Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Have Yourself a 3D Wedding

3D Weddings are here! Be a part of history! The first 3D wedding was shot in Australia by a top cinemaphotographer named Abraham Joffe in 2010. There are a few videographers around the U.S.A. that offer video 3D weddings. The top companies that advertise 3D weddings are "By Chance Productions" based in Denver, Colorado, "Video Keepsakes" based in Los Angeles, California, and a third called "3D Weddings" based in Ashville, North Carolina.

Over the next few years, you can expect to see many videographers all across the nation start to shoot 3D weddings. Just about to hit the market are special 3DTV cameras and 3D camcorders that will much more affordable than offered in the past. This new equipment is expected to be offered by Sony, Samsung, and Hitachi.

The pesky red and green glasses that hurt your eyes, will be replaced by progressive 3D active glasses. 3D vision soon won't be just for Hollywood anymore, 3D Cameras and 3D Camcorders will soon be available. You will be able to see 3D pictures and 3D movies in certain Laptops, IPhones, Tablets, and special HD3D Televisions. To view in 3D, you have to be sure the device is set to operate in 3D and to see the effect you need to wear the glasses.

Just imagine, in many years out, the bride and groom can share their movies with their kids and grandkids. They can relive the wedding day and with 3D you really share the experience with their family having them relive the moment almost as they were there in person themselves. Your kids will meet your grandparents and to see how they looked and to experience their personality. The kids would experience the looks and personalities of all who came to the wedding, the aunts, the uncles, and special friends of the parents, how people they know as their parent's friends, how they were as young people, teenagers, and kids. Photos and videos just don't give the feel and look as 3D does, 3D brings the feel back to the time just as a time machine would, presenting how it really was.

With the new 3D cameras and camcorders coming out, you can purchase this 3D equipment to shoot pictures of the wedding yourself. But to shoot the wedding really well, it will probably be best to get a professional team to shoot the wedding. To get the best shoots you will need a wide assortments of sophisticated equipment, almost like a live television taping. It is best to have a number of cameras and audio equipment strategically placed in a number of locations and having a person in a booth switching scenes from one camera to another, from a close up to the brides face, transitioning and panning to the wedding guests and switching back to the bride's dress and the groom's tuxedo. The best effect is to shoot the wedding like a movie, it will take an experienced crew to shoot your wedding well.

Also when this 3D equipment becomes available you can take photos and create a 3D slide show, also generated with these 3D special cameras. The 3D slideshows are best presented using a 3DHD television situated at a pre-wedding cocktail hour near the entrance before the wedding reception. The most effective slideshows transitions photos using the Ken-Burns effect, with about 4-5 seconds between each photo with the slide presentation lasting no more than 15 minutes, dramatic romantic music should be used in the slide show too, maybe a musical selection for the bride, a musical selection for the groom and another selection when the two met and came together. Also needed for the slideshow are about a dozen 3D glasses to borrow to handout to watch the slideshow.

Another product to expect in the coming years is a 3D photo booth. There is expected to be a few different types of photobooths. One type will take simple pictures just as todays photobooths do. Next to the photobooth you can have zany props, hats, glasses, jewelry, small white boards, picture frames, etc. A 3D picture can be generated, one for the wedding guest and one for the 3D wedding album. Another type of booth will be shot using a 3D Camcorder. Each wedding guest will come into the booth and make a few statements to offer their best wishes and to leave their predictions, how their life will be in 25 years and how many kids they will have.

In the not too distant future you will start to see hologram technology take hold. If you remember back when you watched Star Wars, and R2D2 flashing out a hologram of Princess Leia to a startled Luke Skywalker and now that technology is no longer science fiction. Photobooths at weddings will pretty much work the same, with this technology 3D glasses will no longer be needed.

As for what's to come, the holograms will soon be replaced by holivision. A special camera will be situated maybe 20 feet above the wedding ceremony and wedding reception. This camera will capture in 3D the whole of the wedding day, from the walking down the aisle of father and bride, capturing in 3D the whole wedding ceremony. Also the whole wedding reception. The beautiful decorations will be captured along with the whole reception from the grand entrance, to the receiving line, to the dinner, to the speeches and toasts, to the cutting of the cake, to the first dance. Everything at the event will be captured in 3D, and everybody and everything will be captured. Fair warning though to your wedding guests, everything will be captured for many future generations to see, so you better behave yourself.

Now how will you view holivision. At first when this technology becomes available, the places that show holivision will be special stadium type rooms that are set up in movie theatres, sports bars, and community clubs. These rooms will kind of be set up like a hockey arena, but with only a handful of rows, with half moon table booths set up around it overlooking an open space. From these booth locations you can make an arrangements to experience your wedding all over again many years later, the holivision projected to the open space. You will see both your wedding ceremony and wedding reception in 3D. These booths are like half movie theatre, half restaurant. The best occasions to reserve and take your current family to see your wedding day are at anniversaries and family reunions.

A little bit more about these stadium rooms, a wedding will be only one experience. These rooms will show sporting events live such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, auto racing, and whatever sport is popular to see. Also at these rooms you can watch concerts, conventions, and 3D holivision movies.
Everything you see and even the sound you will feel as if you are at the event yourself. The tables at these stadium rooms will be geared with tablets built into the tables allowing sandwiches, burgers, hors d'oeuvres and house specialties to be ordered and provided by a kitchen nearby with foods delivered by waitresses. Also built into these tables will be bottoms up style drink machines that can provide beer, alcohol, smoothies, energy drinks and sodas. A company that came out with bottom up technology is a company called Grinon Industries, www.grinonindustries.com . Check out how the technology works.

The technology that is used to create holograms and holivision is basically laser light. The laser light is shot at images at two different angles and uses projector equipment to again shoot laser light out and when the laser light intersects an image develops creating an image that appears like a true image but the image deceives you, the image isn't really there, if you put your hand through the image, light just shows up on your hand, you can put your hand through the laser light. A couple of company that can explain this hologram technology a little more is a company called Provision 3D Media, www.provision.tv and a another company called www.laser-magic.com .

So coming to a theatre soon near you is your own wedding. Imagine being able to share your wedding with your own future generations, it is going to be fantastic. Enjoy watching your own wedding in 3D!

See you on the other side!

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