Sunday, March 27, 2011

Step 30 - Submit your Engagement Announcement to the Newspaper

(6 Months to 9 Months before the Wedding)
Time to announce your engagement to the world! You really want to begin by contacting the newspaper and checking their guidelines for specifics on how far in advance do the engagement submissions have to be in before the wedding. Large newspapers require submissions far in advance and before that even, you need a have a great photo, see the proofs and make prints of the loving couple.

Your photo shoot has to look good. Both of you want to have a good haircut a few days before the shoot and maybe even a dab of a little makeup before the shoot will do ya. Be sure to wear nice clothing for the shoot, your clothing doesn't have to perfectly match, but should complement each other, try not to wear clothing that would clash. Solid neutral color tones are highly recommended and keep the jewelry simple.

You want a great setting for your session. Make sure it's on a beautiful day or if indoors you want lots of lighting. It is preferred the photos be taken with a scenic or meaningful backdrop. The shoot could be at your home, a nearby arboretum, botanical gardens, downtown landmark, or other location important to you or at a nearby photographer's studio which provides clear or scenic backdrops.
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Some couple's have their wedding photographer also take the engagement photographs, it really is not important at the early stage, you only need a couple of photographs. A family member or friend can take a nice engagement photo, just as well, just make sure they are good at taking pictures. Be sure to get a good pose, centered in the photo, with a good background and under plenty of light. If they don't do a good job you can always use a photographer as a fall back, the photographer, for the engagement shoot, doesn't even have to be a wedding photographer.

Remember to show you are in love and get close in the photos. Do plan on some close up photos, hug, hold hands, swing your arms around his shoulders, a quick peck on the cheek. Some newspapers require close-up couple shots and ask that the couple posture their heads close together and that their eyebrows are on exactly the same level. Be sure of the newspaper's requirements before you make the photo shoot, or you may find yourselves remaking the photo shoot.

The engagement announcement in the newspaper is a wonderful way to share the news of your engagement to the surrounding community. It is a record of your engagement and will always be in the archives of the newspaper as a newsworthy fact for all eternity. It also announces your engagement to the community in which you live and notifies the many people you have met through your lifetime through your neighborhood, your school, your participant activities, and place where you have worked. People that are currently not in your inner circle, are notified that you are about to reach a milestone in your life.

The engagement announcement is a great keepsake that certain members of your family will want to put in their family albums and will ask for extra copies of the newspaper so they can have a copy for other friends and relatives, that their kids and grandkids are getting married. For the engaged couple too, you will want to keep a copy that will be a keepsake for your wedding album. Some newspapers don't require an engagement photo with the announcement, but it's surely wise to do so. Many couples regret not submitting their photo along with the engagement announcement, relatives are looking for the engaged couple's photo with the announcement, and become disappointed, and now it's too late to do anything about it, they sure wish they had.

The engagement announcement submitted to the newspaper could be written something like as follows:

Mr. and Mrs. "bride's parent's name" of "bride's parent's town" announce the engagement of their daughter "Miss bride's full name", to "Mr. groom's full name", son of "groom's parent's full name" of "groom's parent's town" a (month and year) wedding is planned.

Miss (bride's last name) is a graduate from "name of school" and is currently working for "company name". Mr. (groom's last name) is a graduate from "name of school" and is currently working for "company name".

You can slightly change the announcement and use the words "bride-to-be" and can change the parent's status in the event they are divorced or deceased. The common practice is for the bride's family put out the announcement first in their local newspapers, they would inform the groom's family about the announcement and the grooms' family could put an announcement a couple of weeks later if the groom's family lives in another community. The wording could be exactly the same, or the groom's family could change the announcement from their perspective. If they both grew up in the same community just the one engagement announcement would suffice.

It is important to get the engagement announcement far in advance to the newspaper, but newspapers each have their own criteria of when to put the announcement out, some try to put the announcements out a few months before the wedding and others may put the announcement out three weeks before the wedding. Check with the local newspaper of their policy.

You have just announced your engagement to the world, that's the story of submitting your engagement to your local newspaper. See you on the other side!

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