Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Step 89 - Decide on Using Water Beads for your Wedding

(1 Month to 2 Months before the Wedding)
If you don't have wedding decorations down pat for your wedding, an inexpensive relatively new thing on the market that is exploding onto the wedding scene are water beads. Water beads look a lot like marbles and are made from a substance called polymer.

Water beads start out as tiny hard pellets. Simply soak the tiny pellets in a large bowl of water and let them stand for about 6 to 8 hours. Drain off the excess water, rinse and place into a beautiful clear vase or bowl.

The water beads currently come in about a dozen colors including green, clear, purple, orange, gold, teal, black, coral, red, blue, pink, white, and yellow. They have become a big hit for use for wedding decorations over the last couple of years. Choose a color that matches to the color scheme of the wedding or  layer the colors offering even more stunning effects.

With the water beads, you can make amazing wedding centerpieces, place the water beads into a tower like vase. Top the vase with floral arrangements, varied plants, artificial flowers, wedding bouquets, silk, tea lite candles, or pillar candles. You can also add fragrance oils to the water beads and soak overnight which puts pleasant fragrances into the air. Also, inside the bottom of the vase you might place a floral immersion light base or include a myriad of water proof Christmas lights which shines on the water beads for a dazzling effect.

Besides table wedding centerpieces, water beads can make specialty tables look more elegant too. Inter-space water beads according to the wedding color scheme with glass candy jars, clear vases and bowls along with candy bars, dessert tables, or ice sculptures to create a wow sight. Be careful though that little ones don't mistake the water beads for delicious candies.

The water bead table centerpiece decorations not only decorate the wedding reception venue but the table centerpieces make a great wedding favors for wedding guests to take home after the wedding as well. Wedding guests can take home the galss bowls and vases or create wedding favors at each seat with a bag of pellets. The water beads not only make beautiful wedding decorations, they also help household plants to thrive just as well for plants soak up the water in the beads as they need them and plants tend to last much longer sitting in the water beads.

Water beads can be found at many craft stores and art & supply stores as well as florists along with many online websites. Just a year ago they were hard to find, but have become so popular, they are much easier to find. You can get many ideas on how to create centerpieces from many of the websites and get ideas from Youtube on water bead decorations too. Some of the more reputable online websites that sell water beads are listed below.

Reputable Websites that sell Water Beads


There are dozens of plant possibilities that can be combined with water beads using a clear vase to make beautiful decorations may it be for weddings or plant decorations for your home. Some of the plants you might think of creating a table centerpieces along with the beads include algerian ivy, arrow head vine, bromeliads, caladiums, Chinese evergreen, cordatum, devil ivy, dieffenbachia, dragon plants, dumb cane, fern, gold dust dracaena, gold dust ivy, gold dust pothos, heart leaf philodendron, ivy, marble queen, nephythis, peace lily, pencil cactus, pepronia, philodendron, red veined prayer, sandar's dracaena, spider plant, t1 plants and palms, white butterfly, and many more.

Water beads were originally invented for the farming industry to help keep moisture from evaporating out of the soil too quickly, you are starting to see many florists utilize them at their florist shops and green houses as water beads actually water your plants for you, automatically. These water absorbing beads allow plants to absorb lots of water and slowly dispenses water to plants nourishing them over a long period of time.

Since their invention, water beads have many other uses too. Besides using them for wedding decorations, they are used to germinate seeds, allow the growing of plants in very arid climates, allow growing of plants on vertical structures, allow root treatment and storage, allow for growth of plants without soil, help clean oil and petroleum spills, provide dust abatement in construction and mining, used for protection lined helmets and headbands, and provide diaper protection too.

The water bead was originally created for the world of plants but have found many other uses including creating stunning decorations at weddings which are saving couples money in their decoration budget.

Water beads have become a big hit, make it a beautiful wedding!

See you on the other side!  

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