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10 Cost Saving Tips for Wedding Flowers

Flowers enhance the beauty of your wedding. They add the extraordinary effect of enchanting beauty and the smell of flowers puts a romantic smell in the air. You should try to include flowers in conjunction with a color scheme you have chosen for your wedding.

Wedding bouquets and wedding decorations usually start out with an anchor flower which is a flower with a strong structure that features bolder blossoms which is the primary color to your wedding. Surrounding the anchor should be softer compliant flowers which has a supporting role in the design of the floral arrangement. You should consult with an expert and utilize a color wheel when deciding what flowers to go with. Floral arrangements often include a hint of green with a little decoration of evergreen, ivy, boxwood, camila leaves, magnolia leaves, or many other types of greenery.

You should find a good florist who will educate you about the world of flowers, one who will spend a little time with you offering you ideas and suggestions reviewing a number of brochures and include flowers from decorations they have created themselves. A good florist knows how to mix and match colors and shapes into a thing of beauty, knows what flowers mix well and what flowers don't mix well that would create an arrangement that would look more busy instead of beautiful.

The following are 10 cost saving tips for wedding flowers:

Tip 1 - Buy Flowers that are Local and in Season
If costs are a concern when ordering wedding flowers, try your best on ordering flowers that are grown locally and in season during the time of your wedding. If you see a beautiful bouquet or wedding centerpiece from a brochure but the flowers are being sent from very far, the shipping cost of the flowers adds a lot to the cost of the flowers. Remember that flowers are only fresh for a fairly brief period. Wedding flowers must be prepared a few days before the wedding to look fresh and have an aromatic smell. When working with a florist, ask the florist to try to find flowers to your color scheme of flowers that can be found locally, and this save you significant dollars on your wedding flowers.

Tip 2 - Use the Same Flowers for your Ceremony Site and Wedding Reception 
A good way to save some money, is use the same flowers for your wedding ceremony and arrange to have the same flowers used at your wedding reception. Maybe have a beautiful floral display used at the wedding altar again used as decorations for the head bridal party table. You could also have the bridesmaids bouquets used to decorate the tops of wedding reception table centerpieces. A flower arrangement from a wedding ceremony can be split apart to add decorations to a tower vase. Flower arrangements can be pulled apart and loose pretty flowers can be scattered on wedding reception tables. You must consider how much time is available to redecorate the wedding reception hall.

Tip 3 - Share a Flower Arrangement at the Wedding Ceremony with Another Bride
Work with your church or ceremony site wedding coordinator. Very often there might be a number of weddings the same day or the same weekend as yours. Often the coordinator could put you in contact with other brides that are getting married the same weekend as yours. In some cases the coordinator may make contact for you themselves. An arrangement can be made to keep the wedding flowers at the church for a number of different weddings and instead of paying for the floral arrangement yourself, instead the flowers at the church can be split maybe two or even possibly three or four other wedding providing significant cost savings.

Tip 4 - Avoid Late Minute Orders on Wedding Flowers
Try to avoid last minute orders for wedding flowers. If flower orders must be shipped due to color changes, design changes, or additional orders for additional bridesmaids added at a late hour to the wedding party. Rush fees are expensive and flowers on a different order may end up with a different color hue. Try to have your wedding flower order at a relatively early stage, optimally 6 months before the wedding, avoid late minute orders and this could save you a bit from having high wedding flower costs.

Tip 5 - Watch Those Delivery and Set Up Fees for your Wedding Flowers
Many florists will really get you for delivery and set up. Many florists handle delivery and set up fees differently, labor costs can be really high. Depending on the situation, in some instances the florists costs are reasonable and in other situations the florists have exorbitant fees. If the fees are high, maybe you can find family, friends, ask another florist if they know of young students that can handle floral delivery and set up the flowers for your wedding at a good price. Make sure in the hunt, you find someone who knows a little bit about flowers or get instructions on delivery and set up of your wedding day flowers. Maybe you or a family member can pick up your wedding flowers yourself a day or two before the wedding and make sure they are kept in a comfortable environment so they don't wilt.

Tip 6 - Get Smaller Flowers for your Bridal Party
You don't have to have just as beautiful wedding bouquets for the bridesmaids as the bride. The bridesmaids bouquets can be much smaller or they each can have one single flower instead of a bouquet. Also a stem flower for the groomsmen can be used instead of a boutonniere. The important wedding bouquet is the one used by the bride, the other bouquets and flowers are dependent on the amount of money that is available for wedding flowers, the wedding flowers are not so important if there is a need for cost savings for your wedding budget.

Tip 7 - Use Silk Flowers instead of Wedding Flowers
If the bride or any members of the bridal party is allergic to flowers or looking for savings on wedding flowers. If brides are bothered by pollen or hay fever they may be better off buying silk flowers instead. Many silk flowers, today look like real flowers, gone are the days silk flowers look fake or cheesy. Many silk flowers are made from either silk or plastic. Many of these flowers last a long time and are reusable. Look to use silk flowers if there is not much time to plan your wedding or for much flower savings. Silk flowers never wilt, you can order them far in advance and not have to worry much about wedding day flowers.

Tip 8 - Buy Decorating Wedding Flowers from Grocery Stores and Greenhouses
In this day and age, many of your bigger grocery store has a flower section. You can get substantial savings if you buy your flowers at your local grocery store. If you need flower petals for the flower girl for your wedding aisle, or flowers and plants for your wedding reception centerpieces, you can save substantial money getting flowers from your grocery store and also from greenhouses. Greenhouses are often places where flowers and greens are grown and the middleman savings is passed onto the consumer. Buying flowers from a greenhouse is often a lot cheaper than from buying from a florist.

Tip 9 - Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers
If you have a nice yard for growing flowers, what you could do, is figure out what flowers you need for your wedding and order flower seeds of the flowers you want. You do have to plan ahead and grow them in the proper season, maybe convert them to a greenhouse if the flowers bloom out of season. You do need educate yourself on growing the flowers you need. If you grow your own flowers for your wedding, your wedding guests will be impressed, you will save yourself a lot of money, and the flowers will be extra special because you grew them yourself.

Tip 10 - Take Lessons from a Florist and Create your Own Floral Arrangements
You could save yourself a lot of money by Do It Yourself Wedding Flowers. You could find a florist and take lessons on creating flowers yourself. It's a great time to take lessons if you have the time for you now have the knowledge to create flower arrangements for many years, especially one day if you want to have a flower garden. You will need to get yourself some flower arrangement supplies. You will need things like cellophane, chicken wire, floral foam, florist scissors, a spray bottle for flowers, rubber coated tape, sticky tape, a long knife to cut floral foam and a short knife to scrape stems, pruning shears, and ribbon. Another option is find florists from "Youtube" and learn to make flowers from online lessons.

A little more advice, if you can educate yourself a little about wedding flowers and understand wedding flower basics such as knowing the names of different bouquet arrangements you are less likely to end up with a florist that may overcharge you. The fact is most florists are very good and honest, there are a few that will overcharge you, pretend the flowers are hard to find and state flowers are shipped long distance when in fact the flowers are local. Find a florist you bond to and trust, a florist who spends the time in reviewing flower options. Check out, find flower arrangements they have done themselves and get some referrals from other brides that have used them within the last two years.

See you on the other side!

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