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Step 73 - Order Remaining Needs for Wedding Ceremony and Reception

(2 Months to 3 Months before the Wedding)
There are literally hundreds of ways to decorate the church or ceremony site for your wedding day. When you walk down the aisle in your perfect wedding dress, you want surrounding beauty to show up in your exceptional day.

Make sure you start off by discussing decorative plans with church or ceremony administrators, they may have some limitations of what you can do, but they might offer ideas to you too. Also consider how the lighting will play into your decorative scheme. Some decoration ideas just won't work in lower lighting situations that occur in many churches and chapels.

Consider decorative designs for aisle, pews, altars, centerpieces, ceilings, entryways, communion railings, columns, steps, door entrance ways, and stair banisters. Supplies may be found at rental service stores, garden centers, florists, church gift shops, and from many online web sites. Consider decorating to the theme and color scheme of your wedding.

You can begin by, fancying up the wedding with aisle runners, many churches may already have them in stock. A wedding runner is a rug that will run the length of the church aisle or transform an outdoor ceremony spot into a wedding aisle. Most wedding runners are red, white, or ivory. But these days wedding runners can be ordered in many colors and incorporate decorative trim and insignia, to match to the wedding theme and color scheme of your wedding, creating a spectacular entrance for the biggest day of your life.

Aisle Runner Web Sites

Pews along the aisles can be decorated hundreds of different ways using pew bows. Some materials you can use are to create a beautiful aisle path to make pew bows include ribbons, ivy, plants, flowers, synthetic flowers, pearls, laces, beads, crystals, candles, draping gossamer, Organza, floral balls, horseshoes, dried wreaths, hanging plants, designer wicked baskets. corded lasso, beach pails with seashells and shovels, parasols, centerpieces, hanging tulle fabric, balloons, and decorative arches. Many ideas can be gotten off of "Youtube" to create your own pew bow. Create pew bows that go along with your wedding theme or color scheme of the wedding.

Wedding Pew Bow Web Sites

A candelabra is an elegant decorative piece that provides multiple holders for tapers or pillar candles. They are usually made of glass or metal, silver is the most common decor used in weddings. A single candelabra with multiple branches for candle holders can look majestic for the church ceremony and moved to the head table of the wedding reception if desired. Candelabras can be decorated further by tying satin ribbons or tulle fabrics or hanging crystals below the candle holders. At some weddings, sculptures are placed along with candelabras in bare spots or on the side of the altar. You also may think of adding weave tulle, green scented garland, or lights around communion rails, columns, and stair banisters.

Candelabras Web Sites

The lighting of the unity candle is a relatively newer custom in the world of weddings, it symbolizes the coming together of the two families, the bride and the groom into a single family union. During the wedding ceremony, ordinarily, the mother's of both the bride and groom, light starter taper candles, the bride and groom in turn light the central unity candle (a large pillar candle) together using the smaller tapered candles.

Unity Candle Web Sites

Wedding Bibles are meant to be carried by the bride to the altar to be used or blessed by the officiant during the wedding ceremony. Often bibles, crosses, and rosaries are religious keepsakes that are blessed in the hopes to ward off evil spirits in the married couples home.

Wedding Bible Web Sites

In today's wedding, flower girls and ring bearer's are part of the wedding tradition. Typically a beautiful young girl and a handsome young boy who are either related to the bride and groom or are the children of a close friend, usually between the ages of 4 and no older than 10. The flower girl is dressed in either a beautiful white dress or an outfit similar or matching to the bridesmaids. The flower girl's duties is to walk down the wedding aisle proceeding the bride carrying a basket full of flower petals and scattering them on the aisle carpet, symbolizing fertility for the bride.

The ring bearer usually wears a suit or boy's tuxedo. The ring bearer pillow usually holds the wedding rings of the groom and bride and which are tied by strings or ribbon to the pillow. The tradition of using pillows dates back to ancient times to the Romans and Egyptians, only the wealthiest people had the privilege and comfort of owning pillows and cushions and were a sign of wealth. The ring bearer also brings the pillow with the wedding rings as part of the the wedding procession.

Flower Girl Baskets and Ring Bearer Web Sites

Make sure your wedding guest book is located somewhere where everyone who enters will see it and sign it. Have a member of the wedding party to remind people to sign it too. You might consider placing it as part of the receiving line. Remember, it will take a few moments for your wedding guests to sign the book. It is a must to have a good writing pen or marker that does not smear and is loaded plenty of ink. Make your sure guest book is of high quality with high quality paper. If the wedding is large, be sure to include enough room and pages for everybody to sign. Your wedding guest book is one of your keepsakes and is a reference of all that attended your wedding. You might use your color scheme when deciding on the book. Maybe present it on a nice table with a pillar candle, a family bible, and a photo of the wedding couple.

Wedding Guest Book and Pen Web Sites

The wedding arch or arbor is a doorway or tree like structure made out of metals, woods, masonry, plastic, or bamboo and is often used as the focal point of an outdoor wedding ceremony in place of a church altar. Often the wedding arch or arbor is positioned in a scenic spot in pavilions, over-sized gazebos, garden walls, scenic parks, beach fronts, lake fronts, and even the focal point of a backyard wedding. The bride and groom exchange wedding vows and pose for photographs with the bridal party beneath the wedding arbor. The wedding arbors are decorated using flowers, foliage, artificial flowers, ribbons, fabric, tulle, and even lights to make the wedding scene more picturesque.

Wedding Arbors and Arches Web Sites

Wedding sparklers can turn a typical wedding departure info an extraordinary moment that your guests will remember as a cherished moment in their lifetime. Sparklers have taken over as the grand exit of the bride and groom, they are a great send-off to the happy couple, substituting the days of old with the old time traditions of throwing rice or birdseed at the honeymooners to send them on their way. Another item occasionally used and becoming more popular is a confetti popper. The wedding sparklers are best, causing less cleanup work for somebody after the wedding celebration.

Wedding Sparkler Web Sites

Consider purchasing a wedding cake server and knife set to keep as a wedding keepsake. Get a good server and knife that makes cutting the wedding cake a much easier task of cutting a tiered wedding cake. You can add decorations to the handle of the knife by adding yarn or ribbon to the color scheme of the wedding or even have the handles engraved with your initials. You can even add wedding balls, gemstones or decorative pearls. Some families keep their cake server and knife and pass this keepsake off to their children for their wedding as a delightful surprise.

The wedding toast or flute glass has a long history dating back to the days of the Greeks of the sixth century B.C. The Greeks would pour wine from a common pitcher. The host would drink from his glass to ensure his guests there was no poison placed into the wine.

Today the wedding toast is performed to wish the couple the best of health and best wishes. Toasts are expected to be performed with some type of sparkling beverage (no coffee, tea, milk, or water, these beverages are considered bad luck and would be an insult to the wedding guests). The clinking of the glasses are said to ward off evil spirits and words from the toast master (generally the best man) to provide collective feelings of everyone in attendance of the special event. A wedding toast ends the formal part of the wedding ceremony, let the celebration begin!

Wedding Server Sets

Wedding cake toppers have a rich cultural history, most historians agree that they first hit the social scene in the 1890's. The idea of wedding toppers including the bride and groom had expanded in 1927 when a wedding topper featuring the bride and groom started appearing in the Sears and Roebuck mail order catalog included on a page of wedding cake ornaments. Later in the 20th century variations on the bride and groom became more vogue including silver bells, lovebirds, doves, cherubs, cupids, and many others. Materials used to make wedding toppers run the gamut.

Wedding Cake Topper Web Sites

You want to be sure you have all items ordered for your wedding day about two months prior to the wedding to leave plenty of time to resolve issues with any orders.  You should have all wedding ceremony articles in possession two weeks prior to the wedding. Try to avoid wedding sites that don't have a phone contact number or customer service number, in the event issues come up regarding your order. If your budget is a strong issue, you don't need to go too elaborate on the wedding ceremony, try to combine decorations with other weddings at the wedding venue or use decorations at both the wedding ceremony and wedding reception site. You can also touch base with other churches in the area, to see if they might have the item you want at your wedding.

See you on the other side!

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