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Interview Questions for your Wedding Makeup Artist

You might have heard of the horror bridal story. Once there was a bride who hired a makeup artist for her wedding day. The makeup artist says "trust me", I'm going to make you look "fabulous" and applies layers and layers of makeup and she announces "voila". A few minutes later she looks in the mirror and stares in horror as she sees her reflection, she sees a monster disguise of herself with no natural beauty of her face. She has run out of time for a beauty do-over, her wedding time is near.

The moral of the story, you have to spend time with a good wedding makeup artist who knows how to bring out your inner skin beauty. You need first to find a good wedding makeup artist and then spend time experimenting. You need to find an artist that has a lot of makeup knowledge and find a makeup formula that works well and that you like and then see if you can replicate the makeup artist's work yourself. After you find a formula that you like, you should have the makeup artist jot down a checklist of steps. You should also take photos or videos of each step of the process. Take the shoots about 4 feet to 6 feet away and note also how the stroking of the makeup is applied.

Before your session with your makeup artist, you should gather pictures of makeup applications that you like. Look in magazines, books, and makeup and bridal sites off the web. Cut out the pictures and place the pictures in a baggie and bring along to your appointment. Also include information on your color scheme for the wedding, a snapshot of your wedding dress, the style you like, the neckline, the jewelry you plan to wear and your hairstyle might influence the application as well.

When it comes to hiring a makeup artist for your wedding, you need to find a makeup artist that has the training and experience of applying makeup for weddings. This is not an ordinary day, this is your wedding day and this day you need to look glamorous. You also are likely to spend several hours with your makeup artist, you need to find an artist that you feel very comfortable with. Often brides are filled with emotions on their wedding day, the makeup artist not only applies makeup in the style you want, but also needs to be a good communicator, one that can also provide moral support, someone to boost your self confidence and one who can soothe your raw nerves in the last hours before you walk down the aisle.

Some months before the wedding, an engaged bride should hunt down a good makeup artist, have some trial and practice sessions, experimenting to find what makeup looks good and a style that you like. The makeup artist should be asking you about your current makeup routine. He or she should be asking details about your wedding, whether much of your wedding day will you be spending indoors or outdoors and time of day is important too, will the day be mostly in the sun or most of the activities be in a dimly lit ceremony site or a flood lighted wedding reception facility. The makeup artist needs to know the mood and color scheme of your wedding, will it be romantic? will it be natural? will it be vintage? or will it be modern?

As you get to know your makeup artist better and as your wedding day approaches, you also may consider makeup for your bridesmaids. Do you have the makeup artist only do your makeup or do you also include having your makeup artists apply some makeup for all the bridesmaids. You also need to consider costs and who is paying for this work. Can you the bride cover all makeup costs, go 50/50, or have all the bridesmaid cover their own costs? You need to assess the situation, can the bridesmaids afford a makeup job? If the bridesmaids get makeup, will your makeup artist be able to handle them all or does she need to bring along an apprentice. Does the apprentice have the training needed?

The time it takes for makeup, the bride should note how much time it takes, and needs to account how much time. The makeup job should be finished about one and a half hours before walking down the aisle or photo shoot appointment. For each bridesmaid receiving makeup generally it takes one half hour. Many brides get lessons from a pro on how to apply wedding makeup and take note of the products and application materials and then have a family household member or friend apply wedding day makeup. If this is the case, make sure there are about a half dozen practice sessions and some on different days. The sessions need to be dress rehearsals to make sure the process is mastered and the timing is nailed.

A bride might consider asking her makeup artist to a bridal shower or party. The bride may consider having  part of the event with the makeup artist giving tips on applying makeup. If the artist sells some cosmetic products, allow her to sell cosmetics at the party if the bridesmaids are interested, but not to be too pushy. At the wedding though, pushing cosmetics is out of the question, selling cosmetics at weddings are rude and unprofessional. The day of the wedding, you have to come to agreement, will the makeup be applied at the studio or will the makeup artist follow the bride to each location.

Since the bride is learning applying makeup with a professional, the bride might consider learning makeup from two perspectives. What makeup procedure works best for her wedding and what makeup is good for everyday makeup. A bride should note which cosmetics are her official makeup cosmetics, this way for many years in the future, the bride won't end up buying cosmetics and then throwing out cosmetics she ends up not using. Take the time meeting with a makeup artist to learn makeup and what you learn will become valuable in your marriage years.

Interview Questions for your Wedding Makeup Artist?
1-What is the name, address, phone number, and website information of the business the wedding makeup artist works for?
2-Ask for a business card, what is the name, phone number, and contact number such as email of the wedding makeup artist?
3-Is the makeup artist available for my wedding day? if not, can he/she teach me how to apply wedding day makeup, to show another family member or friend? if not, can she find another makeup artist that he/she would recommend?
4-How long has the business the makeup artist has worked for has been in operation?
5-How long have you been a wedding makeup artist?
6-How did you get started working as a makeup artist?
7-What education and training have you received as a makeup artist?
8-How many brides have you applied makeup for in your career? in the past year? in the past month?
9-Will I be the only bride you work on on my wedding day or might there be others or other activities?
10-On my wedding day will I need to come to your studio or will you follow me around to venues?
11-Do you have a portfolio of prior brides you have prepared for weddings? can I see your portfolio?
12-What is your typical week like?
13-What is your best experience with a bride and what is your worst experience?
14-What size of bridal party can you accommodate? if you work on a bridal party will you work on the brides makeup yourself or will you ask an apprentice to help?
15-Can you duplicate a makeup look from pictures or a magazine?
16-Can you teach me also how to apply everyday makeup?
17-Do you offer a experiment session and trial run or preview session? How do you run these type of sessions? If you offer these, how long are these type of appointments?
18-Once we have my makeup session, can you jot notes down into a checklist of my makeup session?
19-Can I have photos and videos of each step of the makeup session? (make sure the photos or videos are from 4 feet to 6 feet away for best viewing)
20-If you bring along an apprentice, does that person have similar qualifications?
21-Will you be willing to give a talk to my bridesmaids about applying makeup? (if the makeup artist sells cosmetics, he/she can offer to sell cosmetics if he/she is not too pushy? be insistent, no sales pitch allowed on your wedding day, which is considered unprofessional and rude?
22-What procedures and products are recommended to remove previous makeup?
23-What procedures and products are recommended to cleanse the face?
24-What procedures and products are recommended for concealers?
25-What procedures and products are recommended for foundation?
26-What procedures and products are recommended for contouring and shading?
27-What procedures and products are recommended for cheek color and applying to cheekbones?
28-What procedures and products are recommended for powdering?
29-What procedures and products are recommended for highlighting?
30-What procedures and products are recommended for eyebrows?
31-What procedures and products are recommended for eyeliner?
32-What procedures and products are recommended for mascara?
33-What procedures and products are recommended for lip color?
34-What procedures and products are recommended for barrier spray and lip cleaner?
35-What procedures and products are recommended for a primer?
36-Are there any other procedures or products for makeup you want to talk about?
37-Once we are done with my makeup procedure can you write down a list of cosmetics and application products I should get? do you sell any of these products? where might I find any of these products?
38-What would be the costs associated with experimentation?
39-What would be the costs associated for a training or practice session?
40-Do you charge for travel costs?
41-What would be the costs to do makeup for my bridesmaids?
42-Do you do makeup the day of wedding for the mothers of the bride and what be the cost?
43-What would be the total costs for your wedding makeup artist services? are there any hidden fees?
44-Can you share with me of any promotions offered or discounts?
45-How much of a deposit is needed and what and when is final booking due?
45-What methods of payment arrangements do you accept? credit card? debit card? personal check? certified check? Paypal? cash? other?
46-Can I review a list of charges to take with me to review before signing?
47-What happens if you or I cancel the makeup session?
48-What happens if you become sick or have a family emergency on my wedding day?
49-At what date must I book your services before signing to meet my wedding date?
50-Can you provide 3 prior brides that you have prepared makeup for their wedding? (Contact at least 2)

Make sure that you review the contract thoroughly before signing and what all agreed to in discussions is also down in the contract. Understand with makeup artists often get bigger weddings to work for and they often try to get out of contracts, to get the bigger weddings as they are trying to make the most money they can. If you find this may be an issue, try to book all the bridesmaids along with yourself for a makeup job for your wedding. You might consider makeup jobs for the mothers of the bride in addition. Lastly, try to find a makeup artist that you feel comfortable being friends with. It would be great to invite your makeup artist along to your wedding reception and be there for touch ups.

If you need help applying cosmetics, "Youtube" shows many makeup artists and how cosmetics can be applied, you can learn from these procedures too! Become a beautiful and glamorous bride, find a professional wedding makeup artist to use for your wedding!

See you on the other side!

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