have a blast at taking dance lessons, it's one of your last hurrahs together. Make sure to make it happen you talk to your dance studio and negotiate a discount for bringing a bunch of friends along for dance lessons.

Tip 4 - Look for Dance Lessons over the Internet
The key on looking for dance lessons over the internet is focusing on dance lessons on Youtube. Find a dance that you like with music you like and follow the dance routine of a couple and recreate the steps that they do. Remember to practice the routine until you have the routine down pat. Make sure you work with the disc jockey or wedding musicians on which music you use for your first dance.

Tip 5 - Find a Dance Expert at a Social Club or Community Center
Find a social club or community center in the area you live. Let them know you are soon to be married and if they know of anyone that can help you out on your wedding dance. You may find a volunteer that can really be a big help in learning to wedding dance or find someone that will teach you for not too much money. They also may have wedding dance lessons on a DVD and will allow you to practice in their facility.

Tip 6 - Negotiate Private Dance Lessons During the Studio's Slow Period
Explain your situation, your money is very tight, can you get wedding dance lessons during the studios slow period or can you have an instructor give lessons at after hours at a location of their choosing which could be near their home, in their home, or at a remote location that offers privacy.

Tip 7 - Search for Discounts for Dance Studios 
You might look around for discounts for dance lessons. You might want to check dance studios on where they advertise. look for discounts at Penny Saver, Groupon, look on the internet and put in the words coupons, coupon codes, or discounts maybe along with the names of Dance Studios in your neighborhoods. Ask around with family or friends or check with wedding vendors to see where you might find discounts.

Tip 8 - Get Private Lessons from a Friend
Ask your family, friends, people in clubs, health centers, and work mates if they know of someone that can teach you to wedding dance. Often you might come across someone in your peer group that can meet with you to teach you the basics of wedding dancing. They might very well volunteer the lessons because it's a very informal get together.

Tip 9 - Maybe Learn to Wedding Dance from a Wedding DJ
You might be surprised many wedding disc jockeys can show you some of the basics of wedding dance, they have received some exposure to wedding dances as they have handled dance at many weddings. They need to coordinate many first dance wedding songs at many other weddings and sometimes they have received some training. If you meet some wedding wedding disc jockeys you might want to ask them if they know or can show wedding dance or you might practice at other weddings where disc jockeys are playing music. You also want to wedding dance with the music that you agree is your wedding song.

Tip 10 - Have Part of the Wedding Reception a Dollar-Money Dance
At some weddings after the newlyweds first dance, the bride-father dance, and the groom-mother dance some couples will have a period in which wedding guests can dance a minute with the bride or groom and leave some money for the wedding couple so the couple gets a little extra money for their honeymoon. In some cases the bride will dance with her garter and the money will be placed under the garter. For the groom, other ladies might place money in the groom's top tuxedo pocket. At some weddings a maid of honor or best man might set up a wish board in which wedding guests can sign or sign and leave some money. The money that is left depends on ones financial situation, it might be nothing, $1, $10, $50, or $100 it is a volunteer situation. Before considering a dollar-money dance check with both families, even though this event is becoming more popular at weddings, still some families frown upon dollar-money dance, to be safe with your families, get your families okay before proceeding.

Couple's often surprise themselves after taking wedding dance lessons. Not only do couples learn how to dance for their wedding, they now are comfortable dancing for the rest of their lives and very often it becomes a special moment for them. The wedding dance leaves a special memory for all your wedding guests. The lessons you take should be up to you, depends on your financial situation. Many couples don't mind others seeing them dance, while other couples don't want to be seen as klutzes until they have gotten good. However you learn, do your best to begin your marriage with a couple's first dance and leave a memory and it helps to get your wedding off to a great start.

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