Friday, March 4, 2011

Step 7 - Decide on the Level of Formality of Wedding

(9 Months to 24 Months Before the Wedding)
Now it's time to decide on the formalities of the wedding.  Is it going to be a church wedding? Is the wedding going to be at a Ceremony Site? Do you want an Outdoor Wedding? What kind of ceremony shall it be?  You also want to decide if you want a theme to the wedding and decide on a color theme. Having a theme and/or a color scheme helps put an aura in the air that helps make an enchanting event.

First, many couples have grown up and have their own house of worship.  A little over thirty percent of couples get married in the church, belong to a church and the choice of a ceremony site is a no brainer to them.  You have also got to consider your guest count size in this decision, so if the church is too small or too large to handle your guests then you need to find an alternative church for your wedding.  Churches usually break down into small, medium, large, and mega sizes so you want to look out for a church that matches your guest count.  If it's a large wedding you might want to go for a church with a dramatic effect, you might look for a cathedral type church which is always going to capture dramatic photographs when you share your wedding memories. If it's a smaller wedding, you also have the option of getting married in a wedding chapel.  Many wedding chapels are geared just for marriages and can save you a lot of costs toward the wedding and many have a charming atmosphere.

If you should decide to opt for a ceremony location instead of a church, there are a lot of different locations that are available that you may have never thought about.  You could get married at unique architectural venues in such places as art galleries, museums, town halls, unique businesses such as breweries or an old business that was in a kept up warehouse.  You can also opt for an available space in a towered building, or a ballpark, a rooftop that overlooks a city or a room with a pretty view.  There are other places too such as an upscale hotel, an exclusive golf club, a tennis club, a yacht club, or how about a yacht or riverboat.  Then there's the private estate or mansion, or it could even be in a upscale restaurant geared for weddings, or a retreat or even some banquet halls have places set up for a wedding ceremony.  There are many ceremony spots all around you and many of these locations will make your wedding a special event to all in attendance.

Then you can also think of having an outdoor wedding.  The outdoor weddings are also great but you need to target having a wedding during a certain season of the year.  You want to choose a time of the year when the atmosphere is comfortable, when it's not too hot or too cold, usually in most places you are talking the spring or the fall.  Also try to avoid locations in their rainy seasons.

Wedding tents are ideally suited for outdoor weddings and can be royally decorated and you can go all out in decorating a wedding tent as there are much less restrictions on decorating as many other places of business.  The wedding tent is a great backup plan in the event that the day you so choose to have your wedding has inclement weather. Outdoor weddings can be at the beach, the backyard of an estate, many bed & breakfasts, a botanical garden, in a picturesque park, a beautiful zoo, an aquarium, a national landmark, an open field, a farm with beautiful fields, a winery with it's orchids, a lakeside, a riverbank, or a scenic mountainside view.

Now for the wedding itself you might choose a theme and a color scheme.  Some weddings, the couple decides on a theme.  The theme might be fairy tale, or Victorian, or renaissance, or western, or could be geared to the music entertainment planned for the wedding which could be disco, or big band, or jazz.  The wedding could be culture decorated to the culture of your upbringing whether that might be Mexican or Indian or African or Latina or Asian or Middle Eastern or European or All American.  The wedding could also be geared to a hobby of the groom or brides such as a sport theme which could be golf, baseball, football, basketball, hockey or even some hobby the couple is into.  The wedding could be Hawaiian or some other tropical or could have a barbecue flair.  It's your wedding, decide on a theme that helps make your dream wedding.

As you consider what color to use for your wedding, consult with a color wheel.  A color wheel abstract is at the top of this section.  There are three color strategies used for decorating.  Color helps create "aura" that creates an atmosphere where someone's mood makes them feel they are at a special event.  The first strategy is "complimentary" choosing colors that are opposite of each other such as red and green.  The second strategy is "analogous" choosing colors that are next to each other on the color wheel such as red, red-orange, and orange.  The third strategy is "monochromatic" variations of the same color tone such as red, bright red, dark red and pink.

In choosing your color scheme you want to consider the decor at your events, the color of particularly your wedding reception location and of your ceremony site.  Can you color scheme the setting, including the carpet, drapery and decor.  What mood do you want to create?  Vibrant colors add drama, whereas softer colors evoke a more romantic atmosphere.  Spring and summer colors tend to be lighter, while fall and winter colors tend to be darker.

Now after you have chosen a color scheme, you want to mold the colors into your wedding that will help create the effects of a special event.  You want to apply the color scheme into the bridesmaids' dresses, floral decorations including the bouquets the bride and bridesmaids hold, the centerpiece decorations, the table linen decorations, the wedding cake decorations, any favor and favor wrapping, and gift wrapping and gift ribbons, your chair covers, accessories, invitations and even candy buffet and table decorations.

You can even color coordinate colored Christmas lights and add floodlights and add hanging fabrics to your wedding reception.  You can add little touches too such as add color coordinated napkins, candles, signature drinks, flowers on clothing, and even the ring pillow.  Keep in mind, what you can do decorating is all dependent on your budget but if you can really color coordinate your wedding you can really apply the "wow" effect on your wedding.  Be sure someone takes a photo of your decorated ceremony site and wedding reception location and put them in your photo album so you always have them to show off your special wedding day.

So decide on the level of formality of your wedding and create the atmosphere of a very special day!  See you on the other side!

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