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Kaiser Wedding Blog - July 2011 Index Page

Wedding Vendors Location

Orlando - February 2011 - March 2011
Atlanta - March 2011 - April 2011
Dallas - April 2011 - June 2011
San Diego - June 2011 - July 2011

Kaiser's Wedding Blog

Step 1 - Get Engaged/Announce Your Engagement
Orlando Wedding Planners

Step 2 - Host an Engagement Party
Orlando Officiants & Counseling

Step 3 - Start a Wedding Folder/Binder
Orlando Churches & Chapels

Step 4 - Decide on Communications Mediums
Orlando Ceremony Sites

Step 5 - Set Your Wedding Date
Orlando Reception Facilties

Step 6 - Determine a Wedding Budget
Orlando Catering

Step 7 - Decide on the Level of Formality of Wedding
Orlando Honeymoon & Activities

Step 8 - Decide on Pre-Marriage Counseling and/or Prenup Agreement
Orlando Jewelers

Step 9 - Decide on a Wedding Planner
Orlando Bridal Fashions & Tuxedos

Step 10 - Create a Guest List for your Wedding
Orlando Photographers

Step 11 - Send Thank You Notes for Engagement Gifts
Orlando Videographers

Step 12 - Select Members for your Bridal Party
Orlando Disc Jockeys

Step 13 - Do Preliminary Research for your Wedding
Orlando Live Music

Step 14 - Attend Bridal Shows and Expos
Orlando Dance Instruction & Fitness

Step 15 - Create a Wedding Budget Worksheet
Orlando Transportation

Step 16 - Interview and Book your Officiant
Orlando Rental Services

Step 17 - Interview and Book your Ceremony Site
Orlando Florists

Step 18 - Interview and Book your Wedding Reception Facility
Orlando Decorations

Step 19 - Interview and Book your Caterer
Orlando Wedding Cake

Step 20 - Research and Book your Honeymoon
Orlando Bed & Breakfast

Step 21 - Select Readers and Toasters for the Ceremony
Orlando Hotels & Resorts

Step 22 - Send out "Save-the-Date" Cards
Orlando Rehearsal Dinner

Step 23 - Research and Order your Engagement/Wedding Ring
Orlando Invitations

Step 24 - Research and Order your Wedding Dress
Orlando Gifts & Registries

Step 25 - Order Bridal Accessories that go along with the Wedding Dress
Orlando Favors

Step 26 - Order Bridesmaid Dresses and Tuxedos for the Wedding party
Orlando Health & Beauty

Step 27 - Order Accessories for the Bridal Party
Orlando Makeup Artists & Cosmetics

Step 28 - Interview and Book your Photographer
Atlanta Wedding Planners

Step 29 - Interview and Book your Videographer
Atlanta Counseling and Officiants

Step 30 - Submit your Engagement Announcement to the Newpaper
Atlanta Churches and Chapels

Step 31 - Interview and Book your Disc Jockey
Atlanta Ceremony Sites

Step 32 - Interview and Book your Ceremony Musicians
Atlanta Reception Facility

Step 33 - Interview and Book your Wedding Reception Musicians
Atlanta Catering

Step 34 - Decide on Dance Lessons before the Wedding
Atlanta Honeymoon & Activities

Step 35 - Determine What Rental Services can offer your Wedding
Atlanta Jewelers

Step 36 - Interview and Book your Wedding Florist
Atlanta Bridal Fashions and Tuxedos

Step 37 - Interview and Book your Wedding Decorator
Atlanta Photographers

Step 38 - Interview and Book your Wedding Cake Baker
Atlanta Videographers

Step 39 - Reserve a Bridal Suite for your Wedding Night
Atlanta Disc Jockeys

Step 40 - Research Bed and Breakfasts for Out-of-town Guests
Atlantic Live Music

Step 41 - Decide if you want an Ice Sculpture to Decorate your Wedding
Atlanta Dance Instruction and Fitness

Step 42 - Identify and Notify a Rehearsal Dinner Site
Atlanta Transportation

Step 43 - Research and Book your Calligrapher
Atlanta Rental Services

Step 44 - Consider a Wedding Carriage or Specialty Limo for your Wedding
Atlanta Florists

Step 45 - Finalize your Wedding Guest List and Track Expenditures
Atlanta Decorations

Step 46 - Decide on a Health Club and/or a Diet Plan for you Wedding
Atlanta Wedding Cakes

Step 47 - Find and Register a couple of Bridal Registries
Atlanta Bed and Breakfast

Step 48 - Decide on Mother's of Bride Day of Shopping
Atlanta Hotels and Resorts

Step 49 - Consider Fireworks for your Wedding
Atlanta Rehearsal Dinner

Step 50 - Decide on Wedding Favors
Atlanta Invitations

Step 51 - Meet with Wedding Officiant or Pre-Marriage Counselor
Atlanta Gifts and Registries

Step 52 - Interview and Book your Wedding Hairdresses
Atlanta Favors

Step 53 - Interview and Book your Makeup Artist
Atlanta Sweets and Treats

Step 54 - Have a Food Tasting with your Caterer and Decide on Wedding Hors d'oeuvres
Atlanta Health and Beauty

Step 55 - Consider Renting a Photo Booth for your Wedding
Atlanta Makeup Artists

Step 56 - Decide on a Chocolate Fountain for your Wedding
Dallas Wedding Planners

Step 57 - Take Care of Honeymoon Requirements
Dallas Officiants and Counseling

Step 58 - Decide on a Fun Wedding Week Activity
Dallas Churches and Chapels

Step 59 - Determine if you need a Wedding Bartender
Dallas Ceremony Sites

Step 60 - Decide if you need Wait Staff/Valets for your Wedding
Dallas Reception Facilities

Step 61 - Send your Invitations out to Wedding Guests
Dallas Catering

Step 62 - Meet and Review Song List with Disc Jockey
Dallas Honeymoon & Activities

Step 63 - Meet and Review Song List with Wedding Musicians
Dallas Jewelers

Step 64 - Develop your Honeymoon Itinerary
Dallas Bridal Fashions & Tuxedos

Step 65 - Review Photography Checklist with Wedding Photographer
Dallas Photographers

Step 66 - Decide if you want a Candy Buffet for your Wedding
Dallas Videographers

Step 67 - Decide on a Specialty Bar for your Wedding
Dallas Disc Jockeys

Step 68 - Collect RSVPs/Develop your Seating Chart
Dallas Live Music

Step 69 - Decide if you want Wine Served for your Wedding
Dallas Dance Instruction

Step 70 - Decide if you want Beer Served for you Wedding
Dallas Transportation

Step 71 - Revisit your Wedding Reception with your Wedding Vendors
Dallas Rental Services

Step 72 - Order your Wedding Favors for your Wedding
Dallas Florists

Step 73 - Order Remaining Needs for Wedding Ceremony
Dallas Decorations

Step 74 - Interview and Book a Limousine for your Wedding
Dallas Wedding Cake

Step 75 - Verify Accommodations for Out-of-Town Guests
Dallas Bed & Breakfast

Step 76 - Review Order of Ceremony with Officiant/Create Wedding Program
Dallas Hotels & Resorts

Step 77 - Decide on Having a Coffee Bar for your Wedding
Dallas Rehearsal Dinner

Step 78 - Decide on Showing a Slideshow for your Wedding
Dallas Invitations

Step 79 - Consider a Bridesmaid Day of Pampering
Dallas Gifts & Registries

Step 80 - Organize a Bridal Shower
Dallas Favors

Step 81 - Decide on the Rules for a Bachelor Party
Dallas Sweets & Treats

Step 82 - Make Arrangements for your Bridal Party
Dallas Health & Beauty

Step 83 - Buy Weddings Gifts for Each Other
Dallas Makeup Artists & Cosmetics

Step 84 - Develop and Distribute Day of Wedding Schedule
San Diego Wedding Planners

Step 85 - Prepare a Bridal Emergency Kit
San Diego Officiants & Counseling

Step 86 - Check Marriage License Requirements
San Diego Churches & Chapels

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