Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Step 39 - Reserve a Bridal Suite for your Wedding Night

(6 Months to 9 Months before the Wedding)
It's of utmost importance to have your first private moments together as husband and wife in a romantic situation. Finding a romantic honeymoon suite to celebrate your first night together will get the marriage off to a rousing start. Whether you'll be staying in a special honeymoon suite for a single night or a week or more, it will be at a place and time loaded with idyllic bliss making you feel like you're in heaven and bring a special memory that will always have with you honey in your lifetime.

As you begin your search for a special honeymoon suite, your decisions will be based on your honeymoon plans. If you find yourself in the area of the wedding the day after your wedding you want to start your search by searching for hotels that are within 15-20 minutes of the wedding reception or near one of your parent's homes. If you are leaving for you honeymoon on the day after your wedding, then you might look for a suite in a hotel near the airport or if it's a cruise at a hotel near the cruise line point of departure. The hotel suite may even be located in a destination city, where you can find a honeymoon suite in a four or five star resort, and see the city sights some.

First you want to identify a number of hotels in the area you want to be, first check out different hotels online. You can find hotels from wedding related websites, some are elsewhere in this blog, or you could put the city you are in into a search engine with the word "hotel". You may get a general idea of the bridal suite online but what you see is not always what you get.

Most hotels have more than one honeymoon suite. It's important to find a bridal suite that's just right so it's really important to see for yourself what the bridal suites are truly like. Make sure the hotel arranges for you to see the bridal suite is really like, don't go by pictures and their word. It's important that you love the place and compare bridal suites from a number of different places and pick the best place that fits your budget. Make sure also, the place is in a good convenient location and there are no noisy projects happening during the day or week of your honeymoon.

When you are interviewing the hotel, you want to inquire about the check in and check out policy. Some bridal suites require checkout by 11:00 in the morning and you were out late the night before. The hotel might look great but it just might not work for your plans. Make sure you know and understand hotel policies before you book a room. Is the hotel accommodating and can check out be rearranged without incurring a penalty?

Check out the amenities the bridal suite itself has to offer and check out what the hotel has in the way of services in addition. What amenities are important to you and your love? Honeymoon and bridal suites are all over the board in how nice they are and what services they provide. A "suite" may consist of pure elegance in one hotel and may consist of an extra bedroom and bath and nothing really special at another. That's why you need to check them out in person to really know what you are really getting.

Check out the room itself and see what the suite has to offer. Inquire with the hotel, to schedule a time you can stop by to check out the room in person. Does it offer impressive niceties, really nice furniture, a private hot tub, fresh robes, spacious rooms, a king sized bed, a home theatre room with comfortable lounge chairs, a library, an eloquent dining area with butler service, and a built in bar. A place of romance where you have to battle your family and friends, who want to stop by and say I just got to see it!

You want to check the hotel out too, does it offer amenities that you want? Do the restaurants offer the type of meals that you like and can meet your budget? Does it offer shows? Do they provide tours? Does the hotel have a health spa to get a wonderful massage? Does it have a scenic pool, sauna, and gym? Remember your wedding night and honeymoon period is a once in a lifetime experience, you can never get that experience back if you don't do it and it sets the marriage on the right foot!

If the hotel bridal suite is out of the realm of possibilities and you just can't afford it you might want to check out get away cabins or bed and breakfasts or locking yourself in your bedroom home for a couple of days. The important thing is to spend quality time together to really get to know each other and if it's important to the guy, brides don't forget the romantic moment with the lingerie and the negligee. Also be sure to shut the world out with no phone, IPhone, IPad, Blackberry, computer, or internet, and concentrate on each other especially during your honeymoon.

When people care about you enough to take time off from their work, travel, and spend money just to be part of your special day, be sure to show them how grateful you are. Let guests arriving from out-of-town know you appreciate them coming and do something for them to show your appreciation.

If you have a group of guests travelling to your wedding, you should reserve a block of rooms for them so they can enjoy a discounted group rate. The block of rooms should be reserved at least 6 months in advance of the wedding date at a hotel in proximity to the wedding site.

Many hotels require you to reserve a minimum number block of rooms could be 6, 10, or 15 or other to reserve the space. If you have more than 30 rooms, you might need book some additional block of rooms in a  hotel nearby. You may need to consider finding a hotel that is a lot less expensive for guests that have a tight budget too. Some guests may come into town without a car, you should check if the hotels have shuttle service to and from the airport and find where the shuttle can go, between other hotels and to and from some of the city landmarks. Relay what you find to out-of-town guests and again when wedding invitations go out.

As an extra treat for your guests, prepare welcoming bags for each of them. You can have them waiting in their rooms or have attendants hand them out at the front desk. If your guests are from other areas you may consider a gift basket  filled with a lot of locally produced goodies including sweet and salty snacks and may include beverages such as bottle water. You might include a welcome note with a map and another paper filled with the wedding weekend's itinerary. You might invite them to the rehearsal dinner, or have a cocktail in their honor, and leave a coupon for a spa treatment and another for a dinner for two in the hotel. Maybe leave a list of phone numbers and room numbers, and leave suggestions of sights to check out and things to do in the area. Lastly provide a contact person their name and phone number, in the event a person needs something or a ride somewhere.

Remember it's your honeymoon, a period of your life where life doesn't get any better than this. You do have to live within your means, but for your honeymoon if you can, you need to splurge a little. Enjoy the special time, reserve a bridal suite for your wedding night. See you on the other side!

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