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Step 83 - Buy Wedding Gifts for Each Other

(1 Month to 2 Months before your Wedding)
A wedding gift to each other helps add some splendor and romance to your wedding day. Usually the best gifts to give for your wedding is something that reflects your commitment to each other. It's best to find something that is lasting and has special meaning. Engrave the special present with your initials or names and the wedding date. Objects that are engravable, tend to make the best wedding gifts for each other, it becomes a reminder of a special moment in your lives.

It is common for the bride and groom to exchange gifts on their wedding day. There is no traditional moment to exchange gifts, at some weddings, gifts are swapped prior to the actual ceremony, sometimes being exchanged at the rehearsal dinner or by way of messenger early on the morning of the wedding day. At other weddings, brides and grooms may exchange gifts sometime after their wedding ceremony, either right before the wedding reception as they freshen up and some wedding couples exchange gifts at the close of the evening when the two find themselves with a little privacy, at last. Still others include wedding gifts on the gift table along with all the others and open the gifts for each other along with all the other gifts after the formal part of the wedding is over.

The gifts you buy each other, next to the engagement/wedding ring should be a special gift as it a gift marking your very special day. Of all the gifts you will ever give each other, this gift you should give a lot of thought for this gift being on a special occasion will always have a special meaning. If you are having trouble deciding what gift to purchase for your honey, below are some ideas to help you consider. Make sure you put a lot of thought into the right gift to get your honey, but also consider finding the best gifts that will fit your budgets too.

25 Wedding Gift Ideas from the Groom to the Bride

1 - A Handwritten Love Letter Spritzed with your Cologne.
2 - A Book of Poetry, Highlighted with Phrases Describing your Relationship.
3 - A Music CD with Songs Special to the Both of You.
4 - A Photo Album or Photo Frame with a Picture of Him Inscribed with Magical Words.
5 - A Single Long Stem Red Rose with a Note Proclaiming His Love to You.
6 - A Dozen or More Beautiful Red Roses.
7 - A Special Necklace for Her to Wear.
8 - A String of Pearls for Her to Wear.
9 - Diamond Earrings (If She has Pierced Ears).
10 - A Jewelry Box with a Special Piece of Jewelry.
11 - Monogrammed or Embroidered Handkerchief.
12 - Golf Clubs (Be Sure She will Play).
13 - Exclusive Name Brand Sunglasses, and Certificate to Buy Beachwear.
14 - MP3, Portable DVD Player, Blackberry, IPad, Kindle, or Electronic Device.
15 - Honeymoon Beach Paraphernalia, Flip Flops, Beach Towel, Snorkeling Equipment.
16 - A Special Handbag or Purse (Be Sure it's one She Wants).
17 - Matching Set of Jewelry
18 - Portrait, Print, Painting, or Sculpture of her Favorite Artist.
19 - A Big Bottle of Perfume She Loves.
20 - A Bottle of Her Favorite Wine or Liqueur with a Poem.
21 - Rotating Digital Photo Frame.
22 - A Slim Digital Camera She can Keep in her Purse.
23 - Special Lingerie (Be Sure it's Lingerie She Loves).
24 - A Special Gadget She Would Love (Maybe an Espresso Machine).
25 - A Assorted Lotion Gift Bag along with a Spa Certificate.

25 Wedding Gift Ideas from the Bride to the Groom

1 - Engraved Photo of Her with a Poem or Magical Words.
2 - Sporting Goods of a Sport He Really Loves.
3 - Bottle of his Favorite Wine or Liqueur along with a Love Letter.
4 - Customized Calender with Pictures of the Two of You.
5 - Handcrafted Blanket or Afghan with Special Inscription.
6 - Mixed CD of your Favorite Songs and a Love Note.
7 - A New Wallet with your Photo on the Inside along with a Money Clip.
8 - A Photo Album or Scrapbook Containing Many Photos of You, Some which He has not Seen Yet.
9 - Soft and Fuzzy Engraved Bathrobes one for Him and one for You.
10 - Jewelry or Bracelet you know He will Wear.
11 - A Pocket Watch engraved with your initials and includes a Photo of You.
12 - Designer Engraved Cuff Links
13 - Gift Basket with many of His Favorite Things
14 - Man's Jewelry Keepsake Box
15 - Special Clothing for your Honeymoon, Sunglasses, Beach Towel, Bathing Suit.
16 - Outdoor Fun Stuff (Bocce Ball set, Volleyball Set, Croquet Set).
17 - Crystal Photo Frame with your Picture for His Desk.
18 - Gift Certificate for an Adventure of a Lifetime, Scuba Diving, Skydiving, Hot Air Balloon, White Water Rafting, Yacht Rental.
19 - Personalized Golf Balls and Golf Equipment.
20 - Digital Camera, Digital Camcorder
21 - Flat-Screen TV and DVD
22 - GPS System
23 - IPOD, IPAD or MPS Player
24 - Latest IPhone
25 - Latest Video Gaming Equipment (Don't forget Games He Loves).

The wedding is the one very special time in your life to get each other engraved gifts, gifts that are a reminder of your devoted love for each other on your special day. Some online companies that offer engraved gifts are listed below.

Websites of Reputable Engraved Gift Companies

If it fits your budget, you should also consider a special gift to both your parents as a token of your appreciation. Thank them for all they have done to raise you through all these years. A couple of great gift ideas is a nicely frame photo from the wedding, a letter expressing your gratitude, an engraved bowl, and a large bottle of their favorite liqueur or wine. Also consider sending them a decorative centerpiece bouquet filled with beautiful flowers for the dining room or coffee table to show off during the wedding week as company stops by.

As for the perfect gifts for the bride and groom, many people have trouble deciding what to give and how much to spend. The general rule says you should buy a gift for the wedding couple that is around equivalent to what the wedding couple will spend per person to the wedding reception. There are a few caveats that go along with this rule, if you are very close to the couple you should try to spend a little more, but if you have a very tight budget you are allowed to spend a minimum of what you can afford. Couples and families with children can consider buying a nice shared gift.

If you don't know what to get the couple, you first might see if the couple has a bridal registry, many couples these days might have their own wedding website and might include the particulars of where and how the registry operates. Couples usually will choose bridal registries at stores they like. Check with the store of gift items the couple has chosen for their registry. Once a gift item on the registry is sold the gift item is crossed off the store's registry's list, so duplicate items are not purchased for the couple. If enough items are sold from the store totaling a certain threshold of money, the wedding couple has an opportunity to buy some remaining items they want at a substantial cost savings.

A good bridal registry will have a selection of gifts at different price ranges. If you don't see a gift you really want to get the couple, you don't have to buy at that registry, you can move on to another store. But, take note of the style of products from that store it should give you a hint of what gifts the wedding couple is looking for. Other sources of gift buying ideas for the couple is talking to their families, the parents and siblings that are close in age range to the bridal couple, also talk to the maid of honor or best man and see if they can offer gift suggestions. You also may get an idea of things the wedding couple needs and wants by visiting their homes and observe the types and styles of things they like.

One more thing about gift buying for wedding couples. Some couples are just starting on their home and other couples already have many things for their home already. For couples just starting out, it's better to get them a gift that they need, gifts that will make an important contribution to their home, a great gift for them may be an appliance or a set of designer dishes. For other's, the couple may be combining two homes into one and they already have many things already needed for the home. For these couples, the better gift would be a gift that is a want. These type of gifts might include a painting for a wall, a special decorative vase, a sculpture, crystal, or a decorative keepsake, even electronic gadgets may be considered, an IPhone, IPad, or a Kindle.

When buying wedding gifts, because of the special occasion, the key is not to buy gifts that are knickknacks or considered common or ordinary. It's best also to stay away from buying clothing at weddings unless it's a special clothing keepsake that is really wanted and handed down. Also beware of unique and unusual gifts, they tend to be risky choices, they may end up as a very special living room decor or the gift may end up just end up thrown in the trash once the dust settles and the honeymoon period is over.

Items that Tend to Make Great Wedding Gifts

Kitchen - Cookware sets, Bakeware, Knifes, Storage, Kitchen Tools & Gadgets
Home Furnishings - Clocks, Throw Pillows, Decorator Vases, Candle Set, Picture Frame or Photo
Dining - Dinnerware, Flatware, Serving Dishes, Stemware, Glassware and Bar Supplies
Bedroom - Pillows, Comforters, Blankets, Sheet Sets, Mirrors, Lamps, Alarm Clocks
Upscale Electronics - Camcorders, Digital Cameras, IPods, IPhones, IPads, Kindles
Unusual - Oil Paintings, Crystal, Porcelain, Sculptures, Museum Piece, Antiques, Pottery

When it comes to weddings, when you are gift buying, you need to put in a lot of thought, don't buy a gift for this occasion on the spur of the moment decision, really think things through, if you put your shoes on as the other person, would the gift be a gift the person would always cherish and last a long time too!

See you on the other side!

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