Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Step 25 - Order Bridal Accessories that go along with the Wedding Dress

(9 Months to 24 Month before the Wedding)
To be the elegant bride. You want to find accessories that complement the wedding dress. You should not start looking for accessories until you have the wedding dress. Even some accessories will have to wait until you decide on your wedding hairdo.

When you meet with the bridal specialist or bridal coordinator, you should listen for ideas on bridal accessories that match your wedding dress but be wary on conversations about an up-sell. In many bridal stores, the sales floor people are trained to try to get you to buy anything and everything.

Your focus when talking to bridal specialists and coordinators is to find out what jewelry best complements your wedding dress. You want to more focus on getting good opinions from family members and close friends and learn the basics of what goes with what. In the end trust your own instincts, follow some basic rules and get the accessories that match your wedding dress but conforms to your style.

Before narrowing down on accessories, if it's a religious wedding check with your church and officiants on what accessories are acceptable of what you can and cannot wear for your wedding. Add to that, are some parts of your wedding to be held outdoors or at the beach, if so what might the weather be like and focus the accessories to the environment. At your wedding reception, are you planning to dance some, you need to be mindful of what you are wearing and might you need to change what you are wearing so you can dance. Be mindful of what your surroundings will be in your hunt for the accessories that complement your look as you are transformed into a beautiful bride.

The wedding veil is the ultimate accessory in the transformation from engaged girl to blushing bride and is deep in tradition. Today, unless required by your religion, the veil is optional and is more of a style statement than a symbolic custom. Now that you have spent a lot of money, in many cases over $1,000 for your wedding dress of your dreams, the veil is an area where you can save some money. The veil in the past has been a profit maker for the bridal salons built with a lot of markup for the stores and not very cost efficient for the bride.

A cathedral veil can cost upward of $300 or more. You can do much better to create one yourself or find a seamstress in the family to do the handiwork. Keep in mind, the veil is separate from the headpiece and often does not work well together and sometimes there are logistical problems with them melding. Veils are a pain to bustle and they get caught on everything under the sun and wind, they quickly get ruined, if you have to wear one you might be better off getting the fingertip length veil.

Some quick points about veils, veils are made from tulle, lace, silk, and satin. They can be embellished with embroidery, pearls, or sparingly with stones, lengths run the gamut from short blushes to elaborate cathedral length jaw dropper. Many brides will wear the veil for the picture taking and switch over to a conforming headpiece after the first dance. The veil should complement the dress and not overpower the dress. Veils can range from $20 to over $500 for an ornate veil. If you decide on a veil, shop around for a less expensive veil in department stores, second hand stores, and maybe off the internet. as many bridal salons show a high markup.

The headpiece you wear will depend a great deal on how you wear your hair at your wedding, whether it be long or short, up or down. Your headpiece is more of a fashion statement that emits your style. There are dozens of hairpieces that you can use to transform your hair, but before deciding on a hairpiece consult with your wedding hairstylist. Take a gander of all the accessories that can be pinned to your hair. Look at all sorts of pictures of flowers, silk flowers, tiaras, headbands, special jewelry, brooch pins, mini hats, etc. and make sure you see balance and make your own fashion statement with your headpiece, get an okay from your family and closest friends if they like the look.

As with bridal jewelry, formality rules. As with other accessories, the bride's jewelry should reflect the formality of the wedding celebration. A small informal wedding calls for simpler jewelry while a large formal wedding calls for more elaborate pieces. When it comes to wedding jewelry, the rules are less is more, and more is less. If you have a simpler wedding dress it calls for added embellishment and if you have an elaborate wedding dress cut down on the embellishments and wear simple jewelry.

Whether you wear a veil and how your dress neckline will guide you toward what pieces and what styles to wear. If you are veil less and show skin in your shoulders you might wear a choker or simple necklace. If you wear a larger necklace you should wear smaller earrings. If you wear a simple necklace, then you might complement them with chandelier earrings.

The shade of your your wedding dress is a guide to tell you what metals will look best. A white dress, platinum or silver jewelry looks best. Yellow gold may clash with stark white. If your dress is off-white, golds, platinum, or silver would all look good. If your dress is ivory, the slightly yellowish undertones call for gold jewelry. You can add a hint of a matching color gem to your hairpiece, earrings, or bracelet.

The color could be coordinated with the wedding scheme and match to the bridesmaids gowns or you could apply gems of your birthstone or a birthstone you like. Just be sure the colors are very subtle they don't over power the wedding gown. You can wear bracelets or white gloves if the wedding dress is sleeveless, has short sleeves, or 3/4 sleeves. If the bracelets are jewelry keep to the color tones that match the wedding dress and skin color. Wearing a watch with your wedding dress on your wedding day is a no no!

Pearls, especially pearly whites are a classic choice since the Jackie O. era and always match up well with the white wedding dress. Diamond's are a girl's best friend can add glamor and sparkle to your wedding day ensemble. Faux varieties are good on your wallet and add glamor too whether they be stone or pearl adornments. Just be sure any embellishments don't overpower your look, for example a matching earring set and bracelet may add a little sparkle and look well with a tiara.

Some wedding dress suggestions are; if your dress is heavy on the shoulders with not much skin showing on the neckline, you might look best with wearing no necklace. Necklaces to consider, the classic choker consists of one to three strands worn close around the neck. This necklace works well with a jewel or bateau neckline. The collar Victorian style necklace consists of three or more strands fitting securely around the middle neck. This length accents a low or strapless neckline. The princess falls about 16 inches total hallow of the neck and supports a pendent. This style works with most dresses except with ones with a high neckline. The matinee style hits the top of the bust and looks great with a batera, jewel, or lower necklace with sheer fabric covering the decolletage area. The opera necklace is a long strand falling below the bust. It creates a dramatic look when paired with a very high neckline.

It goes without saying, you want shoes that complement your wedding dress and are comfortable to wear. Remember, you may be wearing shoes for seven to ten hours straight on your wedding day. Your shoes should match up well, to the color scheme of the hem of your wedding dress. Make sure you wear your bridal shoes or shoes very similar to your final wedding dress alteration. Satin shoes work great with shiny fabrics, white crepe shoes meld well for dresses with a matted sheen, and if your wedding dress is lace, lacy shoes are ideal.

Fancy shoes work well with a simple dress and simple shoes with an elaborate gown. If both shoes and dress are adorned with embellishments, the details should coordinate. Rhinestones or crystals on shoes work with bejeweled or shiny dresses whereas beaded shoes work with pearled dresses. If you don't find comfortable shoes, bring comfortable shoes with you to the wedding reception to change into when you dance. Make sure you wear your wedding day shoes a couple of times before your wedding day even if it's wearing them around your house, even with comfortable shoes.

As for undergarments, use your own judgement. Is your new hubby going to be looking for the va va voom sexy lingerie look, the night of your wedding day or is he down to earth. You need to try to have a flirty conversation with him to get his take and make plans accordingly. Some of what you will wear will depend on the wedding dress, the dress might be built in with a bra or be a dress with hidden straps. You don't need to go overboard on under garments. Make sure you buy comfortable undergarments for your wedding day!

You might be better off buying your undergarments at an other place than your bridal salon. Bridal salons tend to have high markups on undergarments as well. Buy high quality slips and lingerie from French designer boutiques or stores like Victoria's Secret especially for sexy lingerie or buy them at lingerie, discount stores, or even online bridal stores. You might check out companies from magazine ads in Sunday newspapers and stop by those stores.

Tradition warrants, you have a bouquet toss for the single ladies and a garter toss for the single men sometime after your first dance. The lucky lady and young gentleman who catch the bouquet and garter it is said will bestowed good luck and the next ones to marry but must practice for the next big event at the wedding reception by placing the garter half way up the ladies thigh in order for the wish to come true.

As for the garter, if there is a chance for the garter to be seen under the wedding dress, you should match the garter to the dress. In most cases, the garter can't be seen and the choice of fabric is up to the bride. Traditionally brides love white silk fabric or a ribbon garter with a little bit of embroidery with some daring, fancy, or sparling styles, which could include shiny beadings or sequins on the fabric or lace. Vintage brides love lace. Contemporary brides love unique or distinct garters maybe matching the color scheme. Retro brides love bows, hearts or buttons or place playfully themed pieces on their garter. One thought, you don't have to wear the garter to the ceremony, just be sure to put the garter on right before the bridal toss.

Make sure you keep notes on accessories just as you do your bridal wedding dress. Many brides pick up the accessories while all the information they have gathered is still fresh in their head, but be careful of buying bridal accessories at the bridal salon, you may pay more. Hold off on purchasing bridal accessories for your hair until you have settled on your wedding day hairstyle and can get advice from your wedding hairstylist.

Remember, the key of picking wedding accessories is color coordination and balance on the wedding dress, that's the story of ordering bridal accessories that go with the wedding dress, that's it for today, see you on the other side!


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