Thursday, March 31, 2011

Step 34 - Decide on Dance Lessons before the Wedding

(6 Months to 9 Months before the Wedding) If time and budget allow, why not consider taking wedding dance lessons. Dancing has become quite popular in recent years due to the popularity of "Dancing with the Stars" on television. While a wedding dance is certainly not a requirement for getting married, you will look great and dazzle and impress your guests. You will also have acquired a special skill having the ability to dance with your partner for the rest of your lives.

We have all seen this at weddings, the first dance is announced, the bride and groom shuffle to the dance floor, looking embarrassed and leaning on one another as the music plays, looking like limp rags as they shuffle back and forth. It seems like forever and the guest's focus shifts to getting another martini.

The first dance should be a special highlight of the very special event. The first couple could liven up the audience with a grand entrance, show a well choreographed 2 to 3 minute wedding dance and end with a dramatic finish. You want to insure the musicians or disc jockeys are playing your song and the photographers and videographers know what you are up to. The guests will surely enjoy witnessing a "fun and special" tradition. The first dance will be one of the highlights they will always remember from this very special day.

Pick a song that has special meaning to the both of you, the music you heard the first time together, perhaps a song with meaningful lyrics, words that describe your true feelings for each other. If you don't have a special song, spend an evening listening to wedding music together and brainstorm ideas together. Find some wedding music websites off of the internet, you will both know you have the perfect song. A song that will be your song. A song that when you hear it, it will remind you of your partner and a song you will cherish forever.

You can search on dance studios in your area by searching on wedding and dance related websites. You can also search for studios in Google by putting in the city you are in followed by the words "dance instruction" or "wedding dance". Make sure you find a studio that focuses on wedding dance lessons. There are also DVD's available that you can put a tape in and get wedding dance lessons in your home. Make sure you order a lesson that teaches dance instruction for weddings.

Decide on a dancing style you both enjoy. Common dances you might want to learn is the "foxtrot" which is great for wedding couples. Other dances you may consider to learn is the "traditional waltz", "swing dancing", "salsa", "rumba", "tango", and "cha-cha".

After your wedding dance a few other traditional dances loom. After the first couple's dance is the father dancing with the bride, and the mother dancing with the groom. Then the dancing takes a break for a moment as the groom removes the garter from his bride and then you have the bridal bouquet toss to the single ladies and the garter toss to the single men. The gods say, which ever single young lady catches the bouquet and which ever young gentleman catches the garter, if the young gentleman places the garter on the thigh of the young lady, they both will fall on good fortune and be the next ones to marry.

There are a number of different ways you can approach dance lessons, you can recruit friends to join you and have your last hurrah in taking dance lessons with friends, you can take just the first lesson and learn the simple basics of the wedding dance, you can hire a private instructor and learn in your home, or you can get instructions from tape. What you might do, is you and your beau, take lessons in secret and really surprise all your wedding guests for an event always to remember!

The wedding dance instruction will also help to get you in shape in a fun way! Do things that make your wedding special, that's the message in deciding on dance lessons before the wedding. See you on the other side!

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