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Step 49 - Consider Fireworks for your Wedding

(4 Months to 6 Months before your Wedding)
Add the sparkle and boom, and awe your guests by adding a fireworks display to your wedding! You want to announce it to the world that you have just married the most wonderful person and to let everybody know with a big bang. This is a highlight milestone in your life, wouldn't it be terrific to have a fireworks show in your honor.

There are generally a few licensed firework companies in your area. Sometimes they may show in a wedding related website, but often you will have to do a Google search for them by putting in the city name and type the word "fireworks" or type the word "pyrotechnics". The yellow pages is another place to try. Before considering fireworks you need to find a spot for the fireworks. You really need two spots near each other. The first spot is a place to set up the fireworks with a clear landing area and a second spot for a good view of the fireworks.

If you found a good spot at your wedding venue, you need to check with the wedding venue to see if it's okay with them. Many venues are fine with having them, but are concerned about noise complaints from the surrounding community. If the venue gives their okay, you might send a notice out to the surrounding neighborhood that you are having a wedding and plan a few fireworks, so they understand what all the commotion is about.

If your venue okays the fireworks display, the next step is to check with the fire department that covers the area and find out the town's requirements and if you will need a permit for a fireworks display. Once you get their blessing, you can seek out a licensed company that can shoot off fireworks. You should put the fireworks company in contact with your wedding venue and fire department. You also need to be sure that the fireworks company is not already booked for the date of the wedding, check to be sure of their availability. If the fireworks are wanted around a holiday period, you better book the company with your wedding far far in advance.

If the venue doesn't allow fireworks at their facility, you may consider having the fireworks at another location such as near or at one of the parent's homes or at a relative's or friend's place. Just make sure there is a setup area and a good viewing area. The fireworks company will arrange a meeting with you to review what fireworks you prefer for the big show. Make sure you have reviewed the program selected before signing a contract. Still inform the fire department and the surrounding neighborhood of the expected event.

Remember, the wedding couple are the true stars of the day. A fireworks display at a wedding should last five to ten minutes in length. The fireworks should be sent up in a quick, heavy dramatic sequence. They can be personalized to the couple such as showing the couples initials inside a fireworks heart in the open sky. The event might include a pyrotechnical music accompaniment with fireworks choreographed to the couples special song. You could have a fireworks ground display too with spinning fireworks followed by the couples name on display. The fireworks can even be color schemed to the colors of your wedding.

You might also consider pyrotechnics at your wedding reception hall too. Pyrotechnics can be planted into table centerpieces or other strategic locations around the venue. A button or switch can set them off at strategic times of the reception. Good times to set them off include, the couple's grand entrance, the couple's first kiss, after the best man offers a toast, when the couple have their first dance, at the cutting of the cake, and with the couple's grand finale off to their honeymoon.

Pyrotechnics offer a wide range of fireworks displays along with hundreds of displays with fireworks. Some pyrotechnic displays include, the airburst, dreamstars, comets, fountains, quick shot, waterfall, theatrical flash, spinning wheel, mines, and strobe and many more. The pyrotechnics will put a wow factor in your wedding and most companies will work with you on the displays you want.

In the olden days, rice was thrown at the couple as a sign of good luck as the wedding couple leaves the wedding ceremony, rice is still used but many weddings have replaced rice throwing instead using wedding sparklers. The rice throw required a janitorial cleanup to sweep up the rice and many places have decided to ban the practice. The wedding sparkler has replaced the rice throw as the wedding couple exits either the wedding ceremony or wedding reception they are greeted with loads of well wishers and a path of wedding sparklers. Make sure you dim the lights and take a picture to show a spartacular effect.

Remember fireworks, pyrotechnics, and wedding sparklers have their most dramatic effect in the dark, so use them to their effectiveness at dusk or when the lights are dimmed. Fireworks do cost a little money, they should not be pushed if the budget is tight. They are a great wedding gift to the couple from a relative or friend that can afford the expense!

So consider fireworks at your wedding and allow a special moment for the wedding couple and a thrilling moment for all your guests!

See you on the other side!

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