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Step 52 - Interview and Book your Wedding Hairdresser

(4 Months to 6 Months before your Wedding)
Being that your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and you need to look your best. You not only need to focus on your dress but you need to focus on your hair too! As you are planning for your wedding, as you look at brides in their wedding dress in pictures, not only notice the dress they are wearing, but look at the bride's hairstyle in the photo also. You should come up with 2 to 4 hairstyles that you like, either cut out those photos and put them into a baggy in your wedding organizer/folder, or print them out, or photocopy them or take note on what website and where in the website did you see the hair style that you liked. When you imagine yourself at your wedding, do you see your hairstyle with the updo, down, half-updo, or the wedding veil look.

Finally, after you've got the wedding dress all picked out and ordered for the wedding, it's time to switch attention to your hair style. You may have your own hair stylist already, but would they be good for your wedding day hair. You should inquire about their experience without letting them on at first that you need someone to prepare your wedding day hair. If they show you pictures of wedding day hair they have set and you like the results then maybe consider booking them. You want to be sure to find a professional that is an expert of styling wedding day hair with the style you like.

If you have to find a wedding hair stylist, look in wedding related websites, put your city and "wedding hair stylist" or "wedding hair salons" into Google, look in beauty magazines, ask your friends, family, and your local beauty salons for a wedding hair stylist that is really good. Some wedding hair stylists for select cities are elsewhere in this blog. You can look in the Yellow Pages and maybe even stop and ask at a couple of salons and spas. You want to identify and interview a few different wedding hair stylists before deciding on one to choose and book.

When you find a good hair stylist, you want to find one that you are comfortable with, someone that is available for the date of your wedding, and offers a good price, and has a good background and some professional training. In your first meeting with the hair stylist you want to bring a photo of the style of wedding dress you will be wearing and show 2 to 4 photos of hair styles that have caught your attention. A good hair stylist will plan a couple of sessions trying out a few different looks with your hair. Some of the looks may be with some of your suggestions and the hair stylist might experiment with looks that he/she might suggest. It is a good idea to take photos of each of the looks and show them to family and friends and get their opinions of the look that is best. Make sure the photos are taken at a few different angles.

Ideally, the hair style that you choose should be a style that is easy to maintain and you need to consider weather in the decision making process too. If it's an outdoor wedding, or if there are plans for a lot of pictures out of doors, you  want to be sure your locks aren't roughed up by breezy weather. After you have settled on your wedding day hair, you want to recreate the wedding day hair process. You want a session of getting your wedding day hair, by the stylist taking notes to give to you, taking photos, and taking videos too. You want the whole process laid out, the hair preparation, the hair cutting, the curling, the teasing, the blow drying, etc.

If someone other than the hair stylist prepares your wedding day hair, you will have a guide on how to do your hair. If someone other than your stylist prepares your wedding day hair, they will have a copy of the procedure that the hair stylist put together and can create the look. They should still practice the procedure a few times before the wedding day.

Once you have come up with your wedding day look, you should discuss and create a timetable of getting your hair on a schedule so you will look your best on your wedding day. Your major haircut for your wedding day should take place about two weeks before your wedding. On your wedding day, most of the effort will be on teasing, trussing, styling, and adorning, with just a little focus on trimming the hair.

Leading up to the wedding, the bride should get regular manicures, pedicures, and finger nails filed to keep the hands looking young. You should moisturize your hands daily and don't use harsh conditioners for your hair. One week prior to the wedding, it's highly recommended to give your hair an herbal based conditioning treatment. The treatment will revitalize your hair leaving it vibrant, shiny, full of volume and luxuriously soft. Simply massage the product into the hair, cover with a plastic shower cap and sit under a dryer for a full hour. Two hours if there is no dryer available.

No dyes should be used on the hair two weeks prior to the wedding. Do not deep condition your hair or use hair cleansing products five days prior. Try not to wash your hair and don't dabble with your hair, the week proceeding the wedding. These recommendations allow your bridal stylist to work their magic and have you looking your best for your wedding day.

There is some protocol in regards to hair for the bridal party, similar to the wedding dress. The bride's hair should be elaborately prepared for the wedding, the maid-of-honor's hair should be nicely done too, but not to the same degree as the bride. All the rest of bridesmaids hair is done nicely but a little more subdued than the bride and maid-of-honor.

The question remains, how should the bridesmaids hair be prepared. Many brides would like the bridesmaids to have the hair of each of them done in the same style as the bride. If the bride has an updo, she may wish all the bridesmaids also wear an updo so the photography and videography of the wedding come out with a similar symmetry. If the bridesmaids agree to it fine, but should not be forced to wear their hair a certain way if they don't want. Another way to gain symmetry is to use a similar adornments for the hair. The bride should have a meeting with the bridesmaids to discuss the options of a hairstyle at least a month before the wedding.

That's a synopsis of interviewing and booking your wedding hairdresser, see you on the other side!

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