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Interview Questions for your Bridal Registry

Bridal registries have been used by wedding couples for many years. They have become a very convenient way to inform their wedding guests what wedding gifts they could really use for their home. The first bridal registry was started way back in the 1920's at a Chicago department store called Marshal Fields. Today thousands of department stores, gift stores, and other businesses have added bridal registries to their business.

Some other advantages of bridal registries is that they help the newlyweds avoid getting duplicate gifts and many offer an exchange of one gift for another to get a gift they are looking for. The thing the bridal registry does, it eliminates the need for guessing when it comes to buying the newlyweds a nice wedding present.

Before a couple signs up for a bridal registry, they should do a couple of things before signing up for a stores bridal registry. First they should visit a number of department stores and note the price of common items such as fine china. Whatever store has the best price for common items is the store a couple should more consider, you want to consider trying to save money for your wedding guests as they are looking for a wedding present to buy for you. The other thing to consider is to choose a store that more closely resembles your style of home decor.

Next, when you sign up for a bridal registry you want to select gifts in all different price ranges. Some families can afford nice expensive gifts, some families buy gifts around what each wedding dinner costs per person, and some friends you had in college or high school might have a slim picking budget and can only afford an inexpensive item. You want gift choices with wide price options. You don't want to sign up with too many gift registries, if not enough gifts are selected at a store, you won't be able to take advantage of a great big discount or pick a gift that is free. An unwritten rule, you should sign up with one registry for around every one hundred wedding guests up to three. Small weddings one, medium size weddings two, and big weddings with three bridal registries.

Many businesses run their bridal registry differently, some will give you a scanner, some will give you a checklist of items to check off, and some will have a bridal customer service representative mark down what items you want from a list they carry. When you register, it's a good idea to have the bride and groom choosing the items together and make it a fun and exciting day. Choose a time when the department store or gift shop is less busy, avoid weekends, usually choose late mornings or early afternoons late in the week are a good time for the appointment.

Before the couple has their appointment to choose gifts for their registry, the couple should review the list of items they would like to receive in their registry. If you are concerned with decorating your house, you should discuss what colors you want prevalent in various rooms. Also discuss on special occasions how many guests you might expect to have such as for a dinner table, might it be 4, 6, 8, 10, or more, how many place settings might you need. As for place settings, you should strive for having 3 sets. One set for everyday living, one set for special occasions, and a second set for a change for special occasions. Also get glassware for every day living and for special occasions. Also consider how you both plan to entertain, choose items according to whether you plan to entertain formally or casually.

Before you start registering, you can use the wedding checklist below and cross off everything that you already have (or don't want). Then, refer to this wedding checklist when you're making the final decisions about what to put on your wedding gift registry. Happy Registering!

For Your Kitchen
Apron, Bakeware, Beer mugs, Blender, Bottle opener, Bread box, Cake dome, Cake plate, Can opener, Casserole dish, Cast iron grill pan, Centerpiece bowl, Champagne flutes, Charger plates, Coasters, Cocktail shaker, Coffee cups, Coffee grinder, Coffee maker, Colander, Cuisinart, Cutlery set, Dishcloths, Drinking glasses, Espresso machine, Flour sifter, Food processor, Fruit bowls, Garlic press, Glassware sets, Grater, Grilling machine, Ice cream maker, Ice cream scoop, Juice extractor, Kitchen rugs, Kitchen scissors, Kitchen timer, Kitchen towel set, Margarita glasses, Martini glasses, Measuring Cups, Measuring Spoons, Meat tenderizer, Microwave Dishes, Microwave Oven, Mixing bowls, Napkin Holder, Oven mitts/Pot holders, Pasta cooker, Pasta set, Pie Plate, Pitchers, Popcorn popper, Rice cooker, Pots and Pans Set, Roasting pan, Rolling pin, Salad Bowl, Salad tongs, Salt and pepper set, Saucepan, Sauté pan, Serving bowls, Serving platters, Serving Utensils, Shot glasses, Silverware, Soda making kit, Spatula, Spice rack, Sugar and creamer, Teakettle, Toaster, Toaster Oven, Tupperware set, Utensils, Vegetable peeler, Water goblets, Wine glasses (red/white), Wine opener, Wok or Stir Fry, Wooden spoons.

For Your Dining Room
How Many Place Settings(   )?, Candle Holders, Candles, Centerpiece decor, Charger Plates, Coasters, Fine China Set (2?), Flatware, Ice Bucket, Linen Napkins, Place mats, Table linens, Tiered server, Vase, Wine cooler, Wine rack.

For Your Bathroom
Bath bubbles, Bath mats, Bath oils, Bath sheets, Bath towels, Bathrobes (his and her), Body lotion, Body wash, Decorative Towels, Hair curler, Hair dryer, Hand towels, Lotion, Lotion dispenser, Massage Oil, Massager, Scale, Scented Soaps, Shower curtain, Shower liner, Shower mats, Shower radio, Soap dish, Soap dispenser, Tissue box cover, Toothbrush holder, Towel racks, Tumbler, Washcloths, Wastebasket.

For Your Bedroom
Alarm clock, Bedspread, Blankets, Blinds, Body Pillows, Comforters, Contour pillows, Curtains, Drapery rods and panels, Drapery, Dust ruffle, Duvet cover, European pillowcases, European pillows, Featherbed,
Fitted sheets, Flat sheets, Mattress pad, Pillowcases, Pillows, Satin Sheets, Shams, Sheers, Small rug, Wall Decorations, Wall Pictures.

For Your Closet/Cleaning
Air purifier, Broom, Closet organizers, Drawer organizers, Dust pan, Garment bags, Humidifier, Iron, Ironing board, Laundry basket/hamper, Luggage sets, Mop, Pants hangers, Shirt hangers, Shoe rack, Stepping stool or smaller ladder, Suit hangers, Trash cans, Travel bags, Vacuum cleaner.

For Your Living Room/Other Accessories
Air mattress, Bed tray, Bedside lamps, Bicycles, Bookcase, Bose Stereo, Carbon monoxide detector, CD rack, Ceiling lighting, Coffee Tables, Computer accessories, Decorative storage, Digital camera, DVD player, DVD rack, End Tables, Floor lamps, Grill, HD Movies, HDTV, Home entertainment system, Home stereo, Kindle/Kindle Fire, IPad, IPhone, IPod, Laptop Computer, Magazine rack, Mini bar/bar accessories, Oil Painting, Ottoman, Patio Set, Photo album, Picture frames, Shelving, Smoke detector, Snack tables, Table lamps, VCR, Video Games, Wall art, Wall clock, Wall frames, Wall lighting, Wall mirrors.

The month before your wedding you should check in with your registry once every week, late in the week, preferably on a Thursday or Friday. If anything is chosen off your registry replace it with another item of similar price. If an item is out of stock replace it with another item in a similar price range. Some registries and some managers run their registries very well, others are very sneaky and mislead on what is included. To get the most out of your registry check in regularly, the more your guests buy from your registry the more in discounts and free gifts you will get from your registry. Now to questions you should have for your registry.

Interview Questions for your Bridal Registry
1-What is the name, and address, and phone number and what is the website address of the department store, gift shop, or other bridal registry?
2-Ask for a business card, what is the name, and phone number of our customer service representative for our registry?
3-Who should we ask for? what is the managers name that oversees the registry should a problem arise? what is their name and phone number? are they located in the store or are they located elsewhere?
4-How many years has the store been in business?
5-How many years has the store run a bridal registry?
6-How many years have you been working in this business?
7-How many years have you been working the bridal registry?
8-Can you explain how your bridal registry works?
9-Do you offer a list price of items in the registry? can we take the list price for the registry home with us for review?
10-What hours and days of the week is the bridal registry and the store open?
11-How do we select items in our registry? scanner device? mark off a check list? a customer service manager marks down what we want? other?
12-Can you review with us in any place setting dish set, what items are included and what items are excluded?
13-Will our registry be online, available to look at off the internet or is offline?
14-Can we meet with you late of each week before our wedding to update the registry for items bought or for items that run out of stock?
15-How quickly do our updates get entered into the registry?
16-How does one of our wedding guests order items online under our names? (if online is available)
17-How does our of our wedding guests order items in person walking into the store? should our guests request a specific person?
18-Do we get a sheet or can we or look online of the items available? chosen?
19-Can our wedding guests look online of the items available?
20-Can we upload the items onto our wedding couple website?
21-Can you find items according to our decorative style and color scheme for particular rooms?
22-Do you offer gift cards for the registry? how do they work?
23-Should we leave any specific instructions about the registry with our wedding guests?
24-What is the return policy with receipts? without receipts?
25-How long will the registry be available after the wedding?
26-Do we have to close the bridal registry out when its finished?
27-Does the registry offer shipping? online? shipping for a wedding guest that walks and purchases from the store?
28-Are we allowed to exchange items from the registry with another item in the same price range?
29-What happens if a gift is not working or found broken after it's opened?
30-What naming convention is used to set up our bridal registry? are passwords or pass codes needed by our wedding guests to get into our registry?
31-What has to happen for us in order to get a discount on gifts we buy? how much of a discount can we get?
32-What has to happen for us to get free gifts?
33-Are there any promotions concerning the bridal registry that you can share?
34-Are there any limits to the amount of items selected for our bridal registry?
35-Do you run your bridal registry in conjunction with any other businesses?
36-Can the registry be combined with other brides to increase the chance of getting discounts?
37-How far in advance of our wedding do you recommend we sign up for the bridal registry?
38-Can you put everything we have discussed in writing?
39-Is there anything else we need to discuss that was not covered?
40-Can you provide us with 3 referrals of other couples that have used the registry? (contact at least 2)

Use your gut feeling when dealing with a bridal registry customer service manager, most of the major department stores have honest people that run their bridal registry, however some businesses might tell you one thing and you find they lie to you, for that reason you should always get what is agreed to in writing. If you are uncomfortable dealing with a bridal registry customer service person, move on to find another registry. Review closely what is included and not excluded in things such as fine china sets. You may be led to believe the place mats and soup bowls and salad dishes are included and find they are excluded in a place setting.

The key in a successful bridal registry is to check in often with the customer service manager and check with referrals. You are not suppose to push your wedding guests into buying a specific item but you can include the information on your wedding website or have a note on a secondary invitation piece providing information about the bridal registries in which you are registered.

Stay on top of your bridal registry and many will buy from it and then you get what you want and get major discounts on items you want. See you on the other side!

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