Thursday, April 7, 2011

Step 40 - Research Bed and Breakfasts for Out-of-Town Guests

(6 Months to 9 Months before the Wedding)
Words to describe a bed and breakfast include; quaint, charming, romantic, private, and unique. Bed and Breakfasts are often found in renovated homes, mansions, or small hotels and the concept is you are treated like a guest and are staying in someone's home as was the case in the "old days". Most bed & breakfasts have anywhere from 3 to some having as many as 10 rooms, are owner operated and run by innkeepers who stay nearby.

Most of the charm of staying in a bed & breakfast comes from the fact that these homes are loaded with antiques, fine linens and bedding, family heirlooms and the like which makes many of these places to stay so special. The owner or innkeeper will provide you with the rules of the house often stated in a brochure. A lot of information about the B&B you might find on an internet webpage. It may have a little information on the character of each of the rooms, what size are the beds being single, double, queen or king, is there a television in the room or might it be in the den or family room. It also may provide whether there is bathroom in each specific room or a shared bath in the hall area and explain the telephone arrangement and whether there is internet usage in the home.

As the name implies, the breakfast part of the bed and breakfast is usually so special, not only are you enjoying the culinary talents of the host, you also get to meet and mingle with some of the guests and often you find interesting people visiting from all parts of the world. You might even make a few new friends and share stories. Your host generally takes pride in their guest house, informs you of the history of the house and the area and often provides recommendations on places to see and things you can do. The innkeeper will sometimes offer you discount coupons, provides you with brochures and maps of the area and even will make tour or dinner arrangements for you.

In the world of weddings, bed and breakfasts present a lot of possibilities. Many people are unfamiliar with them and because of their character, they become a great place to stay for out-of-town guests. They are also a nice place to stay for an out-of-town groom right before the wedding, not to mention a place for a wedding couple before they embark on their honeymoon or even a great place to stay when you are visiting a destination city.

Often B&B's offer a substantial savings over luxurious hotels and are quite romantic. If you are a honeymoon couple, be sure to inform the B&B beforehand and they just might reserve their best suite, provide you with a discount, leave you with a gift of flowers, some special gift, a gift basket, or a bottle of champagne.

Every city has a few bed and breakfasts that offer a bed and breakfast weddings. Each one is unique and you may want to investigate the possibilities. Many have a ceremony site in their yard, and some have a room area capable for receptions or allow a wedding tent to be set up on their property. They may even have chairs or folding chairs for the ceremony. Some of them even bake a cake for you and decorate the place for the wedding and accommodations are a possibility for some of the guests. You can have a wedding with a lot less expense than a conventional wedding.

A number of bed and breakfasts can be found on wedding related websites including and . You can also find some bed and breakfasts elsewhere in this blog. You need to check out the bed and breakfasts in person, is the location convenient? does it have the right atmosphere? do they have amenities you like? and are you comfortable with the innkeeper? and is it available during the period of your wedding?

If the bed and breakfasts is to be a possibility for out-of-town guests, be sure it's not too distant (less than 30 minutes) from your wedding ceremony and wedding reception sites. You may even take a few pictures of it and put it on your wedding website or blog for your guests to checkout. A lot of these places end up leaving a fond memory for your guests and end up going back to them when they are in town and are happy to see their old friend the innkeeper once again.

Don't forget to review the thoroughly before you sign the dotted line! So when you are planning your wedding, don't forget to research bed and breakfasts for your wedding guests in the area as well, see you on the other side!

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