Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Step 4 - Decide on Communications Mediums

(9 Months to 24 Months Before the Wedding)
Ringgg...Ringgg, "How do I get to the receptions?" Ringgg...Ringgg, "Did you get our RSVP?"  Ringgg...Ringgg, "Can our children come to the wedding with us?"  Ringgg...Ringgg, "When and where is the bridal shower?"  It use to be you had three ways to communicate wedding planning activities to your bridal party and guests, either by telephone, by sending a letter through the mail or meeting them in person.

In order to not being overwhelmed, you need an organized way to communicate about what's going on with the wedding with some type of wedding guide or assistant.  Today you have about a dozen options to choose from to stay in touch with your wedding guests and your bridal party.  Some options you have are IPhone, IPad, a Wedding Website, Facebook, Text Messaging, Blogging, Twitter, Email, and you still have the old fashioned telephone.

With IPhone and IPad you have the capability to load wedding apps onto the phone that enables you to do wedding planning directly on your phone.  One company that offers a wedding app can be found off of the www.iweddingdeluxe.com website. Most Apple Stores can help you out with any assistance you need on setting up apps on your phone.  There are other companies out there that also have wedding apps that you can do wedding planning and load onto your IPhone and you can find these businesses using the internet.

A Wedding Website is another option and is a valuable asset in planning, coordinating, and sharing your wedding planning with family and friends.  You can either create a website yourself, look up how to build websites using youtube or download an ebook on how to build websites or pick up a book on how to build websites from your local library or pick one up at a bookstore.  

There are some wedding websites that have templates that couples can use to build wedding websites, the more recommended companies that offer these include "www.weddingwindow.com", "www.wedshare.com", "www.wedsimple.com". "www.nearlyweds.com", "www.weddingtracker.com", "www.myevent.com", "www.ewedding.com", "www.wedorama.com", "www.theknot.com", "www.mywedding.com".  Take a look at a few and decide on one where you like the design and offers the tools that you want to use in your wedding planning.  If you know a couple has a wedding website and you want to find it you can find them by going to www.weddingpages.com.

You also may consider using Facebook.  Facebook is a social networking website and in the last couple of years has become an outlet where brides and grooms can plan their wedding, communicate with family and friends, get in touch vendors and can even document the wedding wedding process with posts, pictures, and videos.  The couple can often view and share photos online to get opinions and discuss planning and decorating ideas.  You can also add onto facebook, the countdown to your wedding day, show guest lists with RSVP, show floor arrangements, who and how your bridal registry works and post the vendors you have contracted with.

You can keep everybody informed by using text messaging, or by emailing.  In the world of text messaging you may consider learning text messaging and chart abbreviations.  One place you can find text message lingo is from a website called www.webopedia.com or you can attend class at a local community college for text messaging. The idea of learning text message lingo is to learn how to send messages with much shorter text streams saving you dollars for using less bandwidth on your phone.  Cannot believe, some schools are abandoning cursive handwriting, what's the world coming to.

Twitter is another medium to consider.  Twitter is kind of like a daily diary.  You can keep all family and friends up to date by using www.twitter.com/planurwedding.  Twitter enables it's users to send and read message called tweets.  Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on a user's profile page.  It can be set up so senders can restrict messages delivered to just followers.  Some engaged brides and bridesmaids become enthralled, sharing their daily planning activities.

And then there is blogging which I am doing right here.  Blogging is very similiar to facebook, you can add pictures, video, charts, and put in posts of your daily wedding planning activities.  You can blog for free and can learn it from www.youtube.com and put in blogger in the search engine.  Blogger will show you how to import pictures, videos, and website links.  For brides, if you have a hobby and you like to write you can add some affiliate marketing links and learn how to make some extra money from your blog.  There are some other blogging websites out there too, but I highly recommend at least starting out on www.blogger.com.

Google has some wedding planning templates too at www.google.com/weddings, check them out. After you decide on what communications medium you are going to use, to get the word out on your wedding inform all your family and friends on how you want to communicate.  Try to not use too many different mediums to communicate as it then becomes a little cumbersome activity to maintain.  The communication mediums today make wedding planning fun, consider the medium that most presents to get the wedding planning details and activities out to your family, guests, bridal party, and wedding vendors.

So that is the story on Deciding on Communication Mediums.  See you on the other side!


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