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Tower Vase Centerpieces for your Wedding

One of the most stunning centerpieces I have ever seen was created by using tower vase centerpieces. Using these tower vase centerpieces you can create a beautiful tree like effect in whatever color scheme you would like for your wedding.

There are basically four parts you need to concern yourself with when creating these brilliant wedding displays. First consider the type of tower vase you would like to display, next is make sure you secure the tower vase so it's not likely to topple, third is decide on decorations to put inside the tower base, and last is deciding what decorations to put on top of your tower vase.

There are number of online website companies in which you can order tower vases from and there are a number of tower vase designs you can choose from. Some of the designs available for which you can order are eiffel tower vases, trumpet tower vases, martini tower vases, lamp shade tower vases, pedestal tower vases, flared tower vases, and glass cylinder vases. They all look beautiful, it's picking the one that most hits your fancy that works within your budget. You might consider ordering enough wedding tower vases for each reception table you have and either get a couple ones that are bookends for your head table or a set of ones to put along your head bridal table.

A few florists and decorators provide tower vases for weddings, but for the most part not a lot of places don't offer these decorations yet, so there is a chance you may have to create these decorations as a do it yourself project or recruit someone to build these wedding centerpieces for your wedding. Maybe you can recruit your florist, decorator, or friend and maybe they will have found a new product for their business.

Some of the tower vases will stand with no problem when you create them, while others may need a base to secure it to so they won't topple. Some of these tower vases can be attached to a beautiful mirror. Others possibilities include glass bowls, ashtrays, or some type of planter pot, many of these bases can be found at dollar stores, flea markets, flower stores, or arts & supply stores. You may need to secure the tower vase using a floral clay, epoxy glue, or other types of glues found at a hardware store or an art & supply store. If you use a mirror you might consider decorating with flower petals, wedding confetti, or little candles. If you use a bowl you might want to fill the bowl with colorful stones, marbles, or water beads.

Inside the tower vases you can fill the vases with colorful water beads for a dazzling effect. Water beads have become the rage at weddings over the past year. The water beads start out in little packets or tubes and when they are soaked in water, they turn into what looks like a rubber marble, they are neat to touch and many people like to play with them. The color beads can be purchased in according to the color scheme of your wedding. You can even layer them in a number of colors for a mystifying effect.

Also in the tube of tower vases you can create a stunning light effect. There are a number of different lighting effects that you can intermix with the water beads. In the tubes you can add different lighting effects such as submersible lights, submersible tea lights, floralytes, or water pearls. Another option is to add fairy lights or christmas lights or have a flood light pointed into the tower vase from above or a flood light pointed to the ceiling.

At the top of the tower vase you have a number of decorative possibilities available. You could place a floral form and a floral form holder on top of the tower vase. In the floral form holder on top you can place ostrich feathers which makes a dazzling tree like structure. You can instead put long stemmed flowers in the floral form holder and create a beautiful floral design. Or you can put long stemmed plants and create a neat design too. There are so many possibilities, but my personal favorite are the ostrich feathers.

There are other possibilities also. You don't necessary have to put anything on top and fill up the tower vase with water beads. You can find another glass bowl to set on top of the tower vase with a different decorative design and place water beads in that bowl also, add another color of water beads or put a submersible light into the bowl on top for a dazzling effect. Water beads were initially invented for plants and flowers so they can survive and thrive in drought like conditions. You could put long stemmed flowers or plants sticking out of the tower vase on top. You can bundle flowers or plants and make a bend at various angles just as you would see in floral vases. You might want to match up similar color flowers, water beads and colored lighting.

Even another possibility is to create a lamp shade effect on top of the tower vase according to the color scheme. The lamp shade effect looks dazzling too. The tower vase can even be filled with other bright colored things besides water beads, could be filled with fruits, flower petals, gemstones, colored stones, or marbles. I still prefer the water bead effects with bright colored lights the best.

Listed below are many websites in which you can purchase materials to buy and create your beautiful tower vases. You can even order colored tower vases according to your color scheme. I still though recommend ordering glass or clear tower vases and using colorful water beads with colored lighting for the best effect and don't forget to create a tree like effect with ostrich feathers. Ostrich feathers can be dyed to a color you wish to feature at your wedding.

Tower Vase Building for Weddings related Websites

At the moment, there are not a lot of businesses that provide these dazzling decorations, I would expect over the next several years you are going to see demand increase because they look so dazzling. If you are looking for a business to get into, this might be a good business to consider and should not take to much in capital to start out, you might enjoy creating dazzling wedding decorations, you could work this business out of your home until your business really gets going. You could reuse the tower vases and change the water bead colors as required for each wedding. You can create just simple ads using or, you also might create a simple website and take a few photos of wedding towers to add to your website to show prospective clients.

Even though florists and greenhouses are starting to use water beads to grow plants themselves, many of these businesses would be smart to offer all the tower vase materials, to add to their business, so the brides of today can create these stunning wedding reception centerpieces. Florists, decorators, reception halls, restaurants that service weddings, golf clubs that service weddings, as well as country clubs, hotels, gift shops, and wedding planners might all be able to add some business by having wedding tower vases on hand.

After the wedding, these wedding towers can be taken home as wedding favors. They can be used to decorate one's home, for flowers and plants really love and soak up water from the water beads when they need water. Even tower vases with the lamp shade can be taken home to be used as a wedding favor and be used to light up a room of a beautiful home. Even the water bead packets or tubes make great wedding favors and can be used for decorating the house or providing water to flowers and plants.

So think about creating a beautiful tower vase at each of your receptions tables and awe inspire your wedding guests. Make sure your tower vase and your table linens match up to your color scheme of your wedding, and make your wedding environment look breathtaking, your wedding guests will talk about the beautiful bride in her beautiful dress, the wedding cake and what a beautiful looking reception hall!

See you on the other side!

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