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Step 72 - Order your Wedding Favors for your Wedding Reception

(2 Months to 3 Months before your Wedding)
Your wedding favors should fall into the same category as decorations, flowers, linens, and other similar stuff that makes your wedding a very special event. Wedding favors are basically a nice way to tell important people in your lives to thank them for coming and celebrate your special day and to leave them with a keepsake that will remind them of the special day.

Your goal in your wedding favor search is to find a little keepsake that your guests will likely to keep and use and whenever they view the keepsake they will think of where they got it. If you should happen to visit the wedding guests many years out, a good wedding favor is one still being used and remains a bond between you and your wedding guests back to your wedding day.

The wedding favor does not have to be expensive. It is still possible to get yourself a nice wedding favor for under a dollar if your budget is really tight. You could pick up a shot glass for about 65 cents and put some Jordan Almonds, M&M's, or Hershey Kisses in. There are all sorts of things you can do, you just need to look for ideas.

There are a ton of reputable wedding favor companies that you can buy online on the internet. Many of these companies website addresses were displayed back on Step 50. You may check out their alexa reading at . It often is a better source than buying anything locally, because it is difficult to find a local business that sells a couple of hundred of a wedding favor product. Some of these national companies can personalize the product and add a wedding picture or add your wedding date too. You might check with a number of these companies and see if they have any promotions going on. You often get a bulk discount and to get your business sometimes you can negotiate even lower.

Don't forget to get supplies to decorate the wedding favor too, maybe a decorative box or fancy bag that matches to the color scheme or wedding theme. The important thing is your wedding favor is functional and serves a purpose, don't buy a wedding favor without much thought put into it or would likely be disposed of right after the wedding. Some other inexpensive ideas are bottle openers, bookmarks, candles, candies, chocolate truffles, decorative favor dishes, decorative favor boxes, wine corkscrew, luggage tags, key chains, place card holders, and other similar objects.

Remember, at the beginning of the wedding reception, there will be a huge commotion and excitement with your wedding guests bumping into old friends after not seeing each other for a period of time catching up what's happening and hearing about their life stories. There just is too much going on to distribute wedding favors personally. They over time have become part of the decorative celebration of the event. They help decorate the tables or placed upon a help yourself wedding favor table at the entrance to the reception door.

If you still can't decide about choosing what wedding favor, it is time you have to make a decision and again get some ideas. You might try "Youtube" and put in "wedding favors" or some variation "diy wedding favors" and see if an inspiring thought results, or you might visit a local arts and craft store and talk to one of the store employees and maybe they can help you come up with an idea.

Or you may take a "What Kind of Bride Are You Quiz?" listed below to help you in a decision. Answer only one response from each question please!

What Kind of Bride Am I?

1 - When you fantasized about your wedding when you were a little girl, how did you imagine your big day?

a) A wedding fit for royalty, huge and attended by celebrities and dignitaries, in which everyone you know is invited.
b) A lovely family and friends gathering, where everyone who has touched your life comes to celebrate.
c) A wedding where I am barefoot on a beach or on a mountaintop or a destination wedding, some place natural.
d) A wedding that's hip and stylish, everything is to the color scheme and wedding theme, in which  extravagant entrees and hors d'oeuvres are served.

2 - What type of wedding dress most describes your style?

a) A wedding dress which is very stylistic with a lot of decorations that will turn heads.
b) A pretty wedding dress that is simple, looks good and is you.
c) A beautiful wedding dress that matches the mood, theme, or location and makes you feel beautiful inside and out.
d) Maybe a Victorian style of dress or one similar to my mother or sister's wedding.

3 - What kind of music would you like at your wedding reception?

a) String Quartet or a Brass Band.
b) Jazz Music or a Dance Band.
c) A DJ, Mariachi Band, friend with a music box or music is just not important.
d) An oldies but goodies group or maybe somebody like Elvis or Frank Sinatra.

4 - When it comes to food at your wedding, you would like?

a) A barbecue would be great or a dinner at my favorite restaurant.
b) A fabulous buffet with old family recipes and a delightful Viennese dessert table for dessert.
c) A delectable wedding reception meal that fits to the cultural or wedding theme of the wedding.
d) An elegant sit down dinner with three entrees, preceded by a cocktail hour and with numerous different hors d'oeuvres.

5 - What type of honeymoon mosts interests you?

a) A fabulous resort hotel with all amenities added.
b) The honeymoon location is just not important, a place just being with by beloved is just fine.
c) On my honeymoon, I can visit a great city that I always wanted to see.
d) A beach area filled with activities and it must have night life.

6 - How do you vision the wedding planning for your wedding?

a) I like to plan my wedding with using the latest technology, maybe using the IPad, IPhone, Facebook, Twitter, or Blog and maybe having a couple's wedding website.
b) I plan on using family and friends with their input.
c) I plan to use a wedding planner to create the wedding of my dreams.
d) Do a bit of research and organize the help of family and friends to create a wedding of families past.

7 - The day after you got engaged you.

a) Went about your regular routine.
b) Went into hiding.
c) Was excited, had to tell all your family and friends and started looking for a wedding gown.
d) Joined a health club or bridal boot camp and started on a diet.

8 - What type of dishes should be on your bridal registry?

a) Three sets, formal china, everyday dishes, and a patterned accent to vary the look.
b) A special set that always remind me of my wedding day.
c) I have nice dishes already, I don't need new ones.
d) The same set my mother or mother in-law has, keep the tradition going.

9 - What type of wedding cake did you envision?

a) Stacked tiers and decorated to the max with beads and fondant icing and to our color scheme and wedding theme, could be a square or octagonal cake.
b) A conventional wedding cake with butter cream icing, clusters of flowers and a bride and groom topper.
c) A white tiered cake similar to what you may see at a royal wedding.
d) I am not picky any cake will do, an ice cream sundae buffet I would love too.

10 - How long have you been thinking about your wedding?

a) Ever since I got engaged to my fiancee.
b) Since I started going to many of my friend's weddings.
c) I never really thought about my wedding.
d) Since I was a little girl of five.

11 - How do you envision your wedding party?

a) All that's important to me is having a maid-of-honor and the best man.
b) The traditional wedding format with some bridesmaids and groomsmen works fine.
c) My bridesmaid's roles are very important, we have got to make a fashion statement, we need to come up with a neat them or color scheme.
d) A wedding that is romantic, where I am the center of attention and would not mind arriving in a wedding carriage.

12 - My wedding ceremony and reception should be.

a) A religious and traditional experience.
b) Elaborate, you go girl, grandeur and fun with excitement with eclectic foods and hors d'oeuvres.
c) An outdoor or beach wedding is right for me.
d) A Disney style wedding experience.

Add up your points, answers to the quiz.

1 - a-1, b-3, c-4, d-2
2 - a-2, b-4, c-1, d-3
3 - a-1, b-2, c-4, d-3
4 - a-4, b-3, c-2, d-1
5 - a-1, b-4, c-3, d-2
6 - a-2, b-4, c-1, d-3
7 - a-3, b-4, c-1, d-2
8 - a-2, b-1, c-4, c-3
9 - a-2, b-3, c-1, d-4
10 - a-2, b-3, c-4, d-1
11 - a-4, b-3, c-2, d-1
12 - a-3, b-2, c-4, d-1

How many points?

If you have from 12-20 points you are a "Romantic" bride. Your wedding has to be perfect just like Cinderella. You have been planning your wedding since age five. You are excited about the wedding planning process, and you are likely to bring wedding ideas with you in a bulging folder with ripped pictures out of wedding magazines. You are focused on your wedding day and and you may let other responsibilities slide.

Wedding favors for "Romantic" brides - Romantic favors like candles, favor pens, Spanish or Chinese fans, picture frames with the wedding couple somewhere on the frame, engraved favors with the couples insignia, antique handkerchief

This bride might consider adding an ice sculpture at her wedding.

If you have from 21-29 points you are a "Sophisticate" bride. You love weddings, you may be a self-proclaimed expert. At your wedding you want to make a fashion statement. You need a lot of choices and need to do a lot of research and find it hard to make decisions. You will need plenty of planning time for you are very picky. You worry about your wedding day a lot, everything has to be just so. Be sure to leave your wedding ideas, then let the professionals take over. Your nature is to second guess decisions but it is best to just let it go and enjoy your wedding.

Wedding favors for "Sophisticate" brides - Favors that show your with it maybe custom tin mints, a designer organza bag filled with goodies, wine stopper, engraved flute glasses, fancy soap, engraved favors, Italian baked goodies or home made cookies, lip balm, sun screen lotion, bath creams or oils, perfumes, personalized jigsaw puzzle, Mardi Gras mask. How you wrap the wedding favors and gifts are important to you too!

This bride might include a Photo Booth to her wedding.

If you have from 30-39 points you are a "Traditionalist" bride. Tradition is important to you. You will tend to seek advice from close friends and relatives. You tend to be more practical and listen to others and make yourself somewhat educated, you are open to other opinions. You tend to make decisions a little quicker than other bride types. You are likely to be the typical bride that brings something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue to your wedding.

Wedding favors for "Traditionalist" brides - Favors you should consider are Jordan Almonds, ornaments, ceramic dishes, old time candies, truffles or chocolates, create a homemade craft (get ideas from Youtube)

This bride might consider a chocolate fountain or candy buffet.

If you have from 40-48 points you are a "Naturalist" bride. You tend to be a nonconformist and are very independent minded. You are not necessarily offended to the ritual of the wedding but you tend to embrace the wedding with your own twist. You probably would like to partake in an event such as bowling rather than going to a bridal shower. You would not mind that your wedding is plain and simple, no need for an extravagant wedding or a big bridal party, a beach wedding will do.

Wedding favors for "Naturalist" brides - You like practically minded things or things of nature. Good wedding favors might be some type of plant, flower bulb, or flower seeds. Simple practical gifts are fine like a shot glass with Jordan Almonds or other candies. Personalized deck of cards, any gift from a Wedding Favor company as long as it's a nature theme, or making a homemade gift.

This bride might consider an outdoor wedding at a beach or wedding tent.

So if you have not made a decision, it's now time you must, you have to get the orders in for the wedding favors. You should put your orders in at least two months before your wedding. You also need to have all your wedding favors wrapped three weeks prior to the wedding. If you have a lot of wedding favors recruit family and friends to help wrap and make a little party of it, maybe serve your best dessert and have cappacino, espresso, latte, or gourmet coffee.

Make sure you order about 10% more than your wedding favor guest list count. Surprises, late additions or visitors tend to stop by around the time of your wedding and you never want to offend or slight anybody. Keep your wedding favors in a secluded secure spot, in a clean storage area or a back bedroom and away from prying eyes.

So just do it, make a decision, call or get supplies. Make your wedding the best it can be. See you on the other side.


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