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10 Cost Savings Tips for Wedding Hairstylists

You should start your search for your wedding hairstylists around six months before your wedding. Many hairstylists found in your local hair salons don't have much experience and training to work on wedding day hair. Ask about the experience and training of wedding day hairstylists. Ask for pictures of brides they have worked on the past.

Before meeting with your wedding hairstylist, you should bring along photos and a picture of your wedding dress, for your wedding day hair should compliment the dress.

When you meet a good bridal hairstylist for the very first time, remember he or she does not know your personal tastes, you need to find one that allows you to communicate with each other very well. A decision should be made on the style of hair, whether updo, halfdo, down and whether a veil be worn. Your face shape, body shape, color of hair, your wedding dress, and accessories all go in to determine a good technique to style your hair. The style of hair should also be shared with the bridal party. The bride might want the bridal party to have a similar style of hair for the wedding or wear a similar style of hair ornaments.

You should have practice sessions of working up your wedding day hair, your hairstylist should take notes of each step, take photos, even video tape the process. The wedding hairstylist should set up regular appointments with the major hair cutting session being two weeks before the wedding. Your wedding day hair appointment should consist of just a little trim but the focus is more on setting, styling, and tressing the hair.

Your wedding day hair should not be rushed, the timing should be planned and the appointment should be finished an hour or two before the wedding. You don't wedding hair to be done too far before the wedding, or things like the weather will ruffle the hair.

The following are 10 cost saving tips for wedding hairstylists.

Tip 1 - Have a Consultation with a Professional Hairstylist
Most consultations are free and the meeting should be the perfect opportunity to find out if the hair stylist can create a sensational look for your wedding. For your wedding bring photos of your dress, veil, accessories that you like and show any hairstyles you like. Be sure to wash your hair, the night before your consultation.

Tip 2 - Create Your Own Hair Ornaments
If you are planning on adorning your hair with blissful wedding accessories, you might consider visiting your local craft store to find all sorts of hidden treasures to create your own hair ornaments. Using a little superglue and finding a selection you like of hair pins, ribbins, flowers, and jewels whatever you choose, you will not only save money, but in addition you will have a sentimental ornament to cherish for many years.

Tip 3 - Seek a Friend Hairstylist or Local Cosmotology School
Sometimes if you ask around with friends, classmates, workmates, or clubmembers very often you may find a hairstylist that is not obliged to a salon that will do your hair very cheap. Another solution is to visit your local cosmotogy school, request a student who is nearing graduation, make sure you see some of their work and can practice on your hair far in advance of your wedding day. Work with them to write down steps, pictures of your hair at each step and have them tape a video of the process to benefit both you and them.

Tip 4 - Seek Out Coupons, Discounts, and Promotions for Hair
On the internet you can look for coupons, coupons codes, and discounts. Places to look include , , , , , , www.mapbridal , and . You can request coupons using email too using . Also ask hairstylists about their in-house promotions, make sure you consider styling, weaving, and coloring. Ask ask the salon about discount offerings should you bring a bridal party along, ask about coupon codes or QR codes offered by the hair salon.

A bride should also be eating a special diet during her wedding period to promote healthy hair. A good diet would be drinking plenty of fluids especially water, drink only a cup of coffee daily. She should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, eggs, low calorie cereal, and have a serving of lean meat. The bride should avoid starches, sugars, not much bread, and red meat.

Tip 5 - Invite a Hairstylist to Talk at your Bridal Shower
When you have your bridal shower, see if you can bring along your bridal hairstylist to talk at the beginning of the shower to give advice to bridal party members to do their wedding day hair. If the hairstylists is cool, also have them stay for the party. Some bridal hairstylsts will offer their advice for free, others may charge for the price of an appointment. To defray costs, allow the stylists to bring along hair products, insist though they don't get too pushy, some bridal members may be tight with their money.

Tip 6 - Buy Your Hair Shampoo at Your Local Grocery Store
Buy your shampoo at your local grocery store or a discount department store such as Walmart or Target. Shampoo products come from the same distributors as expensive hair salons. Don't be fooled by the word contaniment. You get the same product but discounted because the product is bought in bulk. Some salon-garde products contain high quality ingredients, but not everyone needs these high quality products. If your hair is damaged or color treated then these products may be worthwhile to buy. If you have split ends, don't waste your money on a product, no product can fix split ends. The only way to fix split ends is to trim them off.

Tip 7 - Create Your Own Deep Conditioning Salon Treatment
Have a deep conditioning salon treatment right in your own home. Invite family and friends over to do each other's hair treatment. Create a concoction, if the money is tight, make your own home remedy. Find oily fruits and mashed up ingredients such as avocado, olive oil, and coconut oil. Massage the concoction into the bridal party members hair.

Tip 8 - Offer Hair Product Bridesmaid Favors 
Find hair products from a beauty salon, pharmacy, cosmetic store, or from a cosmetic online website. Buy products in bulk for your wedding. If you give hair product favors, don't wait until the last minute such as at your rehearsal dinner. You want the products distributed in advance so the bridesmaids know they have the product for their wedding day period. Think about buying hair products, hair sprays, perfume, hair accessories, jewelry, or a carrying container.
Tip 9 - Create Your Own Hairstyling Blackbook
Work with your own wedding hairstylist and buy only the products and accessories you need. What are your personal product needs? Put those product needs in your black book. Buy only products that are in your black book. If the product is not in your black book don't buy it. This includes hair products and things like hair curling irons.

Tip 10 - Learn Styling Techniques Using Youtube
Many professional hairstylists have created Youtube videos on styling and cutting one's hair. Look around for hairstyling techniques that you can learn yourself. Many of these hair professionals have received extensive training and the training online is often free. They offer tips and advice to preparing your wedding day hair.

Did you know that there is a pecking order for preparing your wedding day hair? The bride's hair is suppose to be done very elaborately and is suppose to stand out, the maid of honor's hair is suppose to be done a little elaborate but a little bit more subdued. The bridesmaids hair and family members hair should be done nice, but not so much with twists and curls. You should be able to look at the female bridal party members and tell who is who just by looking at their hair!

See you on the other side!

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  1. These are truly wonderful cost saving tips for wedding hairstylists. Last month, I had arranged a bridal show at an elegant meeting space San Francisco and a lot of people turned up for this show. Really had excellent time there at this event.