Friday, October 21, 2011

Gather Pictures to Create Inspiration for your Wedding

Once your engagement period is over and you have your bridal party chosen, it's time to bring thoughts together and there is no better way of doing that than gathering pictures. Weddings have a lot of components to them and to have the best wedding ever all the components must fit together.

At first planning your wedding seems like a daunting task and may seem overwhelming but the key is to look at all the components individually and formulate ideas as you plan your wedding. First question to ask yourself, which you have to check out with your fiance and family, what size of wedding is it going to be, large, medium, or small?

When you start planning your wedding, you should start with a clean palette, keep an open mind. Size and budget decisions should go on the back burner. You are starting out with a wish list. Start by reading bridal magazines and looking at websites on your computer, iphone, and ipad. Should you see anything that captures your fancy either cut out the picture, save the picture on a wedding vendor album, or print out the picture. All pictures you gather should be placed into the proper wedding category, (for example, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, caterer, etc.). There are many wedding album software packages out there, Picasa Google and Flickr Yahoo are free. You might check out others.

Also in your gathering of ideas, you might spend a day traveling around town with your fiance, bridesmaid, sister, or special friend to check out wedding venues and wedding vendors and taking some pictures, pictures for your idea collection. You might check out a town landmark, visit churches, reception places, wedding boutiques, wedding cake bakeries, caterers, and florists, make sure you don't talk weddings yet, you are just gathering ideas.

All pictures should either go into a wedding vendor album or be placed in large zip lock baggies. You will want to label each zip lock baggie for each wedding category you plan to collect. Later on when you create a wedding planner, your planner should have a section for each wedding category and to secure each baggie to the appropriate section secure each bag to the appropriate section by ribbon, yarn, string, tape, or staples whatever works best for you.

Some brides have a strong idea of how they want to plan their wedding and some brides have no idea of what they want for their wedding. Regardless of whether you plan on using a wedding planner for your wedding or not it is helpful to have ideas of how you want your wedding to be. If you have no idea of how you want your wedding to be, you may check with your fiance, family, and friends and likely they will be more than happy to help you out. One afternoon or evening invite all that wants to help you out and have a bridal mood party to lay out ideas for your wedding.

The bridal mood party can be at the bride's house or at a bridal party member's house that has access to a computer. A good idea is to have one of the member's bring along dessert, and have a special drink, either a latte, cappaccino, espresso, flavored tea, or a favorite alcoholic drink (if all are of age and drink only socially).

The mood session involves identifying ideas for each wedding category. The session should start out at coming up with a color scheme and.or a wedding theme and then continuing through a bunch of wedding categories, setting aside looks that are potential possibilities for the wedding. Don't worry, as you look through pictures and meeting with wedding vendors, your color scheme or wedding theme may change as you come up with ideas that look more beautiful. The pictures you capture is to serve as a guide to show your wedding vendor what color scheme and wedding theme and other ideas that you are looking for. Please note, when you are collecting pictures, there are times you may like the look or design but may not like the color, keep copious notes on what you are looking for.

The following are a bunch of wedding related websites, many filled with ideas and pictures. Some of them offer items for sale, don't get caught up in ordering anything yet, just get caught up in looking for ideas. Order the things you decide on, at the appropriate time, after meetings with wedding vendors they may offer suggestions that may alter some of your decisions. Check out some of these websites for inspiration!

Color Theme and Wedding Theme Websites

Wedding Dress Websites

Bridesmaid Dresses Websites

Groomsmen Tuxedos Websites

Bridal Accessories Websites

Flower Girl Dresses Websites

Wedding Flowers Websites

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Websites

Wedding Decoration Websites

Wedding Table Place Settings Websites

Wedding Ceremony Decorations Websites

Wedding Entree Ideas Websites

Hor s'doeuvres and Appetizer Ideas Websites

Wedding Cake Websites

Wedding Desserts Websites

Candy Bar Buffet Websites

Wedding Hairstyle Websites

Wedding Day Makeup Websites

Wedding Invitations Websites

Bridal Registries Websites

Wedding Favors Websites

Wedding Tent Decoration Websites

Destination and Honeymoon Ideas Websites

If you don't find an idea for a wedding category you like. There are other places about this website that show other wedding vendors. You can also go to your local bookstore or library and look for magazines or you can  always going back to the internet, iphone, and ipad and to find other wedding vendor websites.

When you are all done and collect all your pictures. Show them to your wedding vendor to share with them what you are looking for. Many brides will create an inspiration board, also called a mood board. An example of an inspiration board is at the top of this post. Many brides will create a grid they want for their wedding and place their inspiration board either in the back of their wedding album or use the photos they have gathered to generate their ideas, as decorations in their wedding album to make it look more beautiful.

Once you have developed strong ideas of what you are looking for, share your thoughts with your fiance and family and gain feedback from them. So make wedding planning fun and organize yourself and use pictures to tell your story.

See you on the other side!

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