Tuesday, June 19, 2012

10 Cost Savings Tips for Wedding Decorations

Decorations help transform an ordinary wedding ceremony or wedding reception into an extraordinary event. To help decorate a wedding space, bride's may recruit wedding decorators, florists, event planners, balloon specialists, or use a wedding planner from a wedding venue. By using a little creativity, a bride or wedding couple can manage to pull together a very stylish and beautiful wedding celebration and save themselves quite a bit of money.

The following are 10 cost saving tips for wedding decorations.

Tip 1 - Incorporate Water Beads into your Wedding Decorations
One of the newest things seen at weddings are water beads especially used for wedding reception table centerpieces. First you start out with glass bowls, glass vases, or glass tower vases. These glass containers are filled water beads, water bead crystals are mixed with water and they form beautiful water beads. Up through the bottom, floralytes may be used to add a beautiful glow to the beads. On top you might add ostrich feathers, flowers, floral bouquets, or some kind of plant. Many brides will use the color beads geared to their color scheme. The water beads very often create a stunning visual and if they are created yourself or by a dear friend, they aren't that expensive to create. You might find these products at flea markets or arts and craft stores. Websites that offer some of these products are as follows: www.waterbeads.net , www.rainbowwaterbeads.com , www.uievents.com , www.koyalwholesale.com , www.codwholesale.com , www.fabulousfeathers.net .

Tip 2 - Use Candles for your Wedding Decorations
You can either make a trip to a candle outlet store of check for candles and candle holders in dollar stores. You have a number of options when it comes to decorating with candles. Candles come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, colors, and fragrances. You can fill a large wine glass, glass bowl, glass vase, or glass container with water and float candles on the water for a dazzling effect. Spread glitter, confetti, or flower petals around the decoration. You also might place a pillar candle inside a vase colored to your wedding scheme. Purchase candles in bulk and many vendors will offer you a bulk discount. Many little candle lights gives your event a fairy-like brightness that creates a mystical atmosphere. You also might think of using votive or tea light candles.

Tip 3 - Use Christmas Lights for Wedding Decorations
Buy many Christmas lights right after Christmas to take advantage of after holiday sales. Buy either white, clear, or color schemed Christmas lights. Use Christmas Lights for wedding center pieces, for poles, for railings, for bushes, or in trees to decorate your wedding space. Christmas Lights help make your space sophisticated, attention gathering, beautiful, and are rather inexpensive.

Tip 4 - Do It Yourself Wedding Decorations
Many wedding decorations you can create them yourself. If you use creativity, you may be really surprised with what you really can come up with. Look in dollar stores, arts and craft stores, and look online, look for vases, bowls, containers, colored stones, colored marbles, mirrors, plastic plants, silk plants, napkin holders, colored ribbons, colored string, and when looking you may come up with other ideas. You might try brainstorming ideas with a store manager. You may gain some ideas on wedding decorations by viewing Youtube videos on your computer, laptop, or IPad. Just go to Youtube and plug in a wedding decoration topic that might interest you and see what ideas you can come up with.

Tip 5 - Buy Colored Fabrics instead of Linens
Very often businesses markup the price of linens. You might save yourself of bundle of money by buying fabrics at an Arts and Supply store or from a Sewing Store. Sometimes, you might even find a fabric that is perfect for your color scheme. Many fabric stores can cut the fabric to the size you need. Consider fabric to create swag to your decor or use fabric to add a little color to your table linens. You might also use fabric to create a hanging effect or use for an eyesore such as an ugly pole.

Tip 6 - Recruit Bridesmaids to Help Prepare Wedding Decorations
Very often bridesmaids get almost excited about the wedding as the bride does and many times are happy to help out in wedding decorations. If there is a need, recruit your bridesmaid to help create your wedding reception table centerpieces, they may help in place cards, wreaths, wall decorations, create flower pieces, wrap wedding favors. You may recruit them for brainstorming and tinkering to come up with a beautiful wedding decorations.

Tip 7 - Collect Greenery and Photos of your Past
The months leading up to the wedding, keep your eyes out for greenery and other nature items. Collect eye appealing greenery, sea shells, sea glass, plants, flowers, or any type of items that may be geared to your wedding theme. Maybe your having a beach wedding, be on the lookout for beach items, look for inexpensive items, that will add to the theme of your wedding day. Just be on the lookout when you go out to places. Also gather pictures of you and your beau of when you were growing up and of the time you met. You might take some wedding theme items and photos and put frames around them.

Tip 8 - Decorate with Balloons
Today, many balloon places have come along way in the world of wedding decorations. It may be worth a trip to your local balloon or party store to investigate what type of decorations can be created for your wedding. Balloons can be created into pillars, some balloons are made into different shapes, and balloons come in many colors. Then there is the balloon drop. Check what your local balloon company can come up with to decorate your wedding, they night come up with a dazzling display and save you significant money.

Tip 9 - Rent Wedding Decorations
Check out rental stores, party stores, event rental businesses, hotels, and florists. Many of these businesses will rent out wedding decorations enabling you to save money. You might rent table centerpieces, linens, decoration pieces for your wedding ceremony, or some type of decorations for your walls, lights, hanging fabrics, or potted plant or floral decorations. Try to pick up a rental brochure to review what items are for rent and their cost. Renting instead of buying can save you sometimes a third of the cost of buying the item.

Tip 10 - Find a Venue with a Clean Palette and Really Decorate
Many couples will see a venue that is quite inexpensive and will think the place will never do. The thing to remember, many vanilla venues, can be elaborately decorated and will still cost much less than a beautiful reception hall. The key is decorate using a color scheme, add hanging fabrics, updraft lighting, colored linens, beautiful flowers, beautiful table settings, and beautiful centerpieces. Some of the most beautiful banquet halls and wedding tents started with a blank palette and transformed into a stunning venue. It all started out on the cheap and with much of the cost savings applied to wedding decorations, a beautiful reception venue was created, by using creativity thinking.

Cost savings can be found other ways too, for instance, a florist might provide a significant discount by bundling floral needs. A bride may get her bouquet, bouquets for the bridesmaids, boutonnieres for the groomsmen, flowers for other bridal members. A couple may get a significant discount for decorating the wedding ceremony and for wedding table centerpieces. Investigate if florists might offer you a discount for decorating your venues. Family members, friends, churches, or community centers might offer you decorating helpers, ideas, or decorating items, so check them out too.

See you on the other side!

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