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Consider an Outdoor Wedding Using a Wedding Tent

You may consider having an outdoor wedding.  A party rental store can cover most of your needs. Outdoor weddings have become very popular in recent years and the thing that has allowed outdoor weddings to flourish is the use of a wedding tent.  The
wedding tent offers a clean palette for you to create the precise look you imagine for your wedding, unlike many other reception halls that impose many restrictions. You can decorate your wedding tent with tables and chairs as you would normally decorate a wedding reception location.

It use to be, couples stayed away from outdoor weddings, there was always a chance of inclement weather that could ruin the wedding day. Today, wedding tents are built weather proof. Your guests will appreciate the climate control a wedding tent can provide. If the weather is beautiful you can leave open strategic walls open to catch the natural outdoors.  If the weather is an issue then you want plenty of sidewalls that will warm or cool the inside tent by 10 to 15 degrees.  Depending on the weather you may consider strategically placed heaters, air conditioners, or misting devices.  With the outdoor weddings, the draw is the setting.  You want to be sure the location can handle older people, possibly handicapped people, and make sure there are no danger hazards such as water hazards for young children who like to snoop around.

If you're having a garden wedding, you've probably got a gorgeous spot all picked out that will be perfect for a wedding tent. Backyards, open meadows, city parks, rustic farms, lots overlooking lakes, rivers, and beaches and botanical gardens are all wonderful spots for set up. Regardless of the spot you place your tent, make sure that the area is free of sprinklers, underground power lines, has no holes for someone to accidently step into or have tree limbs or branches ready to fall. and other hazards which might cause problems with the tent's location. Also, be sure to choose a spot that is safe from encounters with dangerous animals or problems with poison ivy or bugs.

If you're contracting with a company for a wedding tent, you'll most likely need to sign an agreement and make a deposit about six months prior to your wedding. Many wedding tent suppliers can even help you with finding a location, if you don't have one already picked out, and most are also able to provide different styles of heaters, air conditioners, and misting fans to keep your guests warm, cozy or cool, as the case might be. Be aware that some wedding tent companies have clauses in their contracts stating that the deposit is nonrefundable if you opt out of the contract within two weeks of the wedding - this is a good thing to inquire about before you put your name to a contract.

Wedding tents come in all shapes and sizes - what will be the best fit for your wedding? Again, your supplier will be the person with which to speak! Most wedding tent providers have numerous styles of tents that are highly customizable based upon the number of guests, location, and your specific needs. Cathedral-style tents are very popular, as are tents with clear plastic windows, which allow natural light to enter. Some couples opt for a smaller second tent for the cooking, food preparation and food storage. They may also set up an open barbecue to the back entrance of their tent.

Tent Sizes to Consider for Outdoor Weddings

                          Square Feet                           3/4 Sections
Weddings For      Needed for Tent                Needed for Dance Floor
50 People                 20' x 30'                                  9 x 12
100 People              30' x 50'                                12 x 15
150 People               40' x 60'                                12 x 18
200 People               40' x 80'                                15 x 20
300 People               40' x 120'                               20 x 24

Generally, tents must be big enough to encompass all the basics a wedding reception requires - guest tables and seating, dance floor, DJ booth, bar, cake table, gift table, and hors d'oeuvre station. Not sure how big to make your dance floor? Take your number of guests and divide by four to find out how many people will be dancing at any given time. Then, take that number and multiply by ten to find the number of square feet your dance floor will need to be!

In the United States, white is by far the most popular choice for a wedding tent's color, suggestive of airy elegance that matches well with the classic white bridal gown. However, many other colorful choices are available, you can decorate the wedding tent to your color scheme or decorate using a red and gold tent which symbolizes power, love, and strength, while a multicolored canopy contributes to the feelings of festivity, diversity, and good times - everyone is happier under a rainbow-colored tent!

Also don't forget to decorate your wedding tent as you would a reception hall with colored linen for the tables and matching colored chair coverings used for the chairs. You can really decorate the tables with centerpieces and with all the table trimmings. You can even decorate the ceiling with elegant fabric linings and lanterns and Christmas lights along with updraft floodlights according to your color scheme to give your tent a magical glow. Some tents have poles and some tents do not. If you have poles in your tent, wrap flowers (real or silk) or leaves around the tent poles, or hang baskets of blossoms from the ceiling. Poles can also be wrapped in color schemed fabric, gauze or ribbon all of which contribute to a festive atmosphere.

The flooring can be handled with a number of options.  It can be nothing at all, astro-turf, carpet, sisal, matting, or a hardwood floor.  If there's music you want to consider bringing along a dance floor. Make sure you station the disc jockeys and/or musicians right in front of the dance floor.

You need to be sure you have sufficient time for setup and breakdown.  If the wedding is in your big backyard there is no problem.  But if you are renting a property, you need to insure you can prevent unwanted guests. that you don't get noise interruptions like roaring waves, howling winds, traffic noise, or screaming kids.  You need to account for the moment you control the property, the time it takes to get the tent shipped, to put the tent up and secure it, put in flooring, put in power, set up lighting, bring in all the tables and chairs in, bring in all the linens, decorate it, bring all the wares, and food.  After the event, all the effort to clean up the area and all the steps to clean out and remove the tent.  Make sure there is a microphone and speaker available for announcements.  There is no event more enjoyable than an outdoor wedding.

If you are in a remote area or by a body of water you might consider a getaway as part of the festivities.  Things you might consider, a hot air balloon, a hayride on a wagon or a flatbed truck, a hike through a corn maze, go horseback riding, ride in a horse-drawn carriage, or just put out hammocks to relax in.  If there is a body of water you might include sailing, riding on a ski jet, riding in a motorboat, go yachting, go row boating, go canoeing, go kayaking, or go around in paddle boats.

For outdoor weddings you might consider gaming activities. You might provide horseshoes, croquet, bocce ball, volleyball, badmitten, frisbee, frisbee golf. kickball, ping pong, wiffle ball, basketball, a putting green, a shuffleboard, or have a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt for the young ones. At night there's trivial pursuit, bingo, beer tasting, wine and cheese tasting, or have a poker party.  And don't forget the music. The country weddings have more of a festive atmosphere and guests always have a great time.

There are some great websites out there that can help provide information on rental supplies and include information such as punch recipes, what and how much liquor to buy for the amount of guests, how to arrange tables and chairs, how to set tables, how to fancy fold cloth napkins, and what size tents are needed for the amount of guests.  Some websites to check out are and .

Some other matters that need attention for outdoor weddings, make sure you get a permit, check out music and noise restrictions, make sure there is enough parking and no parking restrictions, check if there is time restrictions.  You might consider a bus for transportation.  Always walk and check out the facility beforehand, understand everything in the contract before signing such as who will be the person to do the delivering and when is the tent and are the supplies going to be delivered and when must it be returned and what is the insurance policy. Also if the tent and supplies going to be at a location overnight can you find someone to stay on the lookout, have a friend or a security guard keep a watch out.

So should you decide on an outdoor or garden wedding at a beautiful location, you can transform your wedding into an extraordinary and cozy elegance and leave an everlasting impression with your wedding guests for which they will long remember.

See you on the other side!

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