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10 Cost Saving Tips for Bed and Breakfasts

Bed & Breakfasts are a wedding couple's little secret and can help out a wedding period in many different ways. Some bed & breakfasts are designed for weddings and can provide significant cost savings, some are a good place to stay for the out-of-town groom, some are good for your honeymoon night before a couple is off to their honeymoon, and they are a great place for out-of-town guests that come into town for your wedding day period.

Many bed & breakfasts are run by the owner or an innkeeper who put out a lot of effort to make the b&b a wonderful place to stay, many rooms are designed with character, provided with plush bedding, fluffy robes, and assorted toiletries. The bed & breakfasts lobby may be decorated with antiques and other unique items such as from a landlord's hobby. Many have an entertainment room or a den library.

The bed & breakfasts also feature their namesake, a very hearty breakfast, featuring all sorts of breakfasty things, including egg dishes, pancakes, french toast, waffles, muffins, lox & bagels, toast & jelly, sausage, bacon, cereal, a great cup of coffee and a fruit juice.

There are some keys when dealing with bed & breakfast to get great deals. Make sure you get a brochure of all the amenities that the bed & breakfast has to offer, let the bed & breakfast know you are getting married you might just get a special gift or a room upgrade, don't be afraid to try to negotiate a better deal, and try to book them far in advance. The following are 10 cost savings tips.

Tip 1 - Consider a Bed & Breakfasts That Handle Weddings
If you are having a small wedding, you might consider checking out bed & breakfasts that are in your area first that handle weddings. The bed & breakfasts can possibly save you significant money and many have connections or items on premise and possibly a beautiful yard for your wedding. Some have special spots for a wedding ceremony, and they have a lot of connections with wedding vendors, may have a small area for a wedding reception area or might provide a wedding tent at no extra cost. The connections might handle wedding decorations, provide floral arrangement, provide a wedding cake, provide a photographer, and recommend wedding musicians or disc jockeys, and provide a wedding officiant.

Tip 2 - Book Many of your Wedding Guests at the Bed & Breakfast 
When you negotiate with your bed & breakfast, ask the innkeeper, if you convince many of your wedding guests to stay at the bed & breakfast can you get a discount for you and maybe also for your wedding guests. Many bed & breakfasts will oblige you for bringing them additional business.

Tip 3 - Check Out Wedding Supplies a Wedding Bed & Breakfast Has
Even if you are not staying at the bed & breakfast, many b&b's have supplies for weddings. They may have a wedding tent, chairs and tables, linens, dishes, serving dishes, serving utensils. Their supplies may be available for your wedding and the items may be less expensive to rent than from a rental services store saving you some money.

Tip 4 -Check Out the Less Expensive Rooms at the Bed & Breakfast
Many bed & breakfasts offer more expensive rooms and less expensive rooms. Sometimes the difference is square footage in the room or a beautiful view or more lush bedding, or a bath in the room. Check out the rooms before booking, a less expensive room is often just as good as the more expensive rooms, just don't book any room at a bed & breakfast, ask for a walk-through of all the rooms that you might consider.

Tip 5 - Talk to the Innkeeper About Area Amenities
The innkeepers of bed & breakfasts take pride of their business, most can answer many questions of the area. You can often get what the best and cheapest restaurants are in the area. Also the innkeepers gather discounts or coupons of Things To Do in the area. Maybe there is a festival, a winery, a museum, an art gallery, an amusement park, a dinner show, or a quiet place in the park. Good innkeepers can find activities for you to do and get you a discount, ask and often then can help you.

Tip 6 - Sign Up for Offers by the Bed & Breakfast 
When inquiring about what a bed & breakfast has to offer, give the innkeeper your email and home address. Often you may get a newsletter or ecard online or a post card in the mail of special deals. You'll be the first to hear about a bed & breakfast special. You might receive packages and/or incentives offered by the b&b or be informed of an event in the area, and perhaps take home a good recipe or two.

Tip 7 - Sign Up on the Bed & Breakfast Facebook Page 
Become a fan of the Bed & Breakfast, sign up as a fan to bed & breakfasts that you are interested in. You will get in on Promo Codes and Coupons. You might very well get in on a drawing offered by the B&B and win a free stay or get a significant discount. You will be the first to know of happenings, be informed of cancellations, and kept abreast of events, plus you will stay in touch with the B&B innkeeper.

Tip 8 - Visit B&B Directories for Packages, Specials, and Gift Certificates
Go online on the internet. investigate bed & breakfasts in your area. Visit directories like, , , and Search for extensive listings for packages, specials, and gift certificates. Sign up to receive a weekly b&b newsletter, look for hot deals or promotional offers for free via email.

Tip 9 - Understand the Phone Service or Internet Arrangement
Understand exactly what is included in the the land lines of a bed & breakfast. Don't get caught with paying additional charges. Use your cell phone instead of the b&b's land line and understand what the situation is with using your lap top. Some b&b's might surprise you with a charge for lap top usage.

Tip 10 - Check B&B Associations and Guilds
Find out what other patron experience's were with the bed & breakfast, also check them out with the better business bureau. Also check out if the bed & breakfast has different costs in different seasons, what are there costs during slow and peak seasons, comparison shop of different b&b's and see what b&b's get you the better deals.

The better bed & breakfasts get booked months in advance. Check in with the b&b's to find out far in advance you must book to insure you get a room. Always check out the rooms in person before booking, a picture over the internet can be sometimes be deceiving. Always review the rules of the b&b before booking, also check out the neighborhood and parking. The place may look beautiful but then you get their and you find yourself in a noisy neighborhood. Most reputable b&b's are pretty good, for they also want future business, their success is often dependent on word of mouth.

Check out bed & breakfasts, some leave one with a lasting memory of their experience. See you on the other side!

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