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Interview Questions for your Sweet Shoppe

Candy buffets have become a big hit at weddings. They create a beautiful centerpiece or focal point at your event and leave a lasting impression with your wedding guests long after the wedding. Basically there are three types of candy buffets. First there is the color schemed display, the rainbow effect display and the old tyme candy display.

A good candy display utilizes various receptacles for holding the candy. The containers used is very various. Look for candy dishes, glass bowls, glass vases, cylindrical vases, cocktail glasses, wine glasses, wine gimlets, small bowls inside of large bowls, sugar bowls, cookie jars, plastic office bins, flour, sugar, coffee, and tea containers, tiered serving trays, and even dishes placed upon candlesticks. A lot of these containers you might find in dollar stores, department stores, and art and supply stores.

A beautiful candy bar shows varying heights upon the table. If the table is square, have taller dishes in the back. Use linens underneath, the same color scheme as your wedding. You can create height by adding boxes  such as board game boxes, smaller shipping boxes, shoe boxes, hat boxes, gift boxes, or large books under the linen. You can design the space around the candle too with place cards to show what candy it is, picture frames of the wedding couple, or a few loose candies spread about the table, or decorate with confetti, sparkle, or flower petals. When setting up your dishes, symmetry is your friend, the table does not have to be identical on each side, but use pairs of the same types of candy dishes, containers, and platters on each side of the table.

If the candy buffet is round. Maybe place a table centerpiece that you are using for your wedding reception and place the table centerpiece in the middle. Lay out all your candies around the center piece with higher containers near the centerpiece and lower containers in the front. Again decorate the table with picture frames of the wedding couple, loose candies, nostalgic toys, flower petals, confetti, or glitter.

As for serving the candies, if the candies are unwrapped use scoops or tongs, you can decorate them with bows or ribbons around the handles. If the candies are also wedding favors, you can pick up white favor bags and protective paper from a local chocolate shop. Also have an attendant to monitor the candy bar to replace candies when they get low and to help smaller children select and bag candies. You also might consider allowing wedding guests to take candies home as wedding favors, you can often arrange to buy white bags and paper tissues from a chocolate shoppe and can either be placed upon nicely or hung from the side of your candy buffet.

Some grocery stores sell candies in bulk and some candy stores can be found around town often in malls, but often you can get your best deals for purchasing bulk candies are from online businesses. If you are ordering candies yourselves, the best time to order candies is right after holidays, most candies will stay fresh for quite awhile if they are kept out of a heated environment. The list below are some candy companies online you might consider to order candies and containers..

Interview Questions for your Candy Buffet Business
1-What is the name, address, phone number, and website of the candy buffet business?
2-Ask for a business card, what is my contacts name and phone number, and email or other contact information?
3-How long has the candy buffet been in business?
4-How long have you been working the candy buffet business?
5-What type of candy buffets do you provide?
6-Can we see photographs of candy buffets you have put together before?
7-Are you able to handle the candy buffet for our wedding date?
8-What types of candies do you recommend for my color scheme?
9-How much candies is recommended for the headcount of our wedding guests?
10-What candies should be ordered for out candy buffet?
11-What containers should be used for our candy buffet?
12-Do we rent the containers for the candy buffet or must we buy them?
13-Do you provide scoops or tongs or something other for our wedding guests to serve themselves?
14-Do you provide bags so our wedding guests can take the candy home as favors?
15-Do you bring along a table for the candy bar or do we need to find one? which type? round? square? rectangle?
16-How might the candy buffet table be decorated?
17-Is there an attendant to service and refill the candy buffet or must we find an attendant?
18-What type of linens will be available for the candy buffet?
19-Are any boxes, containers. or books used to raise some of the containers under the linens of the candy buffet?
20-How much time is needed to set up the candy buffet?
21-At what time of our event should the candy buffet begin to be set up?
22-What is the total cost of the candy buffet? does this includes all charges such as travel, taxes, and gratuities, etc.?
23-How long before the wedding must we sign the contract?
24-What methods of payment do you accept? credit cards? debit cards? certified checks? personal checks? Paypal? cash?
25-Can you provide 3 references that have used your services in the past year?

Chocolate fountains are also becoming a highly sought after attraction at weddings. The chocolate fountain will leave your guests an experience that is unique and delicious and will make a lasting impression with your guests long after your wedding day. At the chocolate fountain, your guests will have a fantastic time mingling and reveling in all that chocolate with delectable treats.

What do you get with a chocolate fountain? You get a waterfall of cascading melting chocolate becoming a chocolate lovers paradise, with large amounts of chocolate being heated into liquid form and mixed with oil, inside the chocolate fountain is a heated motor than turns a corkscrew type of device that moves the chocolate  from the chocolate basin to the top level causing the chocolate to be flowing full circle.

The chocolate usually is preheated in a double boiler to a temperature of 120 degrees and then oil is mixed  with the chocolate usually 1/2 cup of oil is used for every five pounds of chocolate, the chocolate needs to be thin enough in order for no clumping happens as the chocolate is poured into the chocolate fountain. The right blend of chocolate is important too, there needs to be a high viscosity of cocoa butter between 32% and 39%. Most companies that provide the chocolate fountain deliver the fountain about a week before the wedding so to test it out to be sure it operates properly and the user can get comfortable working it.

It is highly recommended to always use the chocolate fountain indoors. The fountain needs to be on an even level so the chocolate flows evenly. Problems generally happen outdoors, from temperatures constantly changing, wind may splatter the chocolate, the chocolate may get rained upon, and the smell of chocolate attracts bugs from far away. Usually for cleanup, if the chocolate hardens heat the chocolate back up, squeegee. scoop, sponge, and moisture towel the chocolate, cart the components using plastic bags, wash all the components in a sink except the part with the motor.

Chocolate fountains need not be chocolate any more. A freeze flavor product can be used with either with a chocolate or vanilla base, fountains can be made of many different flavors and colors, can even be color schemed to your wedding colors. You can have strawberry, pina colada, banana, blueberry, lemon, egg nog, chocolate mint, and many other different flavors.

To create a beautiful looking fountain try to use a round table to set it up. If you use a rectangled table you might have the fountain on one end and create a palm like tree with tooth picks loaded with lots of different goodies on the other end. Goodies with nuts, chunks, or are very crumbly, are highly discouraged to be used with the chocolate fountain, if they end up in the chocolate compound they might cause clumping of the chocolate inside the internal corkscrew device.

100 Different Chocolate Fountain Goodies

1.anise cookies, fritters, slices, 4.bananas, 5.biscotti, 6.blondies, 7.blackberries, 8.blueberries, 9.bourbon balls, 10.brownies, 11.butter cookies 12.cake, 13.candied fruit slices, 14.cannolis, 15.cantelope, 16.caramels, 17.cheesecake squares, 18.cherries, 19.chocolate balls, 20.chocolate chip cookies, 21.chocolate cookies, 22.chocolate covered cherries,23.chocolate marshmallow cookies, 24.cinnamon buns, 25.coconut balls, 26.coconut chunks, cake, 28.cookie dough balls, 29.corn fritters, 30.crackers. 31.cranberries, 32.creme de menthe squares. 33.deep fried frozen daiquiries, 34.deep fried frozen margaritas, 35.donuts/donut holes, 36.dragon fruit, 37.dried apricot, 38.dried fruit, 39.egg nog balls, 40.fig newtons, 41.fried beer, 42.fried butter, 43.fried kool aid, 44.fruit bars 45.fudge, 46.ginger snaps, 47.gingerbread cookies, 48.graham crackers, 49.granola bars, 50.grapes, 51.guava, 52.honeydew melon chunks, cream cones, cream sandwiches, 55.iced cookies, 56.italian cookies,, 58.lady fingers, 59.lemon squares,, 61.mandarin oranges, 62.marachino cherries, 63.marshmallow treats, 64.marshmallows, 65.melon balls, chocolate eclairs frozen, cream puffs frozen, french toast 69 mini funnel cake, muffins, pancakes, waffles, sticks, 74.mud pies, 75.oatmeal cookies, 76.oranges, 77.oreo cookies, 78.papaya, 79.pastry bites, 80.peanut butter balls, 81.pears, 82.physilas, 83.pineapple, 84.popcorn balls, 85.profiteroles, 86.raspberries, 87.rum balls, 88.snickerdoodles, 89.soft pretzels, 90.sponge cake, 91.spumoni, fruit(carambola), 93.sugar cookies, 94.sugar wafers, 95.toffee, 96.toffee cookies, 97.tortelli, 98.vienna fingers, 99.watermelon, cake.

The chocolate in chocolate fountains can also be ladled and drizzle over wedding cakes, any cake, pastries, various breads, cinnamon rolls, cheescake, banana splits, ice cream sundaes, brownies, blondies, bread pudding, baked alaska, petit fours, and many other desserts. Generally chocolate fountains come in different sizes, it's recommended to get a small one for 50-150 wedding guests, a medium sized one for 150-500 wedding guests, and get a large one for each 500-800 wedding guests.

Interview Questions for your Chocolate Fountain Company  
1-What is the name of the company that has the chocolate fountains, also the address, phone number, and website?
2-Ask for a business card, who would be my contact person for the chocolate fountain, what is their name, phone number, email address or other contact information?
3-Would the chocolate fountains be available for the date of our wedding?
4-What size machine would you recommend for the amount of our wedding guests?
5-How old is the chocolate fountains that you have?
6-Do you have different styles of chocolate fountains?
7-Do you provide foods to dip into the chocolate fountain? what foods do you have for dipping? what desserts do you have for drizzling the chocolate?
8-How might the dipping foods be decorated on the table?
9-Do you have a table for the chocolate fountain or must we find one?
10-Do you have photos of the chocolate fountain when it's operating?
11-How long do we get the chocolate fountain for?
12-Does the chocolate fountain get shipped or personally delivered? if it gets shipped how does it get shipped? how does it get picked up or shipped back?
13-What type of chocolate is available for the chocolate fountain?
14-How do we make the chocolate?
15-Are there other flavors that can be used for the chocolate fountain?
16-Can you provide an attendant for the chocolate fountain if we ask for one?
17-How does the chocolate fountain get assembled? are there instructions?
18-How does the chocolate fountain keep maintained while it's running?
19-How does the chocolate fountain get disassembled and cleaned when we are finished? are there instructions?
20-What happens when the chocolate gets hard?
21-Is there a contact person available to reach if a problem comes up? what's their name and number and email address?
22-How does the chocolate fountain get maintained while it's operating?
23-Can the fountain run when the chocolate gets low?
24-Can the fountain be used outside? (generally the answer is no)
25-Do you have other props to display the goodies? (example would be a palm tree with tooth picks)
26-When does the chocolate fountain need to be returned? Are there penalties if it's returned late? what are the penalties?
27-At what date must we sign a contract to insure it's available for our wedding day?
28-Can we take an unsigned contract with us for review?
29-Are any discounts available for the chocolate fountain?
30-What methods of payment do you accept? credit cards? debit cards? certified checks? personal checks? Paypal? cash?
31-Can you provide us with 3 referrals? (make sure you contact 2)

Make sure the contracts are reviewed thoroughly before signing, this goes for both the candy buffet and the chocolate fountain. Many of these businesses have not been around too long, but try to find one that's been around for at least a couple of years. Make sure you test the chocolate fountain as soon as it's received, if it does not work, you have time to take action and get comfortable with it's operation and don't let the goodies to dunk in it be a last minute decision? Review how the decorations should be on the table and make sure the decorations are pretty, if you decide on a candy buffet or chocolate fountain, use it to make a lasting memory for your wedding guests.

See you on the other side!

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