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Interview Questions for your Wedding Hairstylist

Many brides have their regular beauty salon that tends to their hair, but when it comes to your wedding day, many wedding hair stylists just don't have the training to make your hair look magical for your wedding day. Right after you have decided on your wedding dress, is the time to start looking for your wedding day hairstylist.

You want to start by gathering ideas of hairdos you like, start by looking at bridal hairdos in magazines, and looking at websites of different types of dos on the internet. Get yourself a baggy and collect dos that you like, also take a picture of your wedding dress and bring those along when you meet up with your wedding hairstylist.

There are basically four choices of how to set up your hair for your special day. Do you want your wedding day hair to be an updo, half-updo, down, or do you go with a wedding veil look. You also want to gather information for accessories for your hair, do you style your hair with beautiful hair pins and wear dazzling earrings or with something other.

A good wedding hairstylist, has taken classes on preparing wedding day hair and has mastered the basics and has created many dos for brides. A good wedding hairstylist has a portfolio of pictures to share of previous brides with their wedding day hair. The good hairstylist uses a number of different factors in determining what would look best on a bride. These factors include the neckline of the wedding dress, the face structure of the bride whether it be an oval, round, square, or heart-shaped face, the length of one's hair, the texture of the hair whether it be kinky, frizzy, curly, wavy, straight, or afro-structured, the thickness of one's hair, and the color of their hair and skin.

Early on you will want to determine who will do and where will you do your wedding day hair. Will your wedding hairstylist available to do your wedding day hair and if she is able does she do your wedding hair at her salon or does she come to your home and do it there. Another possibility is that the wedding hair stylist finds the hair style that you want for your wedding and lay out a checklist of notes to prepare your wedding day hair. She also should include pictures and/or a video of how your hair should be prepared for your wedding day. After the information is gathered, you should find a relative, friend, or it could even be yourself, but another person is better, it's best to not put pressure on yourself for your wedding day hair. You want to have many practice sessions with whoever is going to do your wedding day hair to be sure the process is mastered or find someone other, also take note of the time it takes for your hair to be prepared so you can work the time into your wedding day schedule.

When you meet up with your hairstylist, you want to tell her thoughts of how you would like your hair, a good stylist is a good listener, a person who will make a special appointment to try out numerous hair styles to see which one you like best for your wedding day. After each style is done take pictures from the front, back and left and right side. You might also bring a close friend along, either your maid of honor, a sister, your mother, another bridesmaid, or close friend and get their opinion of what they think looks good. In the end though, the decision is yours, it's your wedding, pick the style you like most. Also, wear a white shirt that has a similar neckline to your wedding day dress for your appointments.

After you have decided on your wedding day hair, you should have the hair stylist jot down notes and make them into a checklist of things to do for your wedding day hair which also include photographs or take a camera video of preparing your hair. You either have a backup plan for your wedding hair or you will have instructions on how a relative or friend can prepare your hair for your wedding day. You should also work out in a contract on what needs to be done when for your wedding day, you need to lock your hair stylist into a commitment for your wedding day, what will be done and the times things will be done and where. In general, a bride's wedding haircut should be two week's before the wedding, the wedding day hair may need a light little trim, but the focus is for styling, trussing, curling the hair and making the hair look glamorous.

Next attention shifts to your bridesmaid's hair. First who is going to cover the expenses to get the bridesmaid's hair for the wedding. All depends on what the bride's budget is. Some bride's can cover the expense of treating the bridesmaid's to a beauty salon. Bride's that can afford to offer a bridesmaid day of pampering, a fun day out with the girls about two weeks before the wedding, all the bridesmaids go to a salon or beauty spa and make a fun day of it getting their hair done, facial, manicure, pedicure, massage, and sauna a day of preparation of their bodies for the bride's wedding day. If it isn't in the budget, the other options are to go 50/50 or have the bridesmaid's go dutch (paying for their own wedding day hair). Don't feel guilty if the bride can't afford to cover her bridesmaid's hair, it's very common for all to pitch in.

The bride should call a meeting of the bridesmaids, the bride should share what her wedding hair day will look like, the obect of the meeting is to get symetry of each bride's hair for the wedding day. Has the bride decided on an updo, half-updo, down, or will she wear a veil. For a beautiful wedding scenario, the images, photography, and cinematography would look best if the bride and bridesmaid's all have their hair in a consistent style. At the meeting, the discussion should be about whether the bridesmaids would be willing to wear their hair in a similar fashion as the bride. The important thing to note though, the bride should not force the decision upon the bridesmaids, they will either volunteer to a similar style or not, a hairstyle should not be forced upon them and please do not be offended if one of the bridesmaid's doesn't go along with the bride's wishes.

If the hairdos aren't consistent, another way around wedding day hair is by using hair jewelry and earrings. Have hair jewelry and earrings match the color of the bridesmaid's gowns. Also the jewelry could be all silver or gold or could be colored pearls, as long as the jewelry on all the bridesmaid's are consistent with each other.

At the wedding there is a presumed pecking order. The bride's hair should be elaborately done, the maid of honor has her hair semi-elaborate, the remainder bridesmaids have their hair done in a nice manner but a little bit more subdued. The important thing about wedding is imagery. Some brides may have a bridal party and invite her hairstylist along to give a little talk on wedding day hair, so the bridesmaids get an idea of how to do their wedding day hair.

On the wedding day, a timetable should be layed out so that the appointment for hairstyling and makeup ends about an hour and a half or two hours before the wedding or picture taking. You don't want the hair appointment to be too far in advance of the wedding or the wedding hair won't look fresh or may get weathered. Have the appointment to soon, right before the wedding, it might cause the hair appointment to be rushed and may add stress to the bride worrying about things, she needs to be relaxed and not stressed.

Interview Questions for your Wedding Hairstylist
1-What is the name of the bridal salon, the address, the phone number, and website information?
2-Ask for a business card, what is the name of the wedding hairstylist, their phone number, and contact information such as an email address?
3-Will the hairstylist be available for your wedding day?
4-How long has the beauty salon been in business?
5-How long has the wedding hairstylist been doing business?
6-How many bride's has the wedding hairstylist prepared in their career? in the past year? in the past month?
7-What is the wedding hairstylist's background?
8-What type of training and schooling has the wedding hairstylist received? can you tell me a little bit about courses related to wedding day hair?
9-Do you have a portfolio of pictures of bride's with the hairstyling you have done yourself?
10-Do you have other pictures of bridal hairdos in which I can get ideas?
11-Can I share you with pictures of hairdos that have caught my eye and that of my wedding dress?
12-What kind of hairstyles do you specialize in?
13-What hairstyles would look good with my wedding dress?
14-What hairstyles would look good with my face structure?
15-What hairstyles would look good with my hair length?
16-What hairstyles would look good with my hair texture? (curly, wavy, straight, etc.)
17-What hairstyles would look good with my hair and skin color?
18-Can you do appointments trying out different hairstyles?
19-Once we have my wedding day hair settled, can you jot down a checklist of notes of my hairstyling process?
20-Can you or one of my friends take pictures or video camera each step of the process?
21-When should be my major wedding day haircut? (usually about 2 weeks before the wedding)
22-Can you come and give a talk to my bridesmaids on how their wedding day hair should be done?
23-Can your salon handle my wedding day bridesmaid's hair? if it can, who would do their hair, will it be you only or a team of hairstylists?
24-Must the appointment be at the salon or can it be at one of our homes?
25-Is there a discount offered if I bring my bridesmaid's in for my wedding day hair?
26-Is there special discounts, coupons, or promotions upcoming that I should be aware of?
27-Do you offer a special session for a bridesmaid's day of pampering? if so, how will the session be setup? do you offer any private rooms to have a party and share some goodies?
28-What products do you sell that I should treat my hair with? how should I use the products?
29-What hair accessories do you recommend for my wedding day and for the bridesmaids? do you sell hair accessories in-house or might know where to find beautiful hair accessories?
30-What is the final cost for wedding day hair? for various appointments? are there hidden costs?
31-Can we create a contract for my wedding day appointment laying out times and all that has been agreed to? can I take an unsigned contract home with me to review?
32-Are there 3 referrals of prior brides you can put me in touch with? (contact at least 2)

What helps making healthy hair is getting your body in shape and eating the right foods. The time before your wedding is a good time to join a health spa, join a bridal boot camp or get into a home exercise routine. Don't get into a too much of a strenuous program though, you don't want to look too frail or break a limb for your wedding. Also get into healthy eating habits, drink 8 glasses of water or mineral water daily (carry around that water bottle). Get a healthy dose of vitamins. eat plenty of beans(zinc), eat your dark green vegetables(vitamin A), eat eggs(vitamin B), eat a little bit of lean meat, eat fruits and drink plenty of fruit juices.

See you on the other side!

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