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Interview Questions for your Wedding Favor Company

Having wedding favors for your wedding guests has become an American tradition at weddings. The wedding favors is a little token to leave your guests as a reminder of the special occasion and to thank your guests for being important people in the wedding couple's lives and for attending their wedding. The important thing is to give a little thought in the wedding favors that are chosen.

The perfect wedding favor is giving one that your guests deem special and will not be thrown out, a perfect favor is one, if you shall visit wedding guests five years later, your guests will still have it and use it and when they see it, they will be reminded of your special day.

You might find wedding favors that can be bulk ordered from a local gift shop, or make your own from supplies obtained from an arts and supply stores. Another place to find wedding favors is online from national wedding favor companies, today there are dozens to choose from. Decide on a product that will represent you as a couple well and wrap it so it will compliment the look of your wedding reception.

Top Selling Wedding Favors
1) Wedding Fans
2) Calla Lily Candles
3) Miniature galvanized favor pail buckets
4) Photo coasters
5) Wine stopper
6) Photo frame place cards
7) Decorative keychains
8) Miniature chalkboard table number sign
9) Personalized stemless wine glasses
10) Bottle openers

When you are contacting a national wedding favor company, because you are bulk ordering a product, very often you can negotiate more of a discount. What you may want to do, is look at many favor company websites for ideas, find 3 companies that offer a product you like and call each of them and go with the one that can offer the best deal. Also try to have a company send you one sample product, before you bulk order.

Reputable National Wedding Favor Companies

What you should do before ordering wedding favors, is to note your wedding theme and color scheme. Also take your wedding favor budget, then take the wedding guest count and add 10% more to the count and use that amount and divide by your total. 10% of your budget should be used for additional expenses needed to box, bag, wrap, ribbon, string, yarn, tag, and any additional costs to decorate the favors. The number you need is a per person cost of ordering wedding favors. You should order wedding favors 6 weeks to 2 months before the wedding, have them arrive 3 weeks to a month before the wedding and wrap them about 2 to 3 weeks before the wedding. Have them wrapped before a week prior to your wedding week, your wedding week you will be too busy and to have them wrapped and ready to go is one less worry.

Some brides might use their mother, sisters or maid-of-honor to help them wrap their wedding favors. Other brides make a fun evening of it, have family or friends make delicious desserts and set up a coffee bar then invite all the bridesmaids over to help wrap. After the favors are wrapped, keep the favors from prying eyes, keep them in an empty guest room, side of a home office, in a storage room or closet, keep the surprise factor at the wedding reception. Make sure the wedding favors are stored away from the sun, and cold and hot temperatures. Practice how the favors are to be wrapped before others arrive to help wrap, so you can leave instructions on wrapping and to be sure all the favors are wrapped consistently.

You should also name a person that is responsible for putting all the wedding favors out at your reception and discuss how the wedding favors should be situated on the table place settings or be displayed on a table near the reception entrance. Make sure the wedding favors are displayed in a way that make a beautiful presentation.

Interview Questions for your Wedding Favor Company
1-What is the name of the wedding favor company, what is the name of the person we talking to and what is their reach number and what website addresses you have?
2-If we order the favors now, at what date can we expect the favors to be received?
3-How long has the wedding favor company been in business?
4-What wedding favors do you specialize in the high end, over $10 per person?
5-What wedding favors do you specialize in the median end. from $5 to $10 per person?
6-What wedding favors do you specialize in the low end, under $5 per person?
7-What wedding favors would you recommend at our per person wedding cost?
8-Do you have enough wedding favors of that particular product for our wedding guest count?
9-If we find we need additional more favors, will we be able to order more?
10-What place setting wedding favors do you have? how much is the cost?
11-Do you offer any special promotions on wedding favors?
12-Do you have any favors that adhere to the color scheme of our wedding? wedding theme?
13-Are the wedding favors in stock and ready to be shipped or do the favors need to be made or ordered?
14-How would you recommend the wedding favor be wrapped, bagged, or boxed? do you have the materials needed? where might we find them? if you have them is there an additional cost?
15-Do you also offer decorative ribbon? string? decorative yarn? tags? decorative stuffing paper? if so how much would be the costs? if not what stores do you recommend?
16-Do you offer super discounts on wedding favors that are going out of stock? how much would they cost?
17-Can we receive samples of wedding favors that we are interested in before we order them in bulk? is it free or is there a little cost?
18-What happens if any favors are found damaged upon arrival?
19-Who do we call and ask for, if there is a problem with our order?
20-Are we sure to receive the order before the date we need them?
21-What is the best deal you can do for us in the favors we are interested in?
22-How will the favors be shipped?
23-What would be our final costs including all expenses, taxes, and fees?
24-How can we pay for the order? credit card? debit card? certified check? personal check? Paypal? cash? other?
25-Can you provide us with 3 referrals that have purchased favors from you in the past year? (Contact at least 2)

Some of these online companies will require you to order products through their website, make sure you get instructions on how to get the discounts they quoted. If you can, try to get what is agreed to in writing, specifically mentioning what is promised and dates quoted for the product. Make sure the dates quoted are safe dates for you for the wedding favors to arrive, which should be at least 3 weeks before the wedding. You always want a cushion in the event there is an issue or a mix-up with the wedding favors. There are a few wedding favor companies that don't use a customer phone, all correspondence is handled through email. Some of these companies are pretty good, but just to be safe for your wedding you want to reach someone live if you have to.

Put a lot of thought in when it comes to choosing a good wedding favor, don't get a cheap wedding favor, your wedding guests will cherish their nice gift, make it unique! See you on the other side!

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