Saturday, May 28, 2011

Step 74 - Interview and Book a Limousine for your Wedding Day

(2 Months to 3 Months before your Wedding)
Riding in style using limousines has long been part of the wedding scene, not only is it a fun way to get the wedding party to travel to the wedding and reception, it ensures everyone arrives together and on time. As you ride in the limousine, it also hits you that you are in a transformational moment in your life.

Historically speaking, the definition of a limousine is a stretch luxury car that is driven by a chauffeur. The French Limousine region gave us the term, and it was developed from from cloak hoods that shepherds from that time and area wore, which reminded linguists of the profile of a car.

Limousines really became popular after World War II. People noticed the luxury car after the war and they became a wonderful sight. They became a status symbol of glamor, wealth, and power for movie stars and big bands would use them all the time. Limousines soon became part of the special events scene including weddings. A special glass window was added between the passenger area in the rear of the vehicle and the driver up front, so the passengers could engage in private conversations without being overheard.

As you begin your search for a limousine for your wedding day, you want to comparison shop, check out a number of limousine companies. You can find limousine companies in wedding related websites, from your local wedding pages, and some limousine companies also appear for select cities elsewhere in this blog. You want to interview a few limousine companies before deciding which one to book.

As you begin your search for a limousine, the thing about limousines, the older ones have many miles on them. You want to order a limousine that is 3 years or less in age. Older limousines have more of a tendency to break down. You also want to inspect the interior of the limousine, best to stop by the limo lot early on a Saturday or Sunday morning to check out the condition it's in prior to someone else's wedding.

If possible, you also want to meet with the limousine driver, someone that looks the part of a professional chauffeur. You want to specify I want this specific wedding limousine for my wedding day and want this particular chauffeur. You want to book a limousine with a limousine company that's geared to weddings. Some limousine companies are geared to airports, often these specific companies change their limousine schedules around and the limousine you were expecting instead is waiting for a client whose schedule was changed because a flight was delayed at the airport. You end up getting a limousine you did not agree to, show late or might not show up at all. These limousine companies may lie to you on what happened and give you what sounds like a good excuse.

After you inspect and book the wedding, about one week before the wedding, you need to call and confirm the date and time of your wedding. You also want to stop by the limo lot and give the limo a once over to be sure it's still in good operating order and looks sharp inside. You also want to be sure you send or provide precise directions. You want the limousine company and driver to have directions for every last stop on your wedding day. You want to provide directions from the limo lot to the bride's house, then directions from the bride's house to the wedding ceremony, then directions from the wedding ceremony to the photo shoot, then directions from the photo shoot to the wedding reception facility, and then directions from the wedding reception to the hotel or to the airport.

You should include a Mapquest printout and maps of the routes, it's better to show the instructions typed out rather than handwritten. Often handwritten directions gets misconstrued. Also the day of the wedding, carry directions with you, even though you booked an agreement, limousine companies may still change their drivers schedules. Travel schedules and plane flight delays happen, limousine companies scramble around to make different arrangements and you just never know if the limo you expect will get affected, having a backup map to share with the limo driver may save the day.

Don't let a limousine company con you into a deal until you have had the opportunity to interview a few different limousine companies. You should not use a company that asks for a high deposit, only if a specialty vehicle such as a Rolls Royce or a classic antique car is involved. You want to avoid the "no show" or :late show", check out the limousine company with the "Better Business Bureau" and can check them out if they should show up on . You want to be certain you understand all fees including overtime and tips. Make sure the contract spells out everything including the vehicle, driver, and information on all stops.

If you do your research and homework with the transportation company, everything should go great and you will have one less worry for your big wedding day! See you on the other side!

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