Monday, April 11, 2011

Step 44 - Consider a Wedding Carriage or Specialty Limo for your Wedding

(4 Months to 6 Months before the Wedding)
If you are a romantic at heart, consider the bride arriving at the ceremony with her dad on a horse drawn carriage and then having the bride and groom ride the carriage from the ceremony site to the wedding reception. If the carriage company allows, let some of the guests get a ride on the carriage prior to the formal part of the wedding reception. Don't forget to take pictures! A horse drawn carriage provides a sense of nobility and excitement to the wedding, evoking images of history and tradition.

A few of the wedding websites will provide contacts of wedding carriage companies in your area, and a few in select cities are elsewhere in this blog. Most city areas have a few carriage companies to choose from, but you don't have a wide selection to choose from like you do with most other wedding categories. When you begin your interview with carriage companies, make sure you understand the time constraints and the distance limitations. You definitely want to meet the coachman and the horses in person and check the condition of the carriage as well as is it a style of carriage that you like? The coachman should be professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. Find out how much exposure the horses have had to crowds and excitement and be sure they are well groomed.

Be sure to check out the few carriage companies in your area to find your best deal. Be sure the contract is for the exact carriage you want and if their is a specific colored horse you want make sure that is specified too! Check what can be done and decide what to do in the event of foul weather on your wedding day, can you be refunded or move the carriage event to a day that you are opening wedding gifts and make it another party day. Let each of the bridesmaids and groomsman partner have a photo op too, as a keepsake for their picture album. Look for a photo op background site too. Make sure the carriage rental fits into your wedding budget and the contract is reviewed in detail and all charges, schedule, and arrangements are fully understood before booking.

You might consider renting an antique car which will dual the elegance of your big day. An antique car adds to the elegance and glamor on your arrivals and departures of each wedding venue, and create eclectic events with onlookers and provide great photographic moments. The occasion is a once in a lifetime experience and adding an antique car to the day adds another impressive moment that will leave a lasting memory on your guests, and that once in a lifetime experience is sure to show up in the photography and videography of your special day.

Make sure you check out that the antique car that it is in good operating order and looks in classic condition when you book, again check about a week before the wedding, and early in the day of the wedding. Most owners take meticulous care of these vehicles, but you have to be sure. When you rent an antique auto, they are expensive to rent because there is a lot of expense in upkeep and parts are expensive because they are hard to find. Plus a lot of elbow grease is required to maintain these cars. If you know of a classic car enthusiast, have them come along when you inspect the car. Talk to the leasing company about a plan B if the car has problems on the day of the wedding. Is there a backup car available or another company that could provide a limo in the event of an emergency? Is there a contact person available to come to the aid, if the vehicle should break down on the road with the bride or wedding couple?

Another option for your wedding day is to go high class and lease a Rolls Royce for your wedding day. Rolls Royce's are synonymous with the words 'expense' and 'high class'. Rolls Royce's are rare to be seen because of their expense and when they are in the neighborhood everyone notices. You feel you have hit the big time when you rent a rolls. Some of these cars sell for as much as $500,000 and your options are to go for a 1980's classic or for a modern classic. Expect to pay boohoo bucks for their rental and expect a credit and background check if you should decide to rent one. Don't forget to get a picture of the wedding couple in the car, maybe a photo of them driving the vehicle too! Also, if you decide to lease and book the rolls, you need to do it far far in advance to be sure it's available for your wedding.

If the wedding requires a distance to travel or traveling about in a city, you may be better off renting a party bus or a wedding trolley. These vehicles are a fun way to travel for your bridal party and keeps the party together if there is a need to travel a distance. These vehicles are great modes of travel should your wedding be at a far off in an estate mansion, a hotel resort, or to an outdoor wedding in the fields or woods. They make some great photo ops for the bridal party too, be sure to take a picture with everyone on board and from the outside side of the vehicle too.

Make sure whatever specialty vehicle you rent, everything in the contact is understood and including all charges are there are no surprise fees. That's it, if you can afford it, consider a wedding carriage or a specialty limousine, be seen in a prince charming moment on your once in your lifetime day! See you on the other side!

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