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Step 100 - Plan your Wedding Day Schedule

(Week before Wedding)
What time should I begin my wedding day? How much time will it take to get my wedding day hair styled? How much time do I need for my wedding day makeup? Should the photographer take pictures of the bridal party before or after the wedding ceremony/ When should the bridesmaid arrive? There are many important questions to consider as your wedding day approaches. A well thought out planned schedule of your wedding day will help take the stress away and will go a long way to make your wedding day a success.

As you start to lay out the schedule and plan your wedding day, the experts suggest you put your wedding day plan together by first working backwords for the pre-ceremony activities and after the wedding ceremony go forward with activity tasks.

When putting your wedding day schedule together, take into consideration of travel time, loading your car, time to eat, and time to chat with parents, siblings and other family, special friends, and your bridesmaids. You would rather have the time celebrating your special day with those that have been special to you, than running around feeling stressed and worrying about your wedding. A common recommendation for contingency reserve is leave around 20% of extra time for each task milestone.

Creating a master schedule is an extremely helpful approach. You should lay out the day with all the tasks that need to be done and at what times. This schedule would be helpful and should be shared with the wedding party and all the wedding vendors that are part of your wedding ceremony and wedding reception and lets the photographer and videographer that they have the floor or shoot. The schedule once put together, alls you have to do is follow the schedule and not worry. The schedule can be created a number of different ways, if can be created using an Excel Spreadsheet, Google Docs, a software wedding timeline package, or created using a Word Document off of a computer, or typed off a typewriter (the old fashioned way).

The schedule should be detailed, illustrating every task for your wedding day, down to the minute or five minute interval of your wedding day, beginning with the moment you wakeup and ends with the bride and groom leaving the wedding reception and then off to the hotel or to the airport and on to the honeymoon.

Include along with your master schedule pertinent information such as the phone number of all involved in your wedding day including your bridal party contacts with home phone, work phone, cell phone, home address and social contact numbers such as email, facebook, or twitter or skype. You may just never know, the day of your wedding may be just the day your bridesmaid's car decides not to start and would be helpful if you have on hand her address for someone to go pick her up.

Also have a wedding vendor contact sheet, if there are any questions, or should you have to add or cancel a meal for a last minute wedding guest. Also include in the schedule directions on how to get to the ceremony site, the wedding reception, a hotel, and where is the local pharmacy in the event someone in the wedding needs to pick up a prescription or to pick up a throw away camera or batteries.

When you create your wedding day schedule you can always be certain, that you must look perfect and your appointments with manicurists, hairstylists, and makeup artists, and attaching adornments to your hair will always take longer than expected. You also have to think of other matters, maybe you have a few hundred wedding favors to pack into a couple of cars, you need your bridal emergency kit, a sweater and extra comfortable shoes, your honeymoon luggage, and honeymoon itinery, and maybe you have gifts for your grooms parents or a special aunt or uncle or special friend.

You also may need time for a photographer at your house putting on your wedding dress with your mother looking on and then photos of you in your dress looking in a mirror and looking out a window. You may need time for a couple of phone calls for your florist, decorators, and wedding cake baker, to confirm time of delivery. You may need time to thank your brides on how special they have been and give them bridal favors.

The experts recommend to schedule your hair appointments and makeup to begin seven hours before the wedding ceremony if you are getting bridal party photographs before the wedding and if the photographs are not taken before the wedding and after the ceremony the hairstylist and makeup artist appointments can be performed four hours before the wedding ceremony. You want to be sure the photography and videography are not rushed, you want the best product possible.

You also want to include from a 15 minute to 30 minute freshen up period before the wedding reception, to possible change your clothes into a wedding reception dress, to exchange a gift with your honey, to say a little prayer, to check your phone messages, and to use the bathroom. Make sure all your important wedding vendors such as your photographer, videographer, caterer, reception hall, and all involved in your wedding get a copy of your wedding day schedule so they know what you are up to at different moments of the day.

Before your wedding day, try not to stay up late the night before the wedding and avoid drinking too much alcohol and coffee and get a good nights sleep so you are rested for your big day. Your wedding day should go something like this schedule.

Wedding Day Schedule

8:00 - Rise and shine, stretch walk, relax, talk with family or with bridesmaids staying over, make one cup of coffee and eat a light breakfast.

9:00 - Pamper yourself by taking a bath or by taking an extra long shower, don't forget to shave, exfoliate your face and hands, moisturize every inch of your body.

10:00 - It's beauty treatment time, whether it's at the brides house or beauty salon, it's time for the bride and her bridesmaids to get prettied up for the big day, first is a manicure, next hair trimmed, teased, tossed, and styled, then followed up by wedding day makeup.

12:00 - Time to grab a bite to eat, have something light and yummy whether it be a health bar or a delicious salad, make sure you have the bridal emergency kit ready, have a sweater and comfortable shoes, honeymoon luggage packed, wedding favors ready, wedding vendor tips ready and load everything into one of your parent's cars, and gifts for any wedding guests.

12:30 - Try to use the ladies room one last time, you are about to put on the wedding dress and this is the last opportunity to get refreshed and take one last look in the mirror to check on the beautiful you.

12:45 - The floral bouquets and photographer should have arrived, it's time to let others take over. Listen to the photographer instructing and getting a few pictures of you getting into the wedding dress and looking into the mirror and another picture of you looking out your window.

1:30 - After you are all dressed up, you meet with your bridesmaids giving a generous speech on how they have been special to you and giving them your thanks and giving them their bridal favor gifts.

2:00 - It's Cinderella time, time for the brides and bridesmaid to get picked up by the limousines and begin their journey to the wedding ceremony, to be there a half hour before the wedding ceremony is to begin.

2:30 - You arrive at the wedding ceremony venue and proceed directly to the holding room before the ceremony, time for last minute touches up (make sure your bridesmaid is your spot checker should anything be out of place on your dress, face, or hair.

3:00 - Your biggest moment in your life has arrived, you and your bridesmaid, ring bearer, flower girl assemble in front of the aisle, take a deep breath and relax, a relaxed bride is a beautiful bride, time to take everything in, watch as your best friends walk down the aisle, it;s your turn, take a final breath, you grab your dad's arms, all eyes turn to you, smile, stay relaxed, walk steadily and slowly (for great picture), and look straight to the man of your dreams, time to enjoy your wedding and new life.

To keep you organized for your wedding day, you may want to create some wedding day schedule something like the ones below.

                                     Bride and Groom's Name
                                      Pre-Ceremony Schedule

Start Time        Task                                            Points of Contact
8:00                 Wakeup, Freshenup & Breakfast
9:00                 Moisturize & Bath
10:00               Hairstylist Appointment                Beauty Salon - Phone
11:30               Makeup Artist                             Makeup Artist - Phone
12:00               Lunch & Load Up Car
12:30               Freshen Up
12:45               Floral Bouquets Arrive                 Florist - Phone
                        Photographer Arrives                  Photographer - Phone
                        Start Putting on Wedding Dress
1:20                 Meet with Bridesmaids
2:00                 Limousine Arrives                       Transportation - Phone
2:30                 Arrive at Church                         Church - Address - Phone
3:00                 Ceremony Begins

                                     Bride and Groom's Name
                                        Ceremony Schedule

Start Time        Task                                            Remarks

2:30                 Processional Music
3:00                 Groomsmen Enters Side Door
                        Officiant Walks to Altar
                        Bridesmaids Walk to Front
                        Ring Bearer Walks to Front
                        Flower Girl Walks to Front
3:10                 Processional Music Bride
                        Bride Walks up aisle with Father
3:15                 Opening Remarks
                        Officiant Sermon
3:30                  Readings
                         Officiant Rite if Marriage
                         Bride & Groom Exchange Vows
                         Couple Lights Unity Candle
                         Traditional Music
3:45                  Concluding Rite
4:00                  Bride & Groom Sign Wedding Registry
4:05                  Recessional Music
                         Bride & Groom Walk Down Aisle
4:10                  Bride & Groom on Receiving Line
4:30                  Groomsman Moves Church Decorations
5:00                  Photography Session

                                     Bride and Groom's Name
                                   Wedding Reception Schedule

Start Time        Task                                            Points of Contact

2:00                 Caterer Arrives Prepares Food     Caterer - Phone
                        Rentals Arrive Begin Set-Up        Rental Services - Phone
2:30                 Wait-Staff Preps Tables & Linen   Caterer - Phone
2:45                 Flowers Delivered                         Florist - Phone
3:00                 Tables Decorated                         Decorator - Phone
4:30                 Bartender & Bar Supplies Prep      Bartender - Phone
4:45                 Wedding Cake Arrives                   Baker - Phone
5:20                 Slide Photos Setup                       Photo - Phone
5:30                 Photobooth Setup                         Photobooth - Phone
5:45                 Installation Ready                         Caterer
                        Picture of Reception                     Photographer
6:00                 Cocktail Begins
                        Wedding Guests Arrive
6:45                  Bride & Groom Arrive
                         Bridal Party Arrives
6:50                  Guests Seated at Table
7:00                  Bar Closes Temporarily
                         Welcome Speech
7:10                  Food Service Begins
8:00                  Speeches & Toasts
8:15                  Music Begins                               Musicians - Phone    
8:30                  Wedding Cake Cutting
8:45                  Bride & Groom First Dance
8:55                  Dessert & Coffee is Served
9:10                  Bridal Toss & Garter Throw
9:30                  Bride & Groom Depart for Honeymoon
11:00                Bar is Closed
11:15                Music Ends
11:30                Gifts moved to Parents
                         Wait Staff Cleans Reception

                                     Bride and Groom's Name
                              Wedding Day Bridal Party Contacts

Bridal Type               Name                           Address                       Phone
Bride                         Name                          123 Main Street          (123) 456-7890
Groom                      Name                           123 Main Street          (123) 456-7890
Maid of Honor           Name                           123 Main Street          (123) 456-7890
Best Man                  Name                           123 Main Street          (123) 456-7890
Bride's Mother           Name                           123 Main Street          (123) 456-7890
Bride's Father            Name                           123 Main Street           (123) 456-7890
Bridesmaid #1           Name                           123 Main Street           (123) 456-7890
Bridesmaid #2           Name                           123 Main Street           (123) 456-7890
Bridesmaid #3           Name                           123 Main Street           (123) 456-7890
Groomsman #1          Name                           123 Main Street           (123) 456-7890
Groomsman #2          Name                           123 Main Street           (123) 456-7890
Groomsman #3          Name                           123 Main Street           (123) 456-7890
Ring Bearer               Name                            123 Main Street           (123) 456-7890
Flower Girl                Name                            123 Main Street           (123) 456-7890

                                     Bride and Groom's Name
                                Wedding Day Vendor Contacts

 Wedding Vendor                    Name of Business                            Phone  
Ceremony Location                 Name                                             (123) 456-7890
                                               Time 3-4:30

Wedding Reception                 Name                                             (123) 456-7890
                                               Time 6-11

Caterer                                    Name                                            (123) 456-7890
Decorations                             Name                                            (123) 456-7890
Florist                                      Name                                            (123) 456-7890
Hair Stylist                              Name                                             (123) 456-7890
Makeup Artist                          Name                                            (123) 456-7890
Bed & Breakfast                      Name                                            (123) 456-7890
Hotel                                       Name                                            (123) 456-7890
Ceremony Musician                 Name                                            (123) 456-7890
Reception Musician                  Name                                            (123) 456-7890
Disc Jockey                             Name                                            (123) 456-7890
Photographer                           Name                                            (123) 456-7890
Videographer                           Name                                           (123) 456-7890
Transportation                          Name                                           (123) 456-7890
Wedding Cake                         Name                                           (123) 456-7890
Rental Supplies                        Name                                           (123) 456-7890
Bartender                                Name                                           (123) 456-7890
Calligrapher                             Name                                           (123) 456-7890
Pharmacy                                Name                                           (123) 456-7890
Airlines                                    Name                                           (123) 456-7890

You also may want to create directions to your wedding ceremony, wedding reception, and you may want to include directions to your local pharmacy. The directions could be created using Mapquest or Google Maps off your computer or draw them yourself and male copies or have your Calligrapher create some. There are a number of websites you can use too to create maps. Some websites that can help you include www.ccarto.com/freeweddingmaps , www.weddingmapper.com , www.distinctivedirections.com , and www.snappymap.com .

So create your wedding day schedule to make your life easy and share your schedule with all those involved in setting up your wedding and in some cases you make the bridal party and wedding vendors lives easier too.

So congratulations to the happy couple and I will see you on the other side!        

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