Sunday, October 21, 2012

10 Cost Savings Tips for Wedding Makeup

The search for a good wedding makeup artist should begin about six months before your wedding day. A good wedding day artist is not that easy to find, it takes special training to be a good wedding day makeup artist. Many makeup artists have not had the training to be a wedding day makeup artist.

Before you meet a wedding makeup artist, try to find and bring pictures of makeup jobs to your appointment of other brides makeup jobs that you like. A professional wedding makeup artist has taken special training, they will have been trained on what makeup looks best on different types of faces such as square, oval, and round. They will know what looks best with skin tones, they can match makeup to coordinate with the wedding dress and wedding dress jewelry. They know what makeup not to use in certain situations. Some makeup causes allergic reations to the skin for certain individuals.

A good professional makeup communicates well with the bride. A good wedding makeup artist also needs to consider what the bride likes and what she is looking for in her wedding day makeup. The communication for wedding makeup needs to be a two way street.

Before your appointment with your wedding makeup artist. The engaged bride should bring along pictures of makeup jobs she likes, if possible, a picture of her wedding dress. She should ask the bride about her wedding makeup training and she should ask for a portfolio of pictures of makeup jobs the makeup artist has created in the past, preferably recently.

The good professional makeup artist will spend the time with the bride to formulate the best makeup products for the bride, the products the bride should get according to the brides budget. If the budget is not too stringent, the engaged bride should look at the best makeup in two different ways, what makeup would be best for the bride's wedding day and what makeup is best for everyday living.

Below are 10 cost saving tips for wedding makeup.

Tip 1 - Note the Wedding Makeup Artist's Routine 
Once you find a good professional wedding makeup artist take note of the makeup artist's routine. Have the makeup artist write down each of the steps. Also have a picture taken after each step and also video record exactly how each application is applied using either a camcorder or a phone that also allows for video. When a bride is going through the makeup procedure, she should also note the amount of time that is needed to apply the wedding day makeup so the time can be applied to her wedding day schedule.

Tip 2 - Practice, Practice, Practice
The bride should practice numerous times applying wedding day makeup. The person applying the makeup should know the procedure early and by heart. The makeup should be applied numerous times so the makeup for the wedding day is second nature, to insure no makeup mistakes are made.

Tip 3 - Keep an Official Beauty List in a Black Book
The bride should create a black book listing all her beauty needs. It should contain the bride's official beauty list. The black book should contain, the best place to buy all her beauty products and their associated costs. The bride should try to only buy products from her official list, many women waste spending money on products they don't need.

Tip 4 - Have Family or Friend Do Your Wedding Day Makeup
In the beginning find a professional wedding makeup artist to lay out a wedding makeup procedure. Have the procedure noted, photographed, and video, then have a family member or friend learn the procedure to prepare your makeup for your wedding day.

Tip 5 - Ask the Makeup Artist to Your Bridal Shower
At the beginning of your bridal shower, have your makeup artist teach the bridemaid's and other bridal party members, how to apply makeup, what makeup would look best for each of them. It's okay for the makeup artist to sell makeup products at the bridal shower, but make sure the makeup artist is not too pushy trying to sell products and don't insist bridal party members must buy beauty products. The bride may consider inviting the makeup artist to the formal bridal shower if everyone is comfortable with the makeup artist attending.

Tip 6 - Sign Up For Store's Rewards Programs
Stores like CVS and Walgreens offer a Rewards Card. Use the rewards cards to get special sales prices, earn rewards, and often you get coupons such as purchase coupons via email. Many reward programs lets you earn points on purchases. The points can be cashed in for gift certificates.

Tip 7 - Buy Beauty Products Online
There are many websites that offer beauty products online. Check out the websites to find the best deals. Below is a list of beauty websites in which you might find good deals.

Tip 8 - Use Beauty Product Store Coupons
Many beauty stores and pharmacy's offer in-store coupons. Find store coupons in weekly circulars, also from their websites, and now stores have scanning devices or have a smartphone app. One can use scanning devices to get additional coupons from the store. Lastly ask sales managers in the stores if they have any upcoming promotions of sales events or bargains in their stores.

Tip 9 - Buy Beauty Products in Bulk for your Bridal Party
Many brides will buy beauty products for their bridal party. Sometimes these products are even bought as bridesmaid's favors or bought for use in their wedding. When buying in bulk whether it be a beauty store, a drugstore, or online from a website. Ask for an additional discount for buying products in bulk. Very often, stores and online businesses will grant you the discount saving you money or getting additional products for free. Always check with any business if it's possible for an additional discount, the bulk discount can end up giving you savings. If you don't ask, you probably will never get the discount. Always ask about bulk deals for savings.

Tip 10 - Look For Youtube Videos on Applying Makeup
There have been many Youtube Videos that have been made to apply makeup and wedding day makeup. Many wedding makeup products need to be applied a certain way. Research on Youtube for the stroking and application techniques that are use to apply makeup. Very often, you may have a beauty product, the trick in putting on makeup is how to apply the product, very often makeup is put on incorrectly. You can learn how to apply the product from Professional Beauty Makeup Artists.

Since you are meeting with a Professional Makeup Artist. It's a good time to learn both applying wedding day makeup and everyday makeup for your skin. Learn from a professional on how to apply makeup. You will learn correctly how to apply makeup for your wedding and for many days of everyday living and learn which makeup products are best for your skin.

See you on the other side!


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