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Step 66 - Decide if you want a Candy Buffet for your Wedding

(3 Months to 4 Months before your Wedding)
One of the hottest new trends for weddings are candy buffets. They are super easy to set up and have been a huge hit with many wedding guests. They are fun, the talk of the wedding reception and they can be color schemed, wedding themed or created in a rainbow effect. They make a pretty picture too as wedding guests like to take photos with the candy buffet in the background.

The recommended candy buffet consists of 5 to 10 different sweet treats with about 20 pounds of candies for each one. Make sure the candies are of different candy varieties to take care of the various sweet tooth tastes that people have. You want the candies to display in various types of containers with a wide array of shapes, colors, and textures. You might use candy dishes, apothecary dishes, cookie jars, fish bowls, antique bowls, attractive baskets, small vases, acrylic dishes and bins, and even using a matching flour, sugar, coffee, tea, cannister set.

You want to use the same color linens that you use at your reception tables. For a smaller buffet use a round table, for a larger buffet use a long table. The table should be decorated with containers of various depths and heights and you might consider the use of shelves under the table linens.You might decorate the area with the same table centerpieces that you use at the reception tables for a round table or with table centerpieces at both ends with a long table. The table itself can also be decorated with mini wrapped candy bars and include confetti, flower petals and flowers. The table can be adorned with decorative vases filled with colored water marbles, decorative stones, ornamental balls and might scatter mini pictures about the table of the wedding couple.

You also want to place scoops or have them handy for all the loose candy. You want some type of wedding favor bag to put all the candies in, you can use cellophane bags, white paper bags, mini decorative boxes, satchel bags, favor boxes, or little candy dishes. You can also provide ribbon ties, yarn, colored string, and personalized stickers with a picture or initials of the couple. The candy buffet is for both the wedding reception and a take home favor.  Make sure the candy buffet is set up in a non busy traffic area and in the neighborhood of the wedding cake. Someone should watch over the candy bar and do refills when any candy starts getting a little low so the beauty of the color of the candy bar is retained. A little note should be by the candy bags informing wedding guests the candy is a wedding favor and fill the bags with the candies they like.

You can buy the candies at local bulk candy stores or you can buy online from many different candy stores. The containers for the candy can be found in many different types of stores such as arts and crafts stores, thrift shops, kitchen supply stores, flea markets, Michaels, Home Goods, Target, Old Time Pottery, florists, five and dime stores, dollar stores, container stores, housewares stores, and many others plus a number of stores online. Favors bags and decorations can be found in many arts and crafts stores, gift shops, and many chocolate and candy stores. Talk to the store manager, tell him you are looking for bags for candies, he often can special order a batch for your, even wrapping string or ribbons.

The candies you can order are many. You should color scheme your candies or order a rainbow of colors. A list of some of the candies to consider, of so many possibilities are jelly fruit sweets, lollipops, jelly beans, skittles, gummy bears, m&ms, m&m peanuts, flavored & colored candy sticks, candy necklaces, twizzlers, rock candy, life savors, pixie stix, pez dispensers, nonpareils, Jordan almonds, mint spheres, gum drops, sweet tarts, conversation candy hearts, Hershey kisses, red hot cinnamon imperials, red hot balls, butterscotch suckers, toffee, salt water taffee, peppermint candy balls. pillow mints, candy buttons, chocolate wrapped coins, Neccos, and many many more.

You might consider some candies for guests that are diabetic or health conscious. You could have diabetic hard candies, yogurt covered chocolate, raisins and nuts or provide dried fruits. You can feature Old Tyme Candy which will bring back memories for your old timers and include a popcorn machine and cotton candy. You can include gourmet chocolates, truffles, cupcakes, brownies, peanut brittle, candied apples, caramel apples or fudge. You might on the side include cheese bites, pepperoni, salami, pretzels, or trail mix. Whatever candies and treats you can think of. Just make the candy buffet a color schemed and decorative sight to behold.

Some of the candy businesses provided personalized candy wrappings with pictures of the wedding couple on them or the wedding date or initials. Other companies put pictures of the wedding couple right on the candy such as my m&ms. Other companies put sayings in their candies such as conversation hearts or put messages inside the Hershey kisses. Also, there are numerous online candy websites where you can buy bulk candies, containers and wedding favor bags. Some of the more reputable ones are listed below.

Bulk Candy Websites

Online Stores for Candy Containers

Online Favor Bags

So put a little pizazz into your wedding reception and you know most wedding guests have a sweet tooth. Jazz up the wedding some more with a color schemed decorative candy buffet.

See you on the other side!

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