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Step 99 - Review Bridal Etiquette for your Wedding Day

(Week of Wedding)
The day of your wedding, you are a beauty queen, celebrity star, and a role model all wrapped into one. In order to act the part and make your wedding special to all your wedding guests you need to review some bridal etiquette.

The week before your wedding you want to sleep well, exercise lightly (you want no injuries for your wedding), and you want to eat well (focus on eating healthy with focus on fruits, vegetables, light cereal, health bars, eating light meals, eggs, lean meats, and drink plenty of water and limit your coffee consumption to one cup a day). Exercise and eating well to trim down for the big day is one thing, but not eating instead of eating well will be detrimental to your health and may effect the mood of your wedding day as well. Not eating also might cause your blood sugar to drop dangerously low and can make your skin look pale and clammy for your wedding day.

If you notice small bumps on your skin anywhere such as on back of your arms, chest, back, or legs, chances are it's not acne. Keratois Pilaris is a very common skin condition that occurs when dead skin cells don't shed as they should. Lotions and washes with lactic acid to help unclog pores, take some bubbly bubble baths to make your skin nice, refreshing, and soft leading up to your wedding day. Treat all your body parts just as you normally would your face, use glycolic washes to prevent blemishes and rich emollinet to improve tone.

Let your hairstylist know if you are planning any type of hair accessories, wedding veil, or scarf to see if they can offer styling tips. When doing laundry, skin allergies caused by dyes and artificial fragrances can happen. The period before your wedding stick to laundry detergents formulated for sensitive skin.

If your wedding day should be a hot and humid day and you find your deodorant is just not doing the job, mop up dampness with a paper towel and dab antibacterial hand gel under your arms to squash unpleasant odors. Use a dab of salicylic-acid infused acne pen on any blemishes and cover it up with water proof concealer.

As for your wedding day, you should be punctual for all your wedding activities, this includes all your events including the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, picture taking, wedding reception, and if you have one also for your wedding brunch or gift opening if it's in front of your family. You should remind your bridal party to be prompt too. It is acceptable to be 10 minutes late but no more. If you are late it better be a good excuse like a traffic jam or inclement weather.

For your wedding day, it's one day in your entire life you must leave your sin activities behind. This means no cursing, no smoking, no drugs, no slurping, no burping, no picking teeth, no licking fingers and no rolling of the eyes. Although it is acceptable to pick meat off of chicken bones, turkey legs, and spare ribs, use water bowls and plenty of napkins.

You also should limit your alcoholic drinks to no more than two plus your wedding toast drink which is very often some type of bubbly often champagne. A bride should never be visably intoxicated at her wedding, save the serious partying for the honeymoon and pace yourself at the wedding so you don't do anything embarrassing, remember all eyes are on the bride all day and all night long and if she should do anything wrong, everyone will be talking about it.

As for what to drink at your wedding, it is expected the bride to drink a lady's drink. A lady's drink is usually a pretty drink that may be sweet or flavorful. Even if you like beer, scotch, or whiskey this is only one day that you should avoid drinking what are considered guy's drinks. It's important to leave a good impression for all your wedding guests.

Some Drinks Considered Lady's Drinks

Alabama Slammer, Amaretto & Coke, Bahama Mama, Blue Valium, Brandy Alexander, Buttery Nipple, Cape Codder, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri (Any Style), Fuzzy Navel, Horny Toad. Jack Rose, Jolly Rancher, Madera Eggnog, Madori Sour, Malibu Pineapple, Margarita (Any Style), Mimosa, Mojito, Pina Colada, Sex on the Beach, Screwdriver, Tequila Sunrise, Toasted Almond, Tounge in Panties, Vesper, Vodka Cranberry, White Elephant, White Russian, Whiskey Sour, and Wine Cooler (Any Style).

Also on your wedding day, abstain from any unwholesome reading/viewing and avoid bad news. Keep contact with complainers to a minimum ( it's hard but try). All that is talked about is positive good news. You should not talk about money or say anything bad about people. If someone says they like your jewelry, food, or centerpiece wedding decorations you should refrain from saying it is expensive or we got it cheap. These statements are considered in poor taste and might diminish your guest's enjoyment of the wedding reception.

A few days before your wedding, play act how you should be for your wedding day. in front of a mirror. Practice eating putting your flatware down after each bite and eat your food slowly, talk a little louder, have a hearty laugh, and practice dancing with your partner. As the bride, how you eat and drink will absolutely play a part in how you are perceived, little things on your wedding day does matter. Remember to place your napkin on your lap when you seated and use it to wipe your mouth and fingers at the meal and make sure the groom does as you do also. Also for the groom to pull the chair out and make sure the bride is comfortably seated at the table.

Your knife, fork, and spoon should be held with the handles in the palm of your hand and in between bites rest any flatware you are using on the edge of the plate whether it chewing between mouthfuls or conversing with wedding guests. At the end of the meal it is polite to lean the napkin tidily on the place setting.

Another important part of being a bridal hostess with good manners is being a gracious hostess. A good hostess should greet all of her guests and thank them for coming and either go to table to table to thank them or by having a receiving line. A good hostess also puts a lot of thought by drawing up a careful seating plan matching couples and singles who will enjoy dining with good conversation and the opportunity to make new friends and possibly new romances.

The wait staff should give you a clear indication of when to serve the food (usually just after grace), when to offer a toast, when to cut the wedding cake, and when should be the first dance. If anything goes amiss, the bride should keep calm about the matter at her wedding, address a problem sometime after the reception. Your wedding day is not a day for acting like bridezilla. If food is served with something you don't like, the best course of action is to disguise your disgust. Cut it up and move the food around your plate a little, and perhaps no one will notice.

Remember to give everyone a little attention, especially to your husband, make sure you make polite conversation with all that are around you especially to the ones seated left and right of you giving equal attention to both. Don't talk with your mouth full or elbows on the table.

If you are dealing with messy foods, like artichokes, asparagus, boned fish, crabs, lobster, mussels, oysters, prawns, or shrimp, use utensils that are given and place any scraps at the end side of your plate, not on the side plate.  Try to use small handles for corn on the cob. For spaghetti, take three or four strands of spaghetti with your fork against a spoon and roll with the spaghetti into a ball (don't chop spaghetti the German way, it's just not lady like). Use napkins or finger balls with messy foods.

Remember to use your bridesmaid to look out for you. Your bridesmaid should be checking your dress, your face, and your hair pieces throughout the day and if there are any blemishes you should both head out to the powder room or lady's room and use your bridal emergency kit on hand to save the day. It is acceptable to use a little powder or lipstick at the reception table for a minute or two. Any cell phones should be turned off during any formal parts of your wedding day. You are allowed to check your cell phone between your wedding ceremony and wedding reception for a quick fresh up or after you leave the reception before you are off on your honeymoon. Your wedding guests should never witness you on your cell phone.

So mind your manners at your wedding and you will leave a lasting impression and you will be held in high esteem and you will be a role model for younger girls and will always remember the occasion and want their wedding to be a special day just like yours.

See you on the other side.

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